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The Family “I Win” Recap

“”One, two, three, four, five, Once I caught a fish alive, Six, seven, eight, nine, ten, Then I let it go again.”

35 years ago. Hank is running home. He had cuts on his face. He was being bullied and his mom told him that things would change when he got older. It’s called justice.

Present day. Hank is lying in a hospital bed. He is humming the nursery rhyme his mother would always sing to him. He wakes up and sees Nina. YAY. She wants to know who did this to him.


Bridey is talking to Gus. She tells him that she will find out if it’s the real Adam. She took a coffee mug from John and a used Q-tip from Adam.

Claire is watching the news. It says that Claire and Governor Charlie Lang’s race is close. Willa is talking to Claire and going over her schedule. Willa tells her that Adam’s teacher is coming over.


John comes home and he has injured his hand. He says he got hurt by a neighbors dog. Is he telling the truth? Adam is sitting at the table when he looks at the mail. His kidnapper sent him a postcard. Adam, Claire, and John meet with Clements. Adam explains that his kidnapper had a “good boy list”. He promised to take him places if he quit trying to run. Clements names the list something new…CATCH THE BASTARD.


Doug and Jane are on a road trip. He is mailing something. Is it another post card?

10 years ago. Claire and John are fighting. They hear a voicemail from a woman named Jen. She is calling to remind them that Adam is supposed to be at the little league game by 9. Oh and don’t forget the orange slices. John agrees to use the dishwasher and they stop fighting.

Present day. Nina comes over to the Warrren’s house. She tells John that Hank accused him of beating him. He denies it and Nina sees his hand. She advises him to call a lawyer.

Nina and Clements are discussing Adam’s case. They want to know why the kidnapper is sending all the postcards. They both agree that “Anger makes smart people stupid”. Nina is looking at John’s case with Corey. She doesn’t know if he really did it. She wonders why John would leave the bat?

The Warren’s are talking about John and want to know what happened. The security system was turned off. Willa thinks Danny did it, but Danny says it wasn’t him. What to do now?


John Warren was arrested for the aggravated assault of Hank Asher. Willa and John are in the hall when the press is there. Did Willa call them?

Hank goes to a cake shop. He wants to buy a cake. The employee asks if he wants a message on the cake. “I WIN” is put on the cake. Hmm…

10 years ago. Willa is riding her bike to the local baseball field. She finds John on the bleachers. He has been drinking. She is about to take him home, but he is too drunk.

Bridey shows up at Willa’s work. She wants to be apart of the campaign. She can give good spin. Bridey gets to the Red Pines Tribune and starts a twitter campaign. #PapaBear.

Willa is talking to Claire and John about the situation. She thinks he should take a plea or else it could really hurt the campaign. John can’t believe what Willa is saying. Claire steps in and tells her that John will not take the plea. Willa reminds her that this decision could lose her the race. Being Governor or John. Claire surprisingly chooses John. Danny is asking Adam about the security system. He knows it was him.


Nina and Clements are trying to find Adam’s kidnapper. He sent Adam another postcard. They think he is headed to New York. Clements goes to New York to try and see if he will be there.

Doug and Jane are still on their roadtrip. Jane is asleep and wakes up when Doug is getting pulled over. Is this it? Will the police finally catch Adam’s kidnapper. They take them to the station because they want to make sure the minivan isn’t stolen. Doug is getting nervous as they have to continue to wait there.

10 years ago. Willa decides to call Nina to help John. Nina tells Willa to go home because she can make sure John is ok.

Clements checks in with Nina. He is updating her on his status in New York. He asks how her therapy session went. The therapist had some advice for her…”Do yoga and not shoot people”.

Danny surprises Adam. He is going to teach him how to drive. Danny admits that Claire was the one who taught him how to drive. He tells Adam that Claire used to pretend that there were brakes on her end. He is doing that too right now with the way Adam is driving. Adam closes his eyes and pushes on the gas. Danny is trying to get his attention and is yelling at him to step on the brakes.

Doug is trying to convince Jane that it will be best to sneak away. As they are about to leave, a police officer tells them to wait. They are cleared.

Claire shows up at the police station to see Nina. Claire tells Nina that John did not hurt Hank. Nina questions Claire and asks her is she really knows what John is capable of.


Claire goes home. She finds a bat with #PapaBear on it. She calls John. John and Willa come to join Claire outside. They are staring at the amount of bats on their lawn.


10 years ago. John wakes up from a long night of drinking. He is at Nina’s place. He goes to her room when she is dressing. He apologizes and see’s her wall filled with pictures dealing with Adam’s case. Nina says, “When I can’t sleep I think”. John leaves. Nina hears a knock on the door and it’s John. This was the start of Nina and John’s affair.

Claire is taking a shower. John joins her. He thanks her for never doubting him.

It’s late at night and Danny and Willa are in the kitchen. They are both drinking some non alcoholic beverages and Danny says that Adam is really messed up.

Clements calls Nina. He tells her that Adam’s kidnapper didn’t show. She wants to know why he didn’t show up. She doesn’t think he is a smart criminal so why can’t they find him? Clements cheers her up when he tells her he got her a souvenir. He got her a keychain that says Christina on it.


Nina goes to visit Hank at his house. She claims that she just wanted to make sure he was okay. She notices that his hands are blistering. Did he use the bat? Nina notices a piece of art.


It reminds Hank of him and his mom. Nina wonders how it wasn’t broken considering that everything around it including the table was broken. He says it’s just sturdy. Nina is leaving and knocks it over. Guess it wasn’t that sturdy.

A few days ago. It’s the night of Hank’s alleged attack. We see Hank and John yelling at each other at night. They did not get in any physical altercation. John closes the gate and Hank is about to leave. He notices Adam’s bat. He takes it and starts hitting things in his house. He is the one who injured himself.

10 years ago. John is getting home from Nina’s. He tells Willa that he slept at a hotel and he is okay now. He goes upstairs and Willa hears his phone. It’s a text from Nina.


Claire comes down the stairs and asks Willa if she has seen his phone. She pretends to look for it when she is actually deleting the message. She gives it to Claire.

Present day. The press is on the lawn waiting to hear from the Warren’s. The charges were dropped. John thanks those who supported him and wants to remind people that he will do anything to keep his family safe.

Willa is at the bar. She sees Bridey. She doesn’t say the words thank you, but she tells Bridey that there may be a role for her in the campaign. Bridey notices the way Willa is standing and holding her purse. Bridey kisses her and Willa finally let’s go of her purse. What is going on between these too? I need to know more.

Nina and Clements are trying to figure out how Adam’s kidnapper can be traveling to so many places. They realize that he is probably having people mail the postcards. A guy mails one and says that a man is playing some game with his son.

Nina thinks that maybe the kidnapper just misses Adam. Doug and Jane are home. He gives her a stuffed animal. It’s a whale for their unborn child. Doug goes down to his underground bunker and puts the whale alone in there.


Nina goes to the Warren’s. She tells Claire and John that she knows how to catch the kidnapper. She needs to use Adam as bait.

Bridey is looking for Gus. She tells him that the paternity test has come back. Bridey tells Gus that it’s not Adam!


As usual, I have so many questions. Could it still be the real Adam? Is John Adam’s biological father? What is going on between Willa and Bridey? Is Claire being genuine with John or is she just trying to get on his good side so he will support her on her campaign? Hank is hiding something about his past, but what is it? And I just want to know more about Doug? Is he really the kidnapper? I don’t know how I can wait a whole week for another episode!

Let me know your theories in the comments!

-Perfectly Perez



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