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‘Lopez’: TV Review

Don’t worry, George Lopez didn’t lose his comedic genius one bit. Lopez is a provocative, enlightening, and a must-watch show.

Lopez is a new half hour comedy premiering on March 30th on TV Land. George Lopez is the main star and executive producer of the show. The show follows George as hearly tries to balance living in a rich world while staying true to his Latino heritage.

George Lopez (“George Lopez” and “Lopez Tonight”) is starring and executive producing the series. John Altschuler & Dave Krinsky (“Silicon Valley,” “King Of The Hill”) write and executive produce the series. Also executive producing are Michael Rotenberg (“It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”) of 3 Arts Entertainment and Troy Miller (“Arrested Development”), who is producing the show via Dakota Pictures. The comedy is addressing current issues, fatherhood, and breaking boundaries.  This show is addressing topics some are afraid to. You can always count on George Lopez to give his true opinions and push the limits.

The writing is PERFECT. It makes fun of stereotypes and even shows how George can be on both sides. He can be the one sterotyping and he can be sterotyped. Definitely a great balance between the two. No boundaries…or walls here. The show takes place in Los Angeles. We are introduced to George and he is dealing with everyday issues including his career and  his duties as a father. The writing makes the show very relatable. I mean everyone has neighbors  that complain about their yard…right? We are introduced to characters like his neighbor, daughter, best friend, and his driver that can both make George’s life more difficult and easier. George shows how even having things like “rich and fame” don’t make you resistant to stereotypes and prejudice. George has to find a way to balance his “rich” life and still stay true to his culture.

The cast adds the perfect combination of qualities for the show: comical and polished acting. You can be prepared to laugh, but also follow a story that is so relatable. Although most of the cast members are comedians, they’re acting ability is sharp. George Lopez. Bryan Kellen, Maronzio Vance, and CiTRic have humor for days. I love how this show reminds us how comedy can help in difficult situations. The show has a real story that just about everyone can relate to. FYI you do not have to be Mexican to enjoy this show. I appreciate how honest George is. He  isn’t afraid to address issues that have been public to the world. His authenticity is rare. Lopez is a must watch show!

Catch the first episode of Lopez on the TV Land app now. And don’t forget to catch the premiere on March 30 at 10pm on TV Land.

-Perfectly Perez



One thought on “‘Lopez’: TV Review

  1. You have worded this perfectly. I couldn’t have said it better. It’s a wonderful show! I also loved the cameos of famous people that add to the fun in George’s world. The writing is so well done. Not a false note in the episode! George is perfect and funnier than ever. The “look” of the show, & the music just enhance an already great show. I love techy things & social media stuff George has to learn about & deal with. The episode leaves little comedic “cliff hangers” of its own. I love this new look at George’s life. I see people on social media clammoring for George’s “prior shows,” (which were also good!) – but the times & the circumstances of George’s life have changed, and he’s moved on. This show is much more of an authentic look at his current “real life” issues. But, “the funny” is still there, and multiplied for me, because it’s not a fictionalized character; it’s about the real and appealing George, with his flaws & insecurities on display adding to his charm. I just hope lots of people give this show the chance it deserves!

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