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Blindspot “Scientists Hollow Fortune” Recap

When Jane wants answers, she gets answers!

Jane is talking to Oscar. He gives her a mission. Swap Mayfair’s pen with a new one he gives her. Jane won’t betray her team. She wants to know who the man with the beard was and Oscar tells her to complete the mission and he will give her more answers. Jane shows us the way to take a pen apart 😉


At the Wellers, Sarah is making her son Sawyer a PB&J sandwich. According to Kurt, you have to put peanut butter on both breads before the jelly. So, he is a PB&J making wizard. She tells him she will be home late and their dad will be watching Sawyer. Kurt wants to know who she is meeting. She will tell him if he tells her who he was meeting last night.

A man is walking in the middle of the road.


An older man is driving by and offers him a ride. He takes him to the local military base because he sees an “Airborne” tattoo on his arm. They reach the base and asks some of the soldiers to check him out. The mystery man feels like they are trying to take him. He tells them they can’t do this anymore. He gets a gun and shoots 3 soldiers and left 1 soldier injured.

Jane is in the FBI locker room. Kurt walks in and yep it’s awkward. He makes sure no one else is in the room and he apologizes. He is sorry for not showing up. Their relationship would have been too complicated.


Patterson is showing the team the footage of the man at the military base. His name Sgt. Charlie Napier (Gaius Charles). His name was tattooed on Jane’s left leg. They originally thought it was a dead end, but it might be something to look in to. He supposedly died 18 months ago. Four other soldiers names are tattooed on Jane. Maybe there is a connection. Patterson just tracked him down. Maybe he shouldn’t have used the truck drivers phone. He is at his childhood home looking for his mother. The team arrives and Jeller heads upstairs. They find him armed with a gun and looking continues to ask for his mother. He says he can’t take it anymore. Before the situation escalates anymore, Jane tells him his mother is waiting for him downstairs. He lowers his weapon and heads for the door. They got and trapped him like


Kurt and Jane are questioning Charlie. He doesn’t remember where he’s been for the last year and a half. Jane asks him a question, but he isn’t talking to her because she lied to him. He says he swam across the sticks river. They are done questioning him for right now. Dr. Borden tells them that he has ZIP in his system. Yes, it’s the same drug that was used to erase Jane’s memory. Charlie is in a constant state of fight or flight. Jane has a great idea. If he sees his mom, maybe he will start to remember. The team tracks down his mom and she sees her son again. This scene was so emotional. While watching their reunion, Jane asks Weller why he hasn’t forgiven his father. He tells her it’s complicated. She tells him he always says that. He tells her he was a terrible father and being wrong about 1 night won’t change that.

Mayfair goes to see Patterson. She tells her that she thought she was going to take some time off after they found David’s killer. She was, but then she knew the team needed her help. Mayfair has some advice for Patterson.


The CID (Criminal Investigation Department)is taking Charlie. Mayfair tells Jane to stand down. Jane is not happy right now. Patterson found a link between all the soldiers. They all suffered from an IED (improvised explosive device) attack and had the same private military contractor…NORTHLAKE. The CID is on the road and Charlie is kidnapped again. Dude just can’t catch a break.

The teams needs to find Charlie. Patterson narrows in on 5 spots that he could possibly be. Zapata remembers Charlie saying that he saw the face of God so she puts in an address in the GPS. It’s a church and one of the buildings that were on the list is right across from the church. Jane hears the church bell and she has a memory. She remembers a drill instructor (Paul Calderon) telling her to ring the bell and quit. They are in the building and there are 5 beds with only 4 soldiers. The 4 soldiers are dead. They better hurry and find Charlie before something even worse happens. Of course, Patterson found a video file of  Dr. Lindsay Sparacino (Jenna Stern)conducting these experiments. And  doc here’s a tip from Patterson.


Dr. Lindsay is seen in the video testing Charlie. It seems like Charlie is the only one the drug cocktail was working on. Patterson got an alert. They might know where she is headed because her EZ Pass was just scanned.

The team is at the unit. They split up. Zapata and Reade go one way and Jeller goes the other way. Reade checks the janitor’s closet and when he is coming out he sees an armed guard. They are fighting… I got my money on Reade. Zapata see a guard and she shoots. Everyone is having their own fight. Jeller makes it to the unit first. They get there in time, but they gave Charlie another dose of ZIP. Charlie doesn’t remember them so he runs off and Jane runs after him. They are both on the roof of a building and Jane explains that she doesn’t want to hurt him.He feels like he is in danger so he starts fighting Jane. This is one EPIC fight sequence. Major props to Ky Furneaux and the stunt team!! He has her cornered and he is pointing the gun at her. Weller shoots Charlie. Jane is definitely not happy about this. He tells Jane it could have been her in the body bag. He doesn’t have time to second guess when she or the team is put at risk. I hate when Jeller fights! Jane says this situation is complicated. Look who is using this line now. Jane hears the ambulance siren and has another memory. She remembers being part of Orion.


Well, this explains why Jane quit and rang the bell.

Mayfair wants to speak with Jane in her office. She doesn’t like being challenged. Jane said it wasn’t her intention to, but Mayfair doesn’t want it to happen again. Jane admits that she didn’t agree with her decision to let Charlie go. Mayfair is not having it. When you yell at Jane, your pen gets swapped.

Weller is home and he is alone with his father. His dad can’t make a green juice in the blender. Of course, Weller knows how to work it. Weller is probably an amazing cook. They are both getting along pretty well and wondering who Sarah is out with.

Sarah is dressed up and looking gorgeous when she enters the restaurant. And the mystery guy is….


READE! They make such a cute couple. I am totally shipping SaReade! She sees that Reade has a cut/bruise on his head. She thinks it’s from her brother after finding out about them. Oops! Reade forgot to tell him. I’m so looking forward to seeing Weller’s reaction when he learns about SaReade.

Back at  Kurt’s house, things get awkward. He asks his father what really happedned the night of Taylor Shaw’s disappearance. He admits that he was trying to kill himself. He was depressed. He tried picturing what his kids would wear to his funeral and that stopped him from following through with his plan. His dad starts crying and Kurt is getting emotional. Bill Weller admits that he was full of rage and didn’t want Kurt to turn out like him. Sullivan Stapleton with that one tear drop was amazing.


Jane meets with Oscar. She tells him she completed the mission. She knows why this was the first mission. It was a test of her loyalty. For completing her mission he answered some questions. Yes, the bearded man was with them, but he won’t tell her who shot him. They are not with Northlake. Jane finally asks about Orion.


I’ll be waiting for next week’s episode like


-Perfectly Perez


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