New Release: Gripped by Joanne Schwehm



February 9


Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00030]Dane Prescott spends his days staring at perfect holes, and knows how to use his stiff shaft to get there. He’s as hot as he is good at the sport he loves more than breathing.

Dane has one goal and one goal only, to be on the professional golf tour. It’s who he is and what he lives for. Women, although fun, aren’t in his long-term plans.

Beverly Whitfield didn’t start off as the confident woman she is today. Teased mercilessly as a child and always feeling second-best, she set out to change her future and is finally putting herself first. Never in her wildest imagination did she think she’d fall for a man with stunning good looks and sex seeping from his pores. And, oh yeah, he plays golf.

To those who say golf is complicated and frustrating, Dane says, “No, that’s love.”

**Intended for readers over the age of 18**



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Join Joanne on Release Day where she will be celebrating the Release of Gripped In her personal group, Joanne’s Book Junkies!




Family and friends are the most important things to Joanne. She enjoys meeting new people, traveling, reading, relaxing on a beach and shopping. She has an addiction to Coffee and Diet Coke; you may want to stand clear if she hasn’t had her daily intake!

Writing has been something that has been private and not shared until the day she decided to publish Unexpected Chance. Waking up one morning to the voices of Alex Logan and Aubrey Ryan changed everything!!

She is an avid sports fan especially when it comes to the New York Yankees & Dallas Cowboys. She also enjoys playing and watching golf.

She firmly believes when that unexpected chance comes, take it. Don’t let it pass you by. You never know what you could be missing.





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Author Interview: Joanne Schwehm

We had the privilege of being able to ask author Joanne Schwehm some questions before her newest book release, Gripped. Find out more about one of our favorite authors below:

PP: Where did you find your inspiration for Gripped?

JS: I was watching the 2013 Masters Tournament – more specifically, Adam Scott (who happened to win that year) and thought, I need to write a book about a hot golfer. Granted, it’s taken me a while, but that’s what inspired Gripped and Dane Prescott.

PP: How would you describe Dane and Beverley in a few words?

JS: Dane lives for golf and Beverly avoids it. But as you know, opposites attract.

What message do you hope readers get from reading this novel?

JS: Stay true to yourself.

PP: What advice would you give to aspiring authors?

JS: Keep writing and don’t give up. Also, you can learn something every day. The library and Google are your friends.

PP: If you could choose any actors to portray Dane and Beverley, who would you choose?

JS: Pro-golfer, Adam Scott and Odette Annabale as Beverly.

PP: Top 3 favorite romance novels?

JS: Never too Far (Rosemary Beach Series) by Abbi Glines, Throb by Vi Keeland and Come A Little Bit Closer by Bella Andre

PP: If you could travel any where in the world, where would you go?

JS: Taromina Italy

PP: One thing most people would be surprised to know about you?

JS: I don’t know. I’m pretty much an open book.

PP: What’s the last show you binge watched?

JS: Ink Masters. Which is really weird because I don’t have tattoos. I just find the artwork fascinating.

PP: Christian Grey or Jamie Dornan?

JS: Aren’t they the same? Just kidding. I’d take Jamie.

PP: Kill, Marry, or Shag? Options: Dane Prescott, Drake Prescott, and Ryker Jeffries.

JS: Oh wow! Let’s see. I’d shag them all and to be honest, they’d all make awesome husbands.

PP: Who is your celebrity crush?

JS: The list is long but if I had to pick one, I’d say Derek Jeter.

PP: Best relationship advice?

JS:  Always be honest.

PP: Favorite author?

JS: I have way too many to list.

What are 3 things you can’t live without?

JS: My family, my friends and my phone (with an eReader app of course).

We feel like we know so much more about her and love how down to earth she is. Gripped is available NOW! You can find all the links below:







-Perfectly Perez

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Blindspot ‘In The Comet Of Us’ Recap

A bow tie, spatula and a mini fridge are just apart of a hard days work for the Blindspot team.

Sophia (Sarita Choudhury) is in the car with Mayfair. Mayfair wants to know why she faked her own suicide. She was afraid of someone finding out what they did. Sophia tells her that someone found out about Daylight and needs her help. Whoever it is, they will come after them and anyone else apart of Daylight.

Zapata asks Patterson if she wants to play a game. No, it’s not Dungeons and Dragons. Patterson is in. Zapata gives her a list of numbers that also happen to be the scores from Hudson University’s football championships. Zapata was reading about Levi Hart (Charles Brice) who was a running back. He got kicked out because of drugs. The numbers are tattoos on Jane. Patterson can only Zapata one way.


Patterson calls the team in to tell them about their findings. She lets Zapata explain her theory. Hudson University scholarship fund has been investigated before for fraud, but they never found anything. Maybe someone was paid off. Reade knows the defensive coordinator of the team and gives him a call. The team goes to see Coach Jones (Brian O’Neill). They ask him if he has noticed anything suspicious with the scholarship fund. The president of the University, Karen Morris (Sonnie Brown), stops the conversation and tells them to send any questions to her office. The team starts walking around campus and they hear gun shots. They see a student running saying that there is an active shooter on campus. Their earpieces aren’t working.

