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Teachers “Hot Lunch” Recap

Why do they call it volunteering…I mean is it really volunteering if it’s mandatory. DO THE MATH PEOPLE

Mrs. Adler is having a hard time finding parent volunteers for lunch duty. Everytime this happens the teachers suffer. Ms. Watson is not meant to do manual labor.


Ms. Cannon suggests that Deb be a little less abrasive. Deb doesn’t want anyone’s input. Yikes. Ms.Bennigan is laughing in the background. They want to know why. She is writing jokes because her church’s annual talent show is this weekend. She gives everyone a preview.


Deb is about to say something “Deb like” and Ms. Cannon tells Ms. Bennigan that she should keep writing. Ms. Snap comes in with her surfboard 😉 They inform her she is getting a new student, but she doesn’t hear the part where it’s an ESL student. She meets her new student Anika. Her fashion is to up par. They could be twins. She hears her and she’s not speaking English.


Mrs. Adler is outside the school trying to get parents to volunteer. She sees a parent named Terri and she is shot down. You know it’s bad when you get turned down by a Nutri Grain cell phone.

Ms. Feldman and Ms. Snap are talking about Anika. She has never had a non English speaking student.Ms.Feldman  tells her about her experience with one of her students from Vietnam. She encourages her and Ms. Snap feels like her charm transcends all languages. Their conversation is interrupted when Deb tells them the 6th graders are passing around porn again.

Ms. Bennigan is testing out another joke on Ms. Cannon.


Maybe she should try some observational humor.


Wow is all I can say about these jokes.

Ms. Watson and Ms. Feldman are talking about how Deb needs volunteers. She tops some kids who are watching porm. OMG it’s DEB!


Ms. Snap is telling Ms. Cannon how she found inspiration from a movie named The Miracle Worker. Wait that’s about Helen Keller. Totally not the same situation, but whatever it  helps Ms. Snap. Ms. Bennigan sees them in the hall and shows them her new stand up comedy blazer.


The ladies are all watching the video of Mrs. Adler and Dumbledore. Feldman is probably the only one who is impressed and taking notes.

Mrs. Adler goes to her classroom and finds her desks full. So many dads and a mom are so willing to help. I guess Deb’s abrasiveness worked. Just kidding they saw her porn video. Well, she is inspiring Ms. Feldman to reach for the stars…only is she has to. They show Mrs. Adler the video and she is disgusted. She says it’s not her. The ladies are not believing her. She shows them a tattoo on her boob of her husband. The woman in the video didn’t have that so I guess it wasn’t her. She goes to tell the parents it wasn’t her. One of the dads had her car detailed and filled up her tank. So about telling the truth…that’s not going to happen.

Ms. Snap is still struggling with Anika. She tries to help her at lunch and ends up getting hit with tater tots.


Ms. Cannon, Ms. Feldman, and Ms. Watson have a talk with Ms. Bennigan. They tell her maybe she should find another talent. Ms. Bennigan completely understands…that they are just jealous. Eveyrone can’t have the gift of being hysterical.

Ms. Snap is in class and Anika is throwing things around. Ms. Snap wants to give up and holds up a magazine to hide her tears. Anika says Kim Kardashian. She spoke English! Ms. Snap and Anika run and hug each other.  She has her repearting other statements about other celebrities. It works! Wow Ms.Snap is such a good teacher.

Ms. Adler is in her class with some of the parents. She finally comes clean and tells them it wasn’t her in the video. She tells them they should want to volunteer for their kids and not because of a video. She asks who wants to sign up for next week. All the parents were like


Ms. Snap is still making progess with Anika. They are on the swings and Anika is getting so much better with her English. Ms. Cannon can’t decide if she is the worst or best. All I have to say is I think Hope for Anika would do great at the box office.

It’s the day of the talent show. Ms. Bennigan is a hit with the jokes. Everyone is under fire in her jokes including dentists, crabs, and baby carrots. No one is safe. DO THE MATH PEOPLE!

-Perfectly Perez


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