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5 Reasons Why You Need A Party Planner Like Lauren

1.Always keeps you updated

Lauren will make most decisions for you so you don’t even have to worry. She will send you texts and emails to let you know what to expect. So professional!


2.Everyone will be talking about it

She will put together a team that will be best for you. You are guaranteed to be the talk of the town, trending on Twitter, and those who weren’t invited will be jealous.


3.Adds her personal touch

Lauren is unique and loves to stay updated on the latest and greatest things. She will add those to your party and will be thanking her all night


4.Walking sushi bar

Need I say more? Lauren will provide the tastiest and chicest food you will ever have. No having to wait in line when the food is moving around. Seconds anyone?


5.She won’t take NO for an answer

She knows what works and what doesn’t. Even if you say no, she may spend most of the time convincing you to change your mind. Or, she might not listen to you and do it anyway. In Lauren we trust!


-Perfectly Perez


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