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Total Divas “Clothes Quarters” Recap

Families are like fudge…mostly sweet with lots of nuts!

The episode starts in Evansville, Indiana. Paige is doing a photo shoot. Of course, she looks fierce. Alicia Fox, Paige, and Rosa are walking in the hall. Alicia is telling them that her mom wants to visit. She can’t handle it because her mom will never want to leave. They go to eat and Paige is super excited to see grilled cheese pizza.


Bryan, Nikki, and Brie are having breakfast. He wants them to try some food called “dutch babies”. They start talking about their lingerie line they want to start “Birdie Bee”.  They want to make it a business that also gives back to someone in need. How awesome is that!

Nattie and Mandy are at the WWE Performance Center. They are training and talking about their upcoming family trip. Nattie is worried about how her dad will act because she thinks he is very unpredictable.

The Bella Twins are in New York. They are co-hosting the Today Show. After their hosting duties are over, they talk business. Well, Nikki tries to and Brie is talking about baby morph. I think we can all agree that Bryan and Brie would have the cutest babies!

Mandy and her family are the first to arrive in Sanibel, Florida. The house that Nattie rented is gorgeous. Mandy is trying to use this trip to get her parents back together, since they are separated. Nattie and her family arrive shortly after. She goes to see how Mandy and her family are doing. Nattie wants Mandy to tell her if her dad acts out. She asks the same. Oh gotta love family.

Nikki and Brie are stopping for lunch in New York. Nikki tells her that they have a meeting with Daymond John (Shark Tank). Brie is a little hesitant at the idea. She wants to be hands on in their project and is scared that investors will just want to takeover their company.

Let the family games begin.


It’s time for dragon boat racing. The Neidhart’s are getting their game faces on.

The Neidhart’s lost! What?


Nikki and Brie go to Mood Fabrics. Brie wants to attend their sewing school and show Nikki that she can actually make some lingerie items. It doesn’t go as planned. Nikki won’t be letting Brie live this one down for a while. They leave and Brie is upset.

Everyone heads back to the house. Nattie’s mom is getting a massage and her dad has to check on the “Norman Bates” massage therapist. Come on Jim, he is just working out the kinks 😉 After their massage, they go fishing. Nattie’s mom is a pro. She is catching fish after fish and Jim hasn’t caught anything.

Meanwhile, Mandy is talking with her mom. She wants to know if her parents will ever get back together. There is a chance. Later in the day, Mandy is taking a walk on the beach with her brothers. One of her brothers tells them it’s never going to happen.

Nikki still isn’t letting Brie live it down. She thinks she is a better businesswoman than Brie. They are meeting with Kara Ross. She gives them awesome advice and basically tells Brie that “Birdie Bee” won’t be as successful if they do it her way. Later in the day, Brie goes to see Nikki in her hotel room. She apologizes. She knew it wouldn’t be a good idea to try and do everything themselves, but she felt like Nikki would throw it in her face. Nothing better than an awkward Bella hug.


Mandy and her  family are having a talk. Mandy tells her parents that she notices they haven’t fought the entire trip. Her dad tells her and the rest of the family that maybe they just aren’t compatible anymore. Maybe they will get back together or maybe they won’t, but they will always be there for each other. Mandy realized that it’s not her decision to make them get back together.

Everyone is having dinner together in the house. Nattie’s sister tells Mandy’s family that she wants a dragon boat rematch. This trip turned out to be amazing for both families. Nattie appreciates Mandy’s realness. They can both learn something from each other. Mandy makes a toast. She thanks Nattie for inviting her on the trip and thanks Nattie’s entire family for being so welcoming.

Nikki and Brie are meeting Daymond in the Empire State Building. He admits that he wasn’t really excited when he heard they wanted to meet with him. But after hearing their idea he likes it. He calls in one of his designers and she makes a sketch of a sample. It looks amazing. Watch out because the Bella Twins are taking over the business world.

Nattie is walking on the beach with her family. She realizes that she acts like a soccer mom and her parents are her kids. She needs to learn to step back a little and just enjoy her unique family. Family is everything!

-Perfectly Perez


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