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The Family “Of Puppies and Monsters” Recap

“Have you even done something you can’t undo? You can’t forgive; you can’t forget so you tear yourself apart” -John Warren

10 years ago. John rushes home and is shocked at something. What has he done?

Present Day. John sees Adam with his book in his hands. Adam has questions. The most important being this one.


10 years ago. Willa asks John if he did it. Did what? So many questions in the first 5 minutes!

Present Day. Willa is sitting with Adam on the kitchen table. She sees Danny and goes to talk to him. She tells him she really needs him for this interview. He can go 2 days without alcohol so no big deal. Ryan wants them to choose a pillow for Claire. Coolest mom ever or Bless this happy home?


Willa makes her choice then she is about to leave.Danny has a question for her. He wants to know if Adam is going to the dentist anytime soon? I wonder if she picked up on that hint.

Nina goes to the oil refinery. She is talking to Jane Cardone (Zoe Perry), a woman in charge of the records. Nina asks her for the contact info for current and former employees. Jane asks Nina if she has kids. that was a random question, but the woman herself is pregnant. She lets Nina know that every record before 2002 is only on paper and Nina tells her to send it.

Nina is back at her office. Federal Agent Gabe Clements (Matthew Lawler) comes to see her. He introduces himself and tells her he wants her help on this case. They go to the Warren’s house. They sit down with Claire, John, and Adam. They want Adam to revisit the scene. Claire and John are hesitant, but Adam speaks up for himself. He wants to go.They leave and Clemson asks Nina when she started sleeping with John. He is good. Clemson asks if this ever clouded her judgment because most child murders are committed by someone in the family.

10 years ago. Nina and the officer Corey Sanchez (Armando Riesco) are asking Claire about John. They want to know if he ever left the rally at any point. She doesn’t know, but they inform her he was gone at least an hour. Claire goes home and starts looking at John differently. She asks him where he was and he says he went to go get more flyers and he saw the game was on so he had a beer. She tells him that sounds like a made up story. Willa is in her room overhearing this conversation and she is praying. Does she know something?

Present Day. Adam, Claire, John, Clements, and Nina are at the place where Adam was kept. Claire doesn’t want to go in. Everyone else goes in and they start asking Adam questions. Adam gives them a tour. Clemons asks what food he ate. He tells them he ate once every 7 sleeps. Adam says his kidnapper always brought him a burger and fries and it was always warm. Adams asks if he can have a minute alone. He lies down and touches the walls. Then, he grabs a brick and under the brick is a key. What does this unlock?


Hank is looking for a puppy. He goes and tries to buy one from Mrs. Williamson (Lauren Cohn). She tells him to go in the open cage and pick a puppy. She sees him getting along with the puppies and tells him he is going to be a great dad.


10 years ago. John goes to see Nina at the precinct. He asks her if she thinks he killed his son. They go talk outside and sit on a bench. He asks if she thinks he’s lying. She says no and knows he is drowning without his son.

Present Day. Claire asks John what it was like down there. He tells her that he set it up just like their house. For being 8 he knew their floor plan. Shortly after this conversation, Claire has a meeting. Joanna Sykes (Laura Shoop) is talking to Willa and Claire. She tells Claire what to wear and gives her talking points. Claire insits that she needs to be herself, while  Willa is convincing Joanna that Claire will be ready. Claire needs this endorsement.

Bridey visits Biotech Laboratories. She tells an employee Avi (Max Chernin) that she is a student at Maine Tech and is doing research for her thesis. She asks if they can talk about the Adam Warren case. He says he isn’t allowed to talk about it. We never see if she got him to talk, but she is persuasive. She is back at her place and Danny is wating for her. If he can’t drink, he needs sex. They are in the tub together when his phone rings. He goes to see who it was and he finds all of Bridey’s research she has been doing on his family. Then, he finds her I.D. tag for the Red Pines Tribune.


10 years ago. Willa is running home after sneaking into Hank’s house. John asks her why she was at his house.


