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Shades Of Blue “What Devil Do” Recap

Buckle up and get ready for an even SHADIER ride

Donnie and Woz are talking about the plan. Harlee is in the car with Stahl listening. She finds out about Woz’s relationship with Donnie. She tells Stahl how much he loves his wife Linda. She didn’t agree to destroy his family. Stahl tells her she needs to find a way to get into the meeting. She goes back into the precinct. Woz tells her she needs to go with him to a Laundromat to stop a man who is acting crazy. Harlee wants to know what he was talking to Donnie about. Woz says it was nothing and describes Donnie as a puppet. It was a test and he just wanted to know if they would get their hands dirty and they passed.

Stahl goes to meet Molly. She shows him everything she saw in her stakeout. They brought the kidnapped guy to a warehouse.

Marcus tells Harlee that Woz needs help with the veteran from the Laundromat. The owner dropped the charges, but since Woz was an ex-marine he wants to help his own. The veteran is worried because he has on different boots. When he blacks out, he gets violent. He is scared that he hurt someone. Harlee and Loman are at a dumpster where there is a body inside. Did the guy kill him? Officer Cates from the 34th precint comes over to help out. Harlee has a voicemail from Nava and she ignores it. Nava goes to the precinct to find her to tell some urgent information.

Stahl is meeting with Baker. He shows her the video of Woz that they got. Baker can’t believe the info they got on him. She tells Stahl that he has the full resources of the Bureau. She wants to take Woz and any one involved in this operation down!

Cates from the 34th precinct is talking to Woz and Harlee. He is telling them that his precinct will take over the case. Woz and Harlee don’t believe that this veteran moved a body to a dumpster when he blacked out. Woz wants to help because marines don’t leave men behind. Harlee is walking the veteran out and sees Miguel.


He is walking away from her. They both pick up their pace and he leads her to the subway. She can’t find him and decides to check her voicemail. She hears Nava’s message telling her that Miguel is out.

Stahl goes to see Donnie. He tells him that Sap didn’t give them enough information so the case has been taken down.

Harlee is in her car looking for Miguel. She calls Cristina and tells her that the guy who thinks she’s her father is out of prison. She makes her promise that if she sees him she won’t talk to him and will call Harlee. Harlee sees Miguel. She tells him that she saw him by the precinct. He says he left because he saw Woz, the guy that put him away. He wants to know how long they have been working with each other. Harlee tells him that they are in the same precinct, but that they don’t work together. He asks her for permission to see Cristina. She tells him that Cristina came across some evidence. The evidence being some black and blue photos. She tells him Cristina needs some time.


Woz is with Marcus and Loman following up with a store owner that may have seen what happened to the man whose body was found in the dumpster. Woz tells Loman to talk to the crazy guy on the streets as a joke.

Harlee goes to see Nava. To say she is pissed would be an understatement. He tells her that he had nothing to do with Miguel’s release. He recused himself from the case because they could have used their relationship against them. Harlee wants a restraining order on Miguel, but Nava tells her the judge won’t issue one. Nava is 0-2.

Donnie goes to see Woz at the precinct. He tells Woz that Agent Stahl came to see him and that the Feds are off their backs. Stahl did good. Donnie says he finally got him a face to face meeting with the man in charge of the big operation.

Moses, the man Woz told Loman to question, is at a restaurant with Woz, Loman, and Marcus. He agreed to tell them what he saw for food. He is too focused on eating his burger and is not giving enough information. Woz takes the food away until he tells them what happened. Moses said it was the devil. Woz took him back to the precinct. He wants Harlee to hear what Moses has to say. Moses said that he saw the devil and he used a whacking stick on the dead guy. He picked him up and put him in the dumpster. This is going nowhere and then he says the devil always scares him. He always sees him on city bus B12. He wants to know if he will get a burger if he tells them more and Harlee agrees.


