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The Family “Feathers or Steel” Recap

“Most of us never find out what we’re really made of…If they cut you open what would they find? Feathers or steel?”

8 years ago. Claire visits Hank in prison. She asks what he did with her son’s body. She wants to give Adam a proper burial. Hank can’t help her with this. He asks her how she got in if she wasn’t on his list of his approved visitors. Claire tells him that she is now the Mayor so she doesn’t need his permission.

Present day. Hank wakes up startled. He heard a noise that sounded like something breaking. He gets up to check it out and one of his windows downstairs is broken. He goes to dump the glass in the trash outside. He sees his garage and sees the words MONSTER painted on his garage.


The next morning John, Claire, and Willa are waiting for Adam to come down for breakfast. They see a Bridey with Danny. They don’t know who she is and are scared to even say what they think she is. Danny clears everything up.


Nina and Clements are dealing with a new case. An 8 year old boy named Bryan has been taken at Rosemont Park. The kidnapper has the same M.O. (Modus operandi) as Adam’s did. Nina wonders if it is a copycat. It might be the same kidnapper.


Doug comes home. It’s the day of his and Jane’s baby shower. Doug goes to his garage. There is a secret entrance on the floor. It leads to a dungeon that is similar to the one Adam was trapped in.

8 years ago. It is Christmas time. It’s been 2 years since Adam was taken. John tells Claire it’s time they try and move on.

Present day. Claire and Willa are walking into work. The press is following them asking about Bryan. On the other hand, Governor Charlie Lang says he isn’t worried about Claire and her campaign. He thinks she is a one trick pony. Governor where are all your press?


Claire is talking more to the press. She tells the press to help out if they know anything about Bryan’s kidnapper. She tells them there was an Amber alert issued and she gives everyone the beginning letter and numbers associated with the suspected kidnapper’s license plate. Claire makes sure everyone knows that they will find him.

Bridey is talking to Gus. She tells him about her story. She has Danny on her side…for now. Bridey tells Gus about breakfast that morning. He wants her to keep working the story and he plans to release it. She promised Danny she would give him a heads up before they printed anything. Guess it doesn’t apply since Gus didn’t promise.

Hank is covering up his broken window when his doorbell rings. It’s the sheriff. He tells him a pressure washer would be good to get the paint off. He is being served with a restraining order. He can’t come within a 100 yards of the Warren’s. That going to be kind of hard considering they are next door neighbors.

Nina and Clements are hard at work trying to find Bryan. Clements gets a picture on his phone of the suspected kidnapper. They go to the Warren’s. They ask Adam if its the man who kidnapped him. Adam is having a panic attack. He sits down and nods to Nina. That is the same man. Danny is sitting on the stairs watching Adam’s reaction. Does he believe him now?

8 years ago. Claire is talking to the prison warden. He tells her that they have not been able to get any information out of Hank. He asks if he can do anything else. We see Hank in prison. He is eating his sandwich and his mouth starts to bleed.


I don’t thinks it was a tomato. He gets up and the guards do nothing. They turn away and act like nothing is wrong, while another prisoner is walking towards Hank with a knife. That may explain his scar on his back.

Present day. Hank is meeting with a lawyer at a restaurant. He definitely learned his lesson. He is checking his sandwich and taking it apart to make sure nothing suspicious is in it. He wants to sue the Warren’s for slander and defamation. The lawyer doesn’t think he has a case. He tells him to just use the money the state gave him to buy an island. Hank doesn’t want an island; He wants JUSTICE.

Danny shows up at the Red Pines Tribune. He tells Bridey about Adam’s reaction to seeing his kidnapper. He thinks it might actually be Adam. He asks if she told anyone about their conversations. She assures him that she didn’t.


Doug got out of the garage and sees Jane. She is panicking because he still needs to get things for the baby shower. Doug says he has to go, but will be back in time for the party. He makes her promise that she won’t go in there. Jane I give you full permission to break this promise!

