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Younger “Secrets & Liza” Recap

“‘Cause two can keep a secret if one of them is dead” -The Pierces

Liza is showing Maggie the video of Thad cheating. Liza wants to tell Kelsey the truth, but Maggie reminds her that she lies to Kelsey every day. Caitlin shows up and of course she knows Liza was cyber tracking her. Liza has to go to work and Caitlin wants to know about her job. Liza wants to tell her everything over dinner. On her way to work, Liza gets a text from Thad.


Crown of Kings has taken over Empirical. The author, Edward l.L. Moore (Richard Masur),  gets everything he wants. He is their best seller and can make or break them. The book is releasing  the next day and Charles is nervous. Maybe this casting for Princess Pam Pam will take some of the pressure away. None of the ladies are the perfect one. Liza comes in to deliver him snacks per Diana’s request and he thinks Liza is the perfect princess.


Diana, Edward, Charles, and Liza are having dinner to celebrate the upcoming book release. Edward sees Liza walking into the restaurant and thinks she walks like a lyric poem. He is loving Liza. He uses his best pickup line… asking if she wants to know the ending of the book. It always works. The dinner was unexpected so Liza didn’t have time to tell Caitlin the truth. The next morning, Liza wants to wake up Caitlin and have a talk. Sleep vs. Homemade blueberry muffins. Sleep always wins.

Liza heads to work. Everyone wants to wear the crown and Diana has specific instructions.


Kelsey heard that Edward told Liza the ending to the series. She wants to know. Liza is not spilling.  Kelsey knows one thing about the book: somebody important always dies. Diana tells Liza that she has to go to her apartment in Brooklyn because her Princess Pam Pam outfit was sent there. She needs to make it back in time. Thad shows up looking for Liza. He runs into Kelsey and tells her he just wanted to see his fiancé. She is not buying that. He says that he wanted to ask Liza about where Kelsey wanted to go for their honeymoon. St. Bart’s! Diana calls Liza and tells her they found the outfit and to come back to the office. Thad is at Liza’s and she isn’t there. Caitlin is walking in to Liza’s and Thad asks if she could let him into the building because he is looking for Liza Miller.Caitlin says that’s her mom. I smell blackmail. He is trying to dig up dirt on Liza and is trying to get into the Dartmouth alumni page. He can’t get in because he doesn’t know the correct password.

It’s the night of the release of Crown of Kings. Everything is happening in Times Square. Caitlin wants to talk to her mom and Maggie reminds her everything Liza does she does for her. Caitlin uses Liza’s app to track her.

Liza comes out in her FURtastic outfit. I can’t get over the way Charles looked at her. I’m totally shipping #Charliza ! She goes on stage and some lucky people get to wear the crown and there are celebrity guests. Seth Meyers, Ice T, and Diane Rehm! Liza has to take a bathroom break before Edward keeps hitting on her. Caitlin sees her. She thinks Liza works as a costume character in Times Square. Caitlin decides to do what Liza wanted and she is going to sign up for a chemistry course.

Thad is still trying to dig up dirt on Liza. He calls one of his friends who went to Dartmouth. He gets the password and finds this.


Liza is back to her Princess Pam Pam duties. Edward is about to get too touchy and Charles comes to Liza’s rescue. A real prince charming. They go have a drink and talk. He tells her that she must have noticed that he has been nervous and now he is relieved. He doesn’t know what he would do without his company and can’t believe it all depends on Edward. Liza tells him that the book is the #1 seller on Amazon to make him feel a little better. Liza asks him what he would do if his company just came crashing down. He doesn’t know. Then, she asks what has he always wanted to do that he couldn’t because of his job. He asks if she really wants to know! YES! Their moment is ruined by a text from Thad. He sends Liza her graduation picture and wants to talk. Thad this is for you.


The next day Thad and Liza meet. He threatens to tell her secret if she doesn’t delete the video of him cheating on Kelsey. He tells Liza that he will let her keep her secrets if she keeps him happy. She doesn’t care about her secret anymore, but she will tell Kelsey the truth. Liza is walking away and something comes crashing down on Thad. RIP THAD


-Perfectly Perez


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