‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2’: Movie Review

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 is a hit and will leaving you wanting part 3!

Nia Vardalos will make you fall in love with the Portokalos family all over again. Keeping the same characters as the original movie definitely made the movie that much more enjoyable. And the additions were fantastic. Some of the new cast members included: Alex Wolff, Rita Wilson, John Stamos, and Elena Kampouris. In this movie, Toula and Ian have to try and find their spark again, while their daughter Paris (Elena Kampouris) makes a big decision; which college she is going to.Toula also has to deal with being the person who is supposed to fix every problem in the family. Meanwhile, an unknown mistake proves to add another challenge for the Portokalos family. And on top of all that, a wedding must be planned. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 exceeded my expectations and will leave a lasting impression. I definitely give it 5 out 5 stars because the family is so relatable, they tackle important/current issues that many people face, and the cast is PERFECT.

The movie is centered around family, which makes it so relatable. Being part of a big family I can understand what it’s like to have do deal with your family wanting to know each and every thing that is going on. Since the beginning, Toula has had to deal with her family in her personal life. Can you imagine your family talking about your/their sex lives. It can sometimes be too much to handle, but I wouldn’t change my family for anything and I think Toula can relate. We are introduced to Toula and Ian’s daughter Paris. She needs to decide what she wants. Does she stay close to home or leave her hometown? Whatever her decision, she shows how important it is to follow YOUR OWN dreams, despite what others want from you.

Although this movie is categorized as a comedy, it was so powerful and dealt with some serious topics including marriage, coming out to your family, and parent-child relationships. I think the way Nia used humor to introduce these topics was phenomenal. People always say that when you get married you and your significant other lose the spark you once had. I think Nia, John, and the rest of the cast show how this is not necessarily true. Yes, you may have to work a little harder on remembering the moments of why you fell in love, but it may be worth it. The question becomes are you willing to work on it. I think if you’re really in love with a person you should try. I don’t want to give too much away, but one of the family members struggles with the decision to come out as gay to the family. It can be a hard topic to talk about, but I believe honesty is always the best policy. I love the way this movie handled this topic, and I hope people can who are struggling with coming out can feel more comfortable after watching the movie. We also get to see parent-child relationships throughout the film. The movie focuses on Ian and Toula’s relationship with Paris and it also continues to focus on Toula’s relationship with her parents. No matter what age you are, I don’t think you will ever stop trying to please your family. Toula still put her family above everything, but she can feel like her parents are watching her every move and keeping track of how she is as a mother. I think Toula and the Portokalos family teach us how to embrace our family and to be confident in our own decisions. Despite having to deal with tough issues like letting go, the humor and exuberant Portokalos bunch made every scene worth watching.

Nia Vardalos and John Corbett have amazing chemistry. They continue to portray Toula and Ian’s relationship perfectly.  I love this movie because you could be someone who may not have seen the original and still fall in love with this movie. If you saw the first and were a fan, don’t worry they add some must of your memorable Portokalos traditions. Windex is back. Gus will still tell you how just about everything originated from the Greeks and Alexander the Great. No matter what was going on, they still had each other and Dancing Zorba’s. I love that the movie focused on using the colors of blue and white, which are the colors of the Greece flag. Even though I’m not Greek, it showed how you should be proud and learn to embrace your culture. Never be afraid to be you.  Aunt Voula is back and ready to take charge. In the first movie, she was always the one that you could count on to push you to pursue your dreams. She is the person in your family that you can tell anything to and can always count on. I missed seeing Nia on the big screen and was glad when she announced that she would return for this movie. I love everything about her portrayal of Toula.Nia is one of my favorite actresses and never fails to take her acting talents to the next level. Since, she wrote the movie and is somewhat based on her life, her portrayal is so believable and so impressive. Elena Kampouris surprised me in the film. Better watch out for her. She is so talented and fit in perfectly as Ian and Toula’s daughter. At only 18, her acting abilities are outstanding. Everyone in the film makes it so authentic.

In the end, I think the characters realize how important family is. You are bound to have your ups and downs, but you will do anything for them. I think they all learn to love each others attributes and flaws, instead of pointing them out. Life is too short not to enjoy being with your family. I hope everyone goes to see this movie because it will bring you and your family closer and help you learn that sometimes you just have to step and realize you can’t control everything. I went to go see this with my family and although we are not Greek, my dad came out of the theater and said how much the Portokalos family reminded him of our family. The Portokalos family will always have a special place in my heart.

-Perfectly Perez



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