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Teachers Season Finale Recap

It’s the last day of school at Filmore Elementary School, but there’s still enough time for our favorite teachers to make things interesting.

All the kids are saying bye to their teachers. No more homework… unless Ms.Cannon is your teacher.


The ladies are trading gifts. Ms. Feldman gives Ms. Watson her preppy picnic basket. Ms. Cannon brings up her partner Giada and Ms. Watson has a question. “Is Giada a him or her?”


Ms. Feldman is talking about her entering final grades process. She just randomly kept putting A,B,C, D until all the blank boxes filled up.  GENIUS! What did some of the other ladies get as gifts? Well Ms. Cannon shared hers. Summer sausage! What a unique gift. Mrs. Adler tells everyone to go to her classroom for the booze when they are done cleaning their classrooms and if not she will see everyone at her summer solstice camp. Oh and when I said everyone I meant everyone except Mrs. Watson.

Ms. Cannon is in the hall with Ms. Snap. She doesn’t think her students like her. Ms. Snap has never experienced the feeling because her students love her.

Ms. Watson goes to Mrs. Adler’s classroom. She asks for her Ready Set Learn poster back. She really wants to know why she wasn’t invited to Deb’s summer solstice camp.


Would someone  who is uptight do this?


All the ladies are drinking together to celebrate another school year. They notice Ms. Bennigan hasn’t touched her drink. She is hypoglycemic and says alcohol makes her goofy. She drinks because her bestie Ms Snap says it’s cool. She definitely gets goofy running through the halls. Ms. Cannon starts running after her and overhears Principal Pearson talking to another teacher Marty. He says 1 position has to go because of budget cuts. Who will get fired?

Ms. Cannon goes to alert the teachers. They ask if she is sure she heard that. Don’t doubt a teacher with super hearing abilities. Ms. Feldman has to go hide her stash and Febreze her room. She is trying to clear her stash when a parent of one of her students knocks on the door. Tarvis’s dad is asking about his child’s grade. Ms. Feldman doesn’t remember the grade she gave him, but she says it was just a computer issue. Good save!

Ms. Snap goes to see Ms. Cannon in her classroom. Ms. Cannon is tearing up her lesson plans because they suck. Then, Ms. Snap has a revelation.


Mrs. Adler is babysitting Ms. Watson while trying to find something that will lure in Ms. Bennigan. Maybe the Bible will work. Ms. Watson is working on her own project.. looking like Deb.


Marty walks in and Mrs. Adler tries to stay calm. He reminds Ms. Watson that her classroom needs to be empty before 3pm. Marty leaves and Mrs. Adler needs to get Ms. Watson focused. QUIET COYOTE! It always works with Ms. Watson. Deb apologizes and tells her that they need her in the group. They see Mary Louise running through the halls with only her underwear on. They need to find Ms. Snap and Ms. Cannon.

They are in the library drinking. They both think they are the ones who are getting fired. Ms. Snap realizes that she wants to keep teaching because her student’s really get her.

Ms. Feldman is still dealing with parents. The mother of her student Lucy is coming to talk about her daughters grade. Ms. Feldman apologizes for the C. Nope she didn’t get that. Now, she is sorry that Lucy got a B. Nope. The mom says Lucy received an A. There’s only one explanation.

The only way she can explain it thoroughly is by using a Good Will Hunting comparison. Lucy’s mom didn’t see it. Well, Ms. Feldman can’t explain it then.

Ms. Snap and Ms. Cannon are still in the library. They are really opening up to each other. Will Ms. Cannon be her new BFF? I don’t think Mary Louise would like that. The ladies come and meet them in the library to tell them about Mary Louise. They see her and are chasing her to the playground. Who knew Ms. Bennigan was so flexible. Principal Pearson  comes to see them and Ms. Snap pushes Mary Louise in the slide. She is stuck thank goodness. What’s that noise. They all go to the utility closet and Marty has Ms. Feldman’s musical pot pipe.


Marty is the one who is getting fired. YAY Principal leaves and the ladies go to get Mary Louise. She is spread wide open for everyone to see. Ms. Watson has officially seen all her holes. They ladies are having a bonfire and are excited for what the next year will bring. Season 2 here we come! I’ll try and wait patiently.

-Perfectly Perez


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