Present Day. Willa goes to see Claire who has found Danny’s secret stash of alcohol. She wants to make sure that they are on the same page for the interview. Claire tells Willa that they went to visit the place where Adam had been trapped in. Claire apologizes for all the complaining she has done. She asks Willa what she will get out of lying in the interview.


Clements and Nina are in the woods. They are looking for tire tracks. They know Adam’s kidnapper had to be driving since Adam’s food was always warm. Clements asks her if she has kids.  Nina was like


He explains that people assume that those who have kids will do better in cases dealing with kids. Is that true? An forensic tech (Isaiah Frizzelle) informs them that they have 4 sets of matching tire tracks. They get the results and the tire tracks are from either an 04′ or 08′ Ram truck.  Clements wants to know who made the 911 call that got them to go into Hank’s house. Nina admits she didn’t ask because Hank confessed. He wants that call.

The man who is suspected to be Adam’s kidnapper goes home and jumps out of a Ram truck. He enters the house and it turns out he is Jane’s girlfriend or wife.


10 years ago. Willa and John have a suspicious conversation.


The cops are headed to Hank’s house He finds the ghost ship that Willa put in his drawer. Nina and the cops arrive at his house. She catches him in his room with the ghost ship in his hands.

Present Day. John goes to see Nina at the precinct. She plays the 911 call that was made the night she went to Hank’s house. It was John who made the call. She tells him she knows they put the ghost ship in his drawer. He tells her he only did it so they could search his house without the warrant.

Danny is in Willa’s room searching for Adam’s dental records. She is pissed. She tells him that Claire had her pick them up because the doctor wanted them. Danyy is about to keep questioning her when she brings up that none of this would have happened if he would have just watched them. Willa is the queen at chaninging the subject. She tells him he needs to be ready for the interview.

It’s time for the interview with Julia Beckett (Eisa Davis). Everyone including Danny is putting on the perfect show. Even Adam sounds rehearsed. About 2 minutes later, Claire breaks down. She starts spilling the truth.


Willa looks like she is about to have a heart attack. I’m torn between being scared of what Willa might do and amused at how she is trying to compose herself.

Hank has finally decided on a female puppy named Annie. Mrs. Williamson’s daughter Sarah ( Carolyn Faye Kramer) sees Hank’s face on the news. Sorry Hank, no puppies for you.


Claire continues the interview. She thinks that criminals should be microchipped. Bridey and Gus are watching the interview. Bridey remembers that Avi was talking about how they were working on microchips. Claire and Biotech Laboratories could profit from this.

10 years ago. John and Claire are sleeping when they get a call. It’s Nina. She informs them that Hank confessed. So, why is Claire apologizing?

Present Day. John goes to see Claire after the interview. He likes that she actually told the truth and saw the old Claire in her. Willa comes in to tell her that #MamaBear is trending. John leaves the room and it’s jus the two of them. Willa says that it was a good move from Claire, but she needs to know next time when she goes rogue. Claire says it wasn’t a plan. I don’t know whether to belive Claire or not! It could have been her way to get John back on her side and support her on the campaign.

Hank is outside throwing away his dog cage when he sees John taking out the trash. I don’t like the look on Hank’s face. It looks like trouble with a pinch of revenge.

Willa is undressing in the bathroom and catches Adam starring at her. She goes to talk to him after she is dressed. She tells him it’s ok he just made a mistake. He can’t do that again because she is his sister. She kept emphasizing that she is his sister. Does she know this isn’t the real Adam?

Danny is still pissed about the dental records. He goes to see Bridey and tells her he has her story. Have they been secretly working together?

The cops are going door to door looking for the truck. They are questioning everyone who owns a truck in the community. We see Tuck, the guy who seems to be Adam’s kidnapper. He bought a new car for Jane.


These Warren’s sure have a lot of secrets. Can’t wait to watch next week.

-Perfectly Perez


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