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The Family “All You See Is Dark” Recap

“They say once you’ve left home you can never go back. The same house, the same rooms, but nothing is the same.” – Adam Warren

There is a side by side of Adam and Hank getting up from bed. They both have to start over and try and get used to being home again. Hank is looking at a picture of his mom. He goes to his kitchen to look for some sort of tool. He uses the tool to grab something from his ceiling. It’s a can. Adam is also in his kitchen. He is checking to see where everything is. Dishcloths, silverware, plates, cereal.


10 years ago. The Warren’s are eating breakfast. John is telling Claire that he and the family will support her in her campaign for City Council. Adam is playing with his ghost ship and Claire tells him to go wait for the bus. How does he always miss it? He is with Hank in his garage. Hank helps him with his ghost ship. Hank tells him to go before he misses his bus again. Adam is getting on the bus, and Willa sees Adam coming out of Hank’s garage. Why did she never say anything?

Present Day. The Warren’s are in the kitchen waiting for Adam. Claire tells John that she was going to tell him about her Governor announcement. Nina and some other police officers show up. She assures the family that they pushed the media back so now they can have more privacy with Adam. Nina tells them that Adam will be safe and they will catch his kidnapper. Adam overhears this conversation. He wants to know what’s going to happen.

At the Red Pines Tribune office, Bridey is convincing Gus she has a story on the Warren’s. She tells him that the doctor that verified Adam’s DNA threw himself in front of a train 2 days after verifying the DNA. Could it have been a coincidence?


Claire tells Danny to take Adam to the mall. Danny is getting money from John…shoes, clothes, and movies are expensive… when Adam and Hank see each other. They greet each other.


John tells Adam to get in the car. Hank gets his check in the mail. He is looking at the can that he got from his ceiling. He finally opens it and its a pair of mittens that have the name Adam on them.


10 years ago. Claire is at the park campaigning for City Council. Hank is there. He sees Adam on the swings. He is turning away when Adam notices him. They talk and then we go back to Nina questioning Willa. After mentioning Hank Asher, Nina decides to go over and pay him a visit. She asks him if he knew Adam Warren. He didn’t answer, but asked if everything was ok. She asks him if he was at the rally and his mom answers for him. She said they were watching old movies. They are closing the door when Nina asks one more question. Which movie?

Present day. Nina is talking to some other officers that are helping with the search. She tells them what to look for and to be careful of the thick brush in the woods. One officer in particular is making some smart comments. Nina shuts them down. The man at the end of last weeks episode is part of the search team. Is this Adam’s kidnapper?


Adam and Danny are at the mall. Adam is looking for some new shoes. Danny asks if he remembers anything else about his car besides the tail light. Adam doesn’t answer he just asks if he still plays football. This scene brought back so many “Friday Night Lights” and “Matt Saracen” feels! He asks him if he remembers Alex. Adam says he doesn’t remember him. Him is a her. Alex was Adam’s best friend. Danny is suspicious. How could he forget his best friend? Adam finds a pair of shoes that he likes.They are old school Nike’s and he tells Danny they are like the ones he was wearing before he was taken.

Hank is looking for a mattress. The salesman asks him questions about his mattress and Hank tells him it was a prison one. Hank is searching and finds the one. It only costs $10,000. Don’t worry he’s been saving.


Willa is at work. A co-worker named Ryan is informing her about her mothers polls. He tells her people are questioning if she can handle the responsibility of being Governor with Adam’s return. He wants to know if they are healing. Willa pushes the question aside and tells him to book an interview for the whole family.

It’s bed time at the Warren household. Claire hears a noise and gets up. She goes to Adam’s room and he is not in his bed. She is about to panic when she hears something coming from Adam’s closet. He is sleeping in the closet. He tells her that he can’t sleep in his bed because he needs to touch the walls.


The next morning, Claire and John are talking to Adam’s doctor. The doctor thinks this is perfectly normal for Adam to be acting like this because of everything he has been through. Claire says that boy is not her son and wants her to fix him.

