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Recovery Road “Your Side of the Street” Recap

SURPRISE! Trish is returning to Springtime Meadows… but will she stay?

The episode begins with a flashback. Rebecca is with her parents looking at another rehab facility. She is not even there 5 minutes, and she is already hiding drugs in the facility. Back to the present. She and Maddie are looking at texts that Charlotte sent her. So many different outfit choices to choose from.


Maddie and Rebecca are in charge of putting a welcome home Trish banner up to get ready for Trish’s return. While doing their task,  Maddie asks Rebecca if she knows why Wes has been acting weird. Rebecaa thinks it could be Harper. Harper coming to Springtime Meadows is news to her. Vern is trying to make everything perfect for Trish’s return. He is the perfect party planner. Since he is Wes’s sponsor, they go to ask if everything is ok with Wes. He gives notihing away. Vern goes to talk to Wes and Wes tells him everything. Vern is concerned for him and goes to Craig after he says he is going to meet Diesel. Maddie wants to know what is going on so she decides to follow him. Rebecca tags along. Vern wants Craig to do a search of the house. He said someone that wasn’t supposed to entered the house. He calls in Donna Marie since he has to go pick up Trish. Paul shows up. AWKWARD! Maddie and Rebecca followed Wes to Diesel’s place. Maddie thinks that Wes may be doing drugs, but Rebecca tells her to have a little faith. Wes walks in and Diesel wants him to do drugs.


He tells Diesel that he knows everything that happened at the pharmacy. Diesel denies shooting anyone. Diesel tells him that Asa is lying. They have always been better to Asa than he ever was to them. Wes is definitely loyal and says that his brother wouldn’t betray him. Diesel tells him that Harper and Asa are together. Wes is pissed and takes it out on his Jeep. If the Jeep could talk, I think it would say something like this.


Cynthia is trying to make things less awkward so she bakes cupcakes. Oops, she forgot about Paul’s paleo diet. No worries he will have a cheat day. Vern speaks his mind.


Vern pulls Cynthia aside and tells her he knows about her and Craig. He is good at figuring things out. Cynthia tells him that he has been in the situation before. Vern tells her that he was “coked up”, but she is in her right mind. She has no excuse!

Charlotte is talking to the group and Alan about Maddie. She let’s it all out. She tells them everything about Maddie and how she was the one who wanted Maddie’s locker searched.

Wes is back at Springtime Meadows. He asks Maddie and Rebecca why they were following him. They may need to work on their sleuthing skills. Maddie tells him she thought they were close enough to tell each other what was going on, but guess not. It’s time for Trish’s return. SURPRISE. Oh it’s only Donna Marie. She never smiles. SURPRISE. It’s Trish, but she doesn’t seem to be excited or happy. She heads upstairs and Craig tells everyone that she will be leaving Springtime Meadows.


No one wants her to go, but Craig says he can’t make her stay. Maddie goes to talk to her. Vern, Cynthia, and Craig are all in the same room.

We see a flashback of Rebecca coming into Springtime Meadows for the first time. Her dad is leaving and she goes with Craig to talk more about the program in his office. She tells him the 12 steps won’t work and it’s a total waste of time. He tells her she can choose to be a statistic or she can see this as an opportunity. He has faith in her.

Charlotte is having dinner with Alan. He tells her she was brave to talk about everything that she has been going through with Maddie. He admits that his son also dealt with and is still dealing with addiction.

Maddie is in her room and Trish is packing. She tells her that she missed her and doesn’t want her to go.


She couldn’t believe Maddie gave her a pill. Even though it was a placebo, she was so quick to take the pill. She has to start over and is back to day 1. Trish had 2 things: her little girl and her sobriety. Trish admits that one of the two wasn’t real, but Maddie took her sobriety from her. Maddie leaves the room.

Cynthia wants to talk to Craig. Oh no Vern isn’t letting these two out of his sight. Ok maybe just for 5 minutes. Craig tells her that they have to stop. Once he met Paul, he knew they couldn’t be together.


Wes is upstairs with Rebecca watching cat videos. They always make things better. Maddie comes in and wants to talk to Rebecca. Wes may be a little jealous that Maddie is going to confide in Rebecca and not him. Maddie tells her everything that happened with Trish and Rebecca tells her Trish is just projecting her anger towards her. This leads us to another Rebecca flashback. She is in group and telling everyone that she is grateful for Craig having faith in her, but she talks about hating her former best friend. She explains to Maddie that she was blaming her for things that she never did. She is so glad Maddie forgave her. So happy that they are besties again!


Cynthia and Vern talk outside. Vern tells her that he has been on both sides of this situation. He has been cheated on and he has cheated. She needs to follow her own advice. Vern reminds her of her previous advice about ripping off the Band-Aid and making a decision. She calls Paul and tells him that she wants to talk.

Margarita goes into Trish’s room. She takes everything out of her bag and says she is looking for a towel. She knows Trish doesn’t have her towel, but is trying to convince her to stay. She tells her this is a wonderful opportunity to be the best version of herself before she brings a child into the world. Margarita tells Trish she missed her and asks for her to stay sober for her.

Charlotte is leaving dinner with Alan. She tells him that she is finally going to tell Maddie the truth about the locker search. I hope she can follow through this time. It will be good for both of them.

Wes wants to talk to Maddie. He apologizes for not telling her about Harper. He says that they are very close and not to doubt that. They are about to kiss when he gets a text from Diesel.


Wes asks Maddie if she can cover for him with Craig.

Donna Marie goes to Craig. He apologizes for making her come all the way down to  do a search of the house. She shows him what she found.


-Perfectly Perez


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