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Lopez “Slave For A Day” Recap

George Lopez brought the laughs on ‘Lopez’!

George is putting his golf clubs in his car. His neighbor Steve (Jim Connor) calls him over. His neighbor wants him to trim his trees.

George reminds him that he wouldn’t have been able to afford his house unless George moved in. A Mexican in the neighborhood lowered the value. George is getting a call from Snoop Dogg. He invited him over, but first he has a meeting with his daughter’s (Ashley Zamora) headmaster.

He shows up at Bragmoor Academy. The headmaster is telling him that the tuition only covers a fraction of the cost they need to keep it running. I mean tuition is only $30,000/yr. The headmaster tells George how important fundraising is. They want to auction him off to be a slave for a day. Oh wait, they don’t call it that anymore. He gives George the guilt trip. He reminds him of when he took his wife’s kidney and then divorced her. Yeah it didn’t help with the Bragmoor community. His daughter would be proud if he did it. George is leaving the school and is excited to tell Erica when another parent thinks he is the valet. BREAKING NEWS: Not all Mexicans are valet workers.

George goes to see Snoop. George is excited to hang out with him, but Snoop wants him to hang out with his maid. George finally decided to leave after 2 hours.

George goes to lunch with his best friend Maronzio. He is also George’s opening act. They are talking about everything that happened in the day. They see  Mayor Villaraigosa and he half waves at him. What?


George says since his divorce  he isn’t getting along with his daughter and others. George Lopez is officially suffering from white man problems. George had been complaining about stereotypes and now he just did the same. He told the Mayor, “Vamanos Vato”. He thought the Mayor was a valet. Maronzio took a video and  it is going viral.

George visits his old neighborhood in San Fernando, California. He goes to a Mexican restaurant. He tells some of his friends that he needs to try and lay low. He needs someone who will look out for him. Manolo (Anthony CiTRiC Campos) is the winner since he didn’t have any warrants!

George has a meeting with his agent. His agent is in Dubai so he has to deal with Olly (Hayley Huntley). She tells him that he could possibly have a residency in Las Vegas. He is 80% popular among “blacks and Hispanics”. And 30% of white people and Asians don’t think he is relatable.

He goes home to see his daughter Erica. He tells her about the auction and she is not too excited. She asks why they just can’t donate a Chateau or something like the other families. She doesn’t think he will sell at the auction.


It’s time for the auction. He tells Manolo to stay there in case he needs to escape. Erica asks him if she  should have invited her mom. She could have seen him be the star of the night. Oh wait!


Snoop showed up at the event with George’s new girlfriend prospect Sonia.


He found her on Twitter.  The Mayor is there and wants to bid on him to pay him back for his comment earlier. Steve also wants to buy him so he can finally trim the trees. Desperate times call for desparate measures. Maronzio is going to use George’s money to bid on him. George sells for $50,000. Steve knew he would buy himself so he just upped the price.

The next day, he is driving up and Steve has a petition that is signed by many neighbors about trimming his trees. George tells him to talk to his new gardener Manolo. Let’s just say George won’t be trimming his trees any time soon. George gets a call from Olly to see if he is in. He agrees even though he doesn’t understand what he is in for.

-Perfectly Perez


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