At the police station, Nina is asking Chief of Police Len Bucksey for one more day. He says there is nothing in the woods and so he is calling it. He sees John walking in and tells Nina to tell him they are doing everything they can to catch Adam’s kidnapper. Nina and John are talking. She tells him about the search. John admits that he keeps having a dream about killing people. She understands, but he tells her he wants to kill everyone that Adam’s kidnapper loves and cares about.

Claire gets Adam a new bed, bedding, and outfits. Maybe this will help him adjust. Adam leaves the room to see more of the shirts Claire bought him. Claire uses this as an opportunity to lock his closet door.

Nina decides to go to the woods and search alone. The sun is setting and it is getting darker and harder to find anything. Nina comes across a metal door. It looks like it can be the basement  that Adam was trapped in. The mystery man is watching her from the woods.


She hurries to her car to call in for backup. When she reaches her car, a fire starts. She calls for immediate backup because the kidnapper is in the woods and burning the evidence.

10 years ago. Hank’s mom bought some muffins for the Warren’s. She tells Hank to go over and deliver them to the family. She knows Hank didn’t do anything wrong. He is hesitant, but follows his mother’s order. He rings the doorbell and Claire answers. It is an awkward conversation. He tells her he is sorry for everything that has happened. She breaks down when Hank uses Adam in the past tense.

Danny is at the bar. Bridey shows up next to him.


They have some drinks and are playing pool. He asks what she is doing now. She tells him that she is the Senior Executive Director of Photocopying at Kinkos. I wonder how long Bridey took to think of that one. She isn’t getting anything out of him. She asks if he wants another drink and he declines. WOW. I’m a little proud of Danny. He goes to the bathroom and she orders them another round and makes his a double.

At the Warren’s, John hears a noise. He asks Claire if she hears it and she doesn’t answer. She is crying because she knows that the noise is coming from Adam’s room. She hands John a key and he goes to check on Adam. He is trying to get into his closet and John unlocks it for him. John can’t sleep now so he decides to go over to Hank’s house. He asks him why he confessed to a murder he didn’t commit. Hank admits that the police had stuff on him and were threatening him.


Nina is in the woods with Chief Bucksey and more officers. She heads down the basement stairs. She lies down and is trying to picture herself as Adam. Chief asks if she is ok and she tells him to move to the left. She can see the smoke coming from the oil refinery. This must be the place and red dragon Adam described.

10 years ago. The Warren’s are holding a vigil. Claire is asking anyone who might know anything about Adam’s disappearance to come forward. They just want their son back. She is looking directly at Hank and asks him what he did to her son. She is moving her way through the crowd and going for Hank. He gets scared so he starts running. He heads to his house and starts cleaning his garage with bleach. Was he trying to cover something up?

Present day. Willa is talking to Claire about the interview. She says that she needs the whole family to be apart of it. Claire tells her she knows she can get everyone on board.

In the woods, Nina is talking with her Chief. He tells her that they will find the kidnapper, but it doesn’t look good on her or this case if she stays on board. She sent a man to prison for a murder he didn’t commit. The FBI seems to be taking over this case. Nina is not happy.

Danny and Adam are at home. Adam asks him why he quit football. He wants to know if it was because of his broken arm. Danny says he isn’t the same person he was 10 years ago. Adam says neither is he. Danny suspicions about Adam seem to be going away.

Bridey tells Gus that she got some information from Danny. She tells him about Danny’s suspicions of Adam.

Danny sees pictures on the mantle. They are pictures of Danny’s broken tail light, Danny’s football pic, Danny’s broken arm. Did he just pretend to remember by studying these pictures? Yep, Danny’s suspicions are back. He goes to Adam’s old dentist. He asks the nurse for Adam’s dental records so they can make a scrapbook. Nice one Danny. The nurse checks and she says his sister already came to pick them up.


Willa sits down with John. She tells him she needs him for an interview. He is reluctant, but nothing a little blackmail can’t fix. She says she knows about his affair with Nina.

Everyone is trying to start over and live a normal life. Hank is sleeping in his new bed. Claire goes to sleep with Adam in the closet. He looks like he is asleep and he says “My name is Adam Warren”.

I have so many questions. Is Adam really Adam? Did Willa find an Adam to help her mother’s campaign and what else is she hiding? Can’t wait for a new episode on Sunday.

-Perfectly Perez


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