Stahl goes to see Molly. He knows she is the one who got Miguel out. He asks if she did it and she denies it. He tells her not to lie to him ever again. She finally admits that it was her. She couldn’t let an innocent man stay in jail. Stahl tells her this means he can’t trust her and that he was going to use this as part of the case. Molly lets him have it.


Woz and Harlee are talking about Miguel. Harlee is worried about what he could do. Woz tells her that they just have to stay one step ahead.  He mentions that they are clear to do the job because Donnie told him the Feds are off their back. If he only knew. They could always pay Miguel off. An employee walks in and they change the subject. Woz tells Harlee that he is putting Tess and Espada on the bus with Moses.

Harlee meets Stahl in the park. She wants to know if it was him who let Miguel out and informed the authorities of her relationship with Nava. He said it didn’t come from him. She questions if it was Molly and he says it wasn’t her. Everyone is lying. Stahl tells her that he can check up on Miguel now and then. She appreciates it and tells him that she needs a new wire since she threw hers away in Woz’s office. She asks Stahl if they could meet at his place and get a new wire. He tries to hide his excitement, but inside he was like


Stahl leaves and Harlee gets a call from Woz. He tells her he is going to text her an address of where to meet. The big meeting is finally going down.

Tess and Espada are on the bus with Moses. Moses is again too focused on the food. He looks up and starts screaming “devil”. They stop the bus and find out who this devil is.


He is the owner of The Kink Club. Marcus and Loman ask Woz what he wants them to do. He tells them to go to the club because it’s in their turf.

Harlee and Woz are at the address. It’s a horse stable. Donnie sees Harlee and isn’t happy. Woz let’s him know who is in charge and Harlee has some input.


They meet the man who started this all, Linklater. Woz notices the guy who said he was just a messenger in the previous episode. His name is Joaquin and he is Donnie’s nephew. It’s definitely a family venture. Linklater tells him he wanted them because if they get stopped no one will check a cop’s vehicle. He is part of the DEA and wants to take the money from the DEA. He doesn’t want Woz’s crew to know that part. Linklater says the task is simple and safe. Yea right! The explosives will only be used for distraction. There going to steal the money that the DEA doesn’t use that they obtained through cases like those involving drugs. He tells them they will take 1 million and split it. Woz doesn’t like the plan and says they take 3 million and split it equally. He agrees because he knows Woz and his team are doing most of the work.

Harlee heads home to check on Cristina. She tells her that once she figures out the situation with Miguel she will treat her like an adult. They pinky promise. Harlee better not break a pinky promise.

Woz holds a meeting with the crew in their spot. He tells them what the plan is. When they hear armored car, they are hesitant. Woz tells them he will take a vote. If it’s not unanimous they won’t do it. Everyone is in! Woz calls Donnie to tell him they are in. Donnie tells him the second car will be in a parking garage. He also informs Woz that the veteran is going to cop to the murder of the landlord who was in the dumpster. But wait! Woz didn’t tell him that he was a landlord.


Cristina gets a buzz from someone downstairs. It’s Miguel. He tells her he is her father. But she tells him that he is not because that’s what her mom told her.

Loman and Marcus are at The Kink Club. They are going to meet with Randy Royce, the owner. Someone is coming out of his office but they don’t see him. They find him dead.

Harlee is at Stahl’s place. She tells him about the meeting she went to. He isn’t happy because he told her to inform him on things like this. He asks who the leader of this operation is and she said she doesn’t know. LIE. She said she is giving him all this information and she wants amnesty for her and the crew. Then, they kiss.


I don’t know who is using who at this point. He makes the call to Baker in his room. Or did he pretend to call? Harlee gets a call. It’s Miguel. He is on the speaker and lets Cristina hear the conversation. Cristina hears that Miguel is her father. Then, Harlee calls Cristina to see if she if okay. She tells her one of her friends is over and they are going out to eat.


Stahl gets out of his room and tells her that Baker is talking to a US attorney. He offers her a drink. I wonder what Nava will think about this??

Cristina walks out to meet Miguel and she wants to know the truth.

-Perfectly Perez


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