4 hours earlier. Zapata is at a Gamblers Anonymous meeting. The meeting leader (Shawn  Parsons) asks if she wants to share anything about her addiction. She doesn’t.Sharing is  “customary not mandatory”. The meeting leader tells her goodbye after the meeting because he doesn’t think she will show up again. Will she?

The team enters the school and decide to split up. Jane and Weller head upstairs while Zapata and Reade cover the main floor. Reade and Zapata split up. Zapata is in the hall and the shooter Tim (Joseph Goss) is shooting at her in the cafeteria. Coach Jones is hit. It looks like she hit the shooter, and when she checks he isn’t there. She checks on Coach and he was shot in the leg. They need to find an exit. He tells her that there is an exit in an auditorium. Coach says that the shooter came straight for him. They are almost at the exit when they hear the shooter. They are hiding. The shooter is about to leave when Coach Jones makes a sound. Zapata is out of ammo.


5 hours earlier. Joscar are together. He brings Jane tea even though it’s not her favorite. He give Oolong tea. She actually likes it. He tells her that he doesn’t think he should continue to be her handler. He says his decision is just based on doing the right thing for the mission.


We are back to when Jane and Weller decided to go upstairs. Jane tells Weller they should probably split up to cover more ground. He doesn’t think that’s a good idea. Jane tells him again they need to split up. This time he agrees. Jane is headed to the gym. She sees Coach Jones running and the shooter following him. She runs down the bleachers and is checking on the students who are shot. A campus police officer (Colin Israel) thinks she is the shooter and tells her to drop her weapon. She keeps telling him that she is with the FBI, but he doesn’t believe her. He gets close to her and she takes his gun. She tells him that they need to work together to find the shooter. Seriously dude needs to stop pointing the gun at her. They head to the cafeteria. They notice blood on the floor, but not body. They hear someone coming and it’s Karen. She was shot in her abdomen and is bleeding. Jane gets some napkins and it’s not stopping the bleeding. She gets a hot spatula and puts it on her wound. That stops the bleeding for a while. Jane with a spatula looked a little something like this 😉


Jane hears gun shots. She heads to the auditorium and shoots at the shooter. She distracts him long enough for Zapata to hit him on the head and arrest him. Japata for the win. They feel an explosion.


3 hours earlier. Weller was at the hospital with his dad Bill. Bill tells him he doesn’t need to stay with him because he doesn’t want to cramp his style. According to Weller, his style is already cramped. His dad tell him he is grateful to have him back and forgives him. Back to the situation at hand. Weller is going through the halls and notices someone in a lab. An employee was shot and tells him he knows who shot him. Levi Hart. Weller leaves the room to find Levi. He is about to open a door, but notices a bomb on the door. He has to get around so he goes back to the classroom and throws a mini fridge out of the window. He breaks the window and climbs out. He thinks he is Spiderman the way he is scaling the wall. He breaks another window and climbs in. He makes it to the other side of the door. He sees students and leads them to safety. He sees Levi. Levi starts shooting. Weller is trying to convince Levi to drop his weapon. Levi throws his weapon and Weller is about to approach him, but Levi pulls out a smaller weapon. There is an explosion in the middle of the hall. Weller is OK.

The team meets up back by the main entrance. Zapata found that they were interfering with their earpieces. They get their connection back and tell Patterson about the situation. Patterson goes to tell Mayfair. Weller fills them in. He tells her that they haven’t made contact with Reade.


4 hours earlier. Reade is with his tailor (Frank De Julio). He notices that read has lost weight. He knows its lady problems. He tells him he needs a new look. Say hello to the bowtie. Back to the University. Reade is going through the halls and hears someone crying. A girl named Valerie (Christy Escobar) is crying by her dead boyfriend. She doesn’t want to leave him, but Reade says they will come back for him once they are safe. He sees more students and tells them to stay calm. He is about to open a door and realizes that he just triggered a bomb. And the students stayed calm.


Valerie stays there and wants to help. He tells her it’s a bomb is like a grenade. They see a mini fridge fall out of a window. He needs something that he can put a pin in. He uses her earring and tells her to go as far as she can. Reade gives her enough time and he let’s the handle go. He runs in time and he is ok. But as he is getting up Levi holds a gun to his head. He wants to know where Coach Jones is. Reade agrees to take him to him. The earpieces come back on and Reade can hear Weller. Weller wants to know his location. Without letting Levi know, he is giving Weller and the team clues to where he is. Reade wants to know why Levi is doing this. Levi tells him that Coach Jones ruined his life. The camps he runs is just a way for him to get close to kids. He admits he didn’t know how to stop him and just accepted the scholarship and was paid off. They reach the field house and Reade knows the team is there. He gives Levi a final chance and tries to get him to put down his weapon. He doesn’t and Weller shoots him.

