Love, Chloe by Alessandra Torre: Book Review

Be prepared to fall in love with Chloe Madison. Love, Chloe is addicting and you won’t be able to put it down.

Chloe Madison is a city girl who just lost everything. She lived a privileged life and will be suffering the consequences of her parents mistakes. Not to mention it is all happening during her senior year at NYU. Will she be able to start over and adjust to her new life? She has to find herself in the big city. Who is Chloe Madison without all the superficial things? Chloe Madison’s journey is definitely a wild ride.

It’s always nice to have support when you are struggling. Chloe has some amazing best friends in Benta and Cammie. No time for a pity party. At least, not on Benta and Cammie’s designer watches. They help her deal with the recurrence of her bossy, egotistical, and annoyingly confident ex Vic. Chloe always had her idea of her perfect man. That was Vic until he was caught with the maid. He is not planning  on giving up on Chloe. Will her new situation throw her back in his arms? She is stronger than she knows.

Chloe is tired of sleeping on Cammie’s couch, so there’s only one thing she can do to change that. Find a job. She has submitted tons of applications and has heard nothing back. Even though her parents are now criminals, her mom still has pull in the job market. Chloe goes to meet Nicole Brantley (actress & condom heiress). She needs a new assistant and Chloe can’t turn down $1000 a week. Mrs. Brantley is definitely a diva, but she has good taste in men. I guess opposites really do attract. He is sweet, personable, and cares about more than superficial things And Nicole is..well… not like that. They will both challenge Chloe’s morals, but they will help her learn about herself.

Things are looking up for Chloe, now it’s time for a new man.  She meets a man at an event who she doesn’t give a chance to after finding out his job. Is money really a factor when finding love? After moving into her new apartment, Chloe meets her superintendent  Carter. He just so happens to be the same guy from the event. You can feel the sexual tension. Will their hookups turn into something more? I know I hope so!

Chloe’s boss got a movie role in “Boston Love Letters”. Maybe this will make working with her psychotic boss better…MAYBE! She has to deal with learning the ropes of showbiz and keeping a secret about her boss. Her morals are constantly challenged throughout the novel, but Chloe seems to be finding out that money does not always buy happiness. She has to ask herself if she wants to live her old life or if she could be happy living a new one.

Chloe has many insecurities throughout the novel, but I think she overcomes one with each step of her growth. I think her biggest insecurity is if  she’s worthy of love?  Chloe is an inspiration. She overcame obstables in her life and didn’t take no for an answer. I think we can all learn a little from her. Even though our lives don’t always go as planned, it’s how we handle situations that help us define who we are.

I give Love, Chloe a 5/5! I definitely wanted there to be another book in the series. I was such a fan of  Alessandra Torre’s series on Cosmopolitan called “The Bedroom Blog”. If you read that, don’t think it’s the same as Love,Chloe. Alessandra’s writing and Chloe’s Instagram photos made the book even more enjoyable. Love, Chloe is on my top 5 list of favorite romance reads of the year.

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-Perfectly Perez


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