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Younger Season 2 Finale Recap

Not ready to see Dan Amboyer leave the show? Well,Sometimes miracles come in pairs.

It’s Thad’s funeral. Liza tells Maggie that she doesn’t want to lie anymore and wants to tell Kelsey the truth. Maggie tells her to think about it because it’s not exactly great timing. Josh showed up and damn he seriously looks good in everything. Thad’s brother is going to speak in front of every. OMG Thad was a twin named Chad!! Lauren says Thad probably never told Liza because they didn’t really get along. But they did have the same taste.


Yes, he was looking directly at Kelsey. Now, the real question is who is hotter?? Chad or Thad. I VOTE DAN!

Liza and Maggie are staring at these pics of Thad and Chad.


They are both so sexy. Liza goes to find Kelsey. Kelsey says that the day feels like her wedding. The same people were invited, except a group of girls that are huddled in the entrance. Every time Kelsey looks their way, they scatter like pigeons. She tells Liza that she hasn’t been able to cry and feels bad. Chad approaches the girls. He meets Liza and tells her she was so lucky because there had been 4 similar construction fatalities.  Chad came over to ask Kelsey to see if he knew Thad’s password to his laptop. She doesn’t because he always changed it. He CLAIMS he just wants to protect Thad’s privacy. Chad leaves and hangs onto that hug for too long.

Liza walks to another room to give Kelsey some space and Josh shows up. He tells Liza that she looks beautiful. Inappropriate? I think not. Josh told Liza that he wanted to call her ever since he found out about the accident. He has just been sad.


After some morning sex, Josh tells Liza that he missed her. They both missed each other. Liza thinks she is like a butterfly effect. Hurricane Liza. Category 5. Josh thinks she is crazy LOL They are about to go for round 2 when Greta knocks on the door. She could come in any time because she has a key. come Liza never had a key? Liza better get out of there quickly. Josh sends her out the window and she is hiding on the fire escape. At least it was a very interesting walk of shame!

Liza goes to Diana’s office. It’s only been a day since Thad’s funeral so Diana needs Liza to step up while Kelsey is going through this hard time. Liza better research everthing about potential client Stephanie Smith. She is the biggest celebrity astrologist.Kelsey walks in. Girl take a break. She tells them she needs to work to keep her mind off things. Liza goes to check in on her in her office. She said she is fine and she still hasn’t shed a single tear. It’s time for their meeting with Stephanie. She wants to publish a book called The Zodiac of Love. She asks Diana what her sign is. After finding out she was a Taurus, Stephanie let it out.


Kelsey can’t take it anymore. She cannot sell people on the idea that they can predict their life. She asks Stephanie if she could have predicted Thad’s death. She says it would make sense if it was on a Thursday. Yea it was on a Tuesday

Kelsey goes to her office. Liza goes to make sure she is okay. Chad comes in. He has something to show Kelsey. It’s the surveillance video of Thad’s accident. They see Liza. Kelsey wants to know why she was there. Kelsey tells Chad that she wants to talk to Liza alone. He leaves and I guess  Thad’s spirit took over his body because he sure planted one on Kelsey.


Liza tells Kelsey the truth. She tells her she went there to talk to Thad because she found out she was cheating on her. Would you do the same and tell your friend if their significant other was cheating? Well, Kelsey wasn’t happy.


Everyone makes their own mistakes. Kelsey tells her that maybe Thad would still be alive if it wasn’t for Liza. OUCH.Liza goes to Diana’s office. She let’s her know that she will be leaving Empirical. She tells her she had an offer from another company.


Diana meets her new temp Becky.I’m pretty sure Diana is missing Liza right about now. She goes to find Kelsey. Kelsey is reading an email from Liza telling her that she is leaving Empirical. Charles overhears the conversation. He can’t believe it. He is going to make some phone calls and find our girl.

Michelle, Liza’s old friend, hooked her up with a fabulous job..yes I’m exaggerating…at the Paramus Mall in New Jersey. I wonder if this is the place Michelle found her truffle butter shirt? Anyways, Liza will be working in retail. At least she gets benefits. Liza comes home and Maggie asks how her day was. She tells her it went well. Maggie speaks some truth!


Liza is at her second day at her new job. She sees Lauren’s mom. She asks if she could promise not to say anything. Charles goes to Diana’s office to say that he couldn’t find her anywhere. Never fear, Kelsey is here. She found out that Liza is working in New Jersey in a clothing store. Who will go to New Jersey. Kelsey can’t and Diana doesn’t do New Jersey. Charles go get her! Charles surprises Liza. He pretends that he is looking for a new tie. Something bold yet not too crazy. He gives Liza some advice and tells her that most things in life are out of everyone’s control.He tells her that they ALL want her back at Empirical. She is hesitant, but he tells her just to think about it. And while she is thinking, she can think about this too.


IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME CHARLES! Sorry Josh, but I’m so #TeamCharles

The next day at Empirical, Liza is back! She is giving Diana her coffee and goes to do some work. Diana I saw you trying to act like you’re not happy. Liza goes to see Kelsey. Kelsey apologizes and tells her not to ever disappear on her again.


Liza and Kelsey broke my heart in this scene. Can Sutton Foster and Hilary Duff just be my best friends already?

Liza is heading home after work and Josh is waiting for her. He tells her that he broke up with Greta and wants to be with her. He says he’s all in. Do you believe him?

What did y’all think of the finale? Are you happy that we still get to see Dan Amboyer on the show? Are you #TeamCharles or #TeamJosh ? Do you think Liza will come clean about her age? Let us know in the comments!

I’m ready for season 3!

-Perfectly Perez




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