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Younger “Bad Romance” Recap


Maggie sees Josh and his new girlfriend on the front cover of the New York Post. Liza hasn’t seen it yet. The only thing she is worried about right now is her dinner plans with Caitlin for her birthday. Maggie decides to show Liza the article. Liza plays if off and says she’s fine as long as he is happy.

Diana knows about Josh. Diana tells Liza to make a reservation because she is taking her to lunch…for business purposes only. They have a seat at the power booth. What is a power booth you may ask? Basically they can see everyone who walks in and everyone who walks in sees them. Diana offers advice for Liza. INVEST IN YOURSELF! Diana I knew you had a soft side! One of Diana’s acquaintances, Jackie Dunn,  is heading their way. Quick Liza hide the bread. They have a brief discussion and Jackie leaves while her assistant Emily stays. Liza introduces herself and Emily invites her to a Young Professioals mixer. Lean in Liza!

When Liza returns to work, she asks Kelsey if she has ever heard of the Young Professionals Society. Kelsey says it’s for nerds and people who are desperate. She tells Liza she should go to the mixer. Is she calling Liza desperate? Nope,  just calling her dorky!Kelsey gets an  email from Lauren.


She is a BRIDESMAIDZILLA!.Liza tells her to just tell Lauren to tone it down. Kelsey said she did, but Lauren pinched her and told her she was better than that.

Thad and Kelsey are meeting Lauren to go over some wedding plans. Lauren wants to know if she will be wearing the dress that she sent in the email. Kelsey says no because she doesn’t want her grandma to see her Hello Kitty.


Lauren is on to the next topic. She is introducing Kels to her wedding dream team.


They will help make her special day the most buzzed about wedding.

Liza is at the mixer. She meets one of Emily’s friends Marta Bean, also known as the Deer Slayer. Liza notices how young everyone is and they start talking about college degrees. They ask where  Liza graduated from and she says Dartmouth. OMG Deer Slayer went there too. Deer Slayer is convinced they know each other. In comes another one of Emily’s friends, Cierra. She announces that she works at Onyx Capital. Liza tells her about Thad. Cierra is surprised to hear that he has a fiancé. There is a rumor going around that he is hooking up with his assistant every day in the 30th floor bathroom. Damn STALL RABBITS!Liza is defending Thad. So proud of Liza for this, but Thad better not be cheating!

The next day at work, Liza asks Kels if she talked to Lauren about toning things down. She says she told her she could plan her an engagement party. Maybe she will be too busy planning this that she won’t plan the wedding. Liza starts asking about Thad and if he has an assistant. Kelsey can see that Liza is still having a hard time dealing with Josh so she gives her some advice.


Liza is having dinner with Caitlin and David to celebrate Caitlin’s birthday. David brings up their honeymoon and Liza remembers when he tried to play the accordion. He says he taught himself to play. He accepts Caitlin’s challenge and steals the show. He is an accordion playing wizard. They are reminiscing and talking about how they were the only parents who dressed up with their kids for Halloween. Take a look at one Halloween.


Caitlin has to leave early to meet one of her friends. Liza and David stay. He tells her she looks great and that he misses them together. She says she has changed and he says she is definitely cooler. They have another wine bottle. David is walking her home and he asks when she started wearing boots like that. Since she started wearing sexy underwear like this.


Never flash your underwear to your ex. It is never good and you know what it leads to! Liza realizes that she slept with her ex and heads to Maggie’s room. Liza+Maggie = Friendship goals!

The next morning, Liza makes sure David isn’t there. She knows he will get excited about this and think they have a chance of getting back together. Maggie gives Liza a note that David left. It’s so romantic. Yes, I was being sarcastic. She tells Maggie that she keeps reading her old texts with Josh and she doesn’t want to keep doing that. She needs to move on.

It’s Kelsey and Thad’s engagement party. Lauren has outdone herself. Thad is talking with a woman and Liza asks Kelsey who she is. She is insinuating that Thad is flirting with another woman. Liza apologizes. Kelsey goes to join Thad and Liza is making a big step. She deleted all her texts from Josh.


Lauren and Kelsey are talking. Lauren mentions the wedding and what her plans will be. Kels breaks the news to her and tells her she won’t be planning her wedding. Lauren is hurt, but realizes she was being a BRIDESMAIDZILLA. It’s okay Lauren it happens to the best of us. It’s speech time. Lauren’s parents, Tim (Thad’s colleague, and Lauren give amazing speeches. Sorry Lauren, but you lost some points when Bonnie didn’t swoop! Liza gets text.


THAD CHEATED ON KELSEY! Thad just so happens to be right behind Liza when she gets the text. He better tell Kels or Liza will.

-Perfectly Perez


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