Nina tells Clements that they got a lead on the tip line. The van with the same plates was spotted. They go on the hunt. Nina is driving and Clements is talking about his personal life. He never sees her out of work. He tells her she might need to learn to focus on other things in life. We learn that Clements has a husband and he tells her about their jam business. See Nina you can have a life outside of work. They find the van at a motel. They split up and go looking through the rooms. On her second try, Nina finds Bryan. There is someone in the bathroom. She sees a gun. A man, that is not Doug, gets out of the bathroom and she shoots. Clements comes in and asks her if he was pointing a gun at her. She tells him the man wasn’t. They cover up the shooting and put the gun in his hands.

John, Willa, Adam, and Claire are in the kitchen. Willa alerts everyone about the latest breaking news from CNN. She tells them that they found the kidnapper. False alarm. John decides to take Adam out to get some fresh air. They are outside playing baseball. Claire is watching and it brings back memories of old times.


8 years ago. Claire is looking through her closet and finds a jewelry box on the ground. She is happy. She knows its probably her Christmas present from John. The Warren’s are opening their Christmas gifts. It’s Claire’s turn and she open her gift… it’s not jewelry. It’s a red blouse. She excuses herself. Later that night, she catches John and Nina together.


Present day. Clements show up at the Warren’s. He tells them that it’s not Adam’s kidnapper. The man they found was in prison during the time of Adam’s kidnapping. He mentions the shooting and John is worried about Nina and wants to know if she is okay. Nina is giving her statement and being questioned about the shooting. She has to turn in her gun and badge for now. She tells the reviewer of the case that Bryan was in danger and the man was pointing a gun at her. She can confirm that Clements will back her up on this. Nice cover up.

Adam is standing in front of the alarm panel. He wants John to show him how it works. John tells him he will keep him safe. Adam wants to know how to arm and disarm it in case John isn’t there. He tells him the code. 05-22. Adam’s birthday. After learning how it works, he heads to his room and writes the number down on a post-it. He wraps the key in it. What do they both open?

Claire is meeting Governor Charlie. He wants to talk about their campaigns for Governor and doesn’t want things to get out of control when it comes to the press. He quizzes her about the freshman in legislature. She has her own comeback. She tells him that he must feel threatened because people can relate to a mother who lost her son.

Bridey shows up at the Warren’s. Willa opens the door and lets her know that Danny isn’t home. She is looking for her “missing cellphone”. Willa lets her in and Bridey heads straight up to Adam’s room. She grabs a cotton swab that was in the trash. She is about to leave Adam’s room and Willa is there. She tells her that she is in Adam’s room and not Danny’s. Bridey knows she doesn’t like her, and Willa says it’s just that she doesn’t know her.


Nina gets her gun and badge back. Chief Bucksey knows that she and Clements were lying about what happened. He tells her she needs to go to counseling/therapy or he will take her gun and badge away.

Claire is hosting a press conference to thank Nina, Clements, and the rest of the police who helped find Bryan. She pulls Nina aside. She thanks her for always going the extra mile for her family, but it needs to stop. Claire tells her that she needs to stop sleeping with John.


8 years ago. Claire is getting ready for bed and finds the jewelry box behind her pillow. John tells her he was going to give it to her for Christmas, but it just didn’t seem right. He wants to tell her something. Claire ,sensing he would be talking about Nina; changed the subject. She said they needed to give Adam a proper funeral. John said okay and Claire went to sleep.

Present day. Claire actually cooked a meal for the family. Everyone, especially John, is shocked. Willa tells Danny that she Googled Bridey. She found out that she is a reporter. Danny says he knows she is a blogger. He is suspicious of Bridey.

Jane finally can’t take it anymore. She decides to go into the garage even though she promised Doug. It’s about time! She turns on the light and Doug walks in. It’s a crib. SO SLY. Later that night, he goes back into the secret entrance in the floor. What is he hiding?

Bridey is opening her apartment door and Danny is there. He tells her to return anything that she took from Adam’s room. I don’t think they will be couple of the year any time soon.

Willa is praying on her bed. She is holding the bed spread and is either having a memory or imagining being intimate with Bridey.

Hank is up late at night. He goes outside and passes the tree. John sees him. The episode ends with a  beaten Hank passed out in his kitchen floor.


Did John do it? Did Hank do it to frame John? I love that I always have so many questions after every episode.

-Perfectly Perez



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