Reade is torn up about the situation and sees Coach Jones on a gurney. He goes to tell him how he feels.


The team is back at the office. Zapata realizes that the numbers are just the scores from when Jones was part of the staff. Mayfair says they are launching an investigation because the scholarship fund was just used for hush money to pay off the victims. Mayfair tells everyone to head home and get some rest.

Jane goes to see Oscar. She tells him that she almost died and tells him he is the right person to be her handler. When she is with him she feels safe.

Weller is in the locker room. He sees Reade and wants to help him. He gets a bottle of scotch and paper cups. No lecture, Weller is just being a friend.

Zapata is back at a Gamblers Anonymous meeting. She is willing to share this time. She tells everyone about when she was a cop with the 96th precinct. They got a call about a wife and her drunk husband. When she and her partner met them at the house, she went with the wife and her partner went with the husband. The husband shot her partner and then shot himself. She admits that with gambling she knew the rules and could control it and now she doesn’t feel he same.

Mayfair gives Sophia money. $48,345 to be exact. Mayfair reminds her that she could stay and would keep her safe. Sophia doesn’t think anyone can keep her safe. She wants Mayfair to go with her. Mayfair is not running.

Oscar and his friend (Chukwudi Iwuji) meet. They are in a freezer with Carter’s body.What are they doing with his body?

-Perfectly Perez

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The Family ‘Betta Male’Recap

After watching The Family, you won’t be able to look at Betta fish the same way.

Nina is looking at tapes of psychiatrist Dr. Santoro (Jessica Arinella)and Adam. She asked what he did in the bunker. He started his sentence with “we”. This got Nina’s attention. Dr. Santoro asks him if he created a companion in his mind. He says he did and called him Ben. She wants to know more about Ben. He says that he had nothing and moved around a lot like a foster child. He admits that he doesn’t miss “Ben”.

Ben is lying down on his bed and can’t sleep. Claire is watching him on her laptop in her shower. Ben can’t go to sleep and he gets up. He sees monkey and faces it down. Claire I think you have been caught.

Bridey wakes up with Willa in her bed. Willa is already working . Willa will only sleep when she is in the Governor’s Mansion. Bridey tells her that she is so put together, and Willa says she isn’t always. Willa gets a call from Ryan. She missed some meeting/appearance and she lies to him. She tells him that she is at home taking care of Claire because she hasn’t been doing too good since the news of John’s affair.


Willa gets home and Danny asks where she has been. It seems like he knows something is going on between her and Bridey, but doesn’t want to say anything. Willa knows how to make family breakfast awkward. She mentions the affair and reminds them that they need to stay together for this campaign and debate. REPRESENT!

Doug is at Hank’s house. He is going over what he needs to fix. He tells Hank what he needs to do. Doug goes by the window and notices the Warren’s leaving the house. He takes note.

10 years ago. Hank sees Adam at Claire’s campaign. He goes to see Adam. He tells him that they can’t be friends anymore because friends should wants the best for each other.


Nina is at work. She is still hearing about her affair with John at work. But don’t mess with her.


Bridey is talking to Gus. She is upset because she knows she got played by Willa. She wrote her biggest story, but Willa did it for the benefit of the campaign. She needs a new story. Adam isn’t Adam and the sister is in on it. Great idea from Gus.

Nina had been going over evidence and goes to the house of Ben’s foster parent. She asks about Ben. He doesn’t give to much information. Nina threatens him with calling social services so he starts talking. He says that Ben ran away and he never looked into it and didn’t tell social services because he didn’t want his license taken away. Nina got her information and already called social services before their meeting.


Nina goes to question Adam. She is asking him questions about the day he was taken. She asks what he was wearing and he tells her. She shows him pictures.


She shows him a picture of Alex (his best friend at the time). Ben doesn’t recognize her and Willa answers for him. Nina reminds her these questions are for Adam. Nina shows him a picture of young Ben. He is silent and seems like he is in shock. Willa and Claire get defensive and tell Nina that’s enough questions. After Nina leaves, Claire asks Willa what they are doing. They are lying to everyone, especially John. Is it even worth the lies?

Bridey goes to meet Danny at the bar. He is dressed up for the debate, but he doesn’t look like he is going. He asks about her new boyfriend. She tells him that people disappoint.

Willa goes to see Ben in his room. Ben is dressed up and looks ready for the debate. Willa tells him he should stay home. Why? She tells him that Claire needs some time to get used to him.


Doug is at Hank’s house doing repairs. He asks about Hank’s mom. Hank explains how he didn’t get to see his mom before she died. Hank asks how much the repairs will cost and Doug offers to do it for free.


10 years ago. Hank is walking around at an event with local vendors. He notices some birdhouses. A woman named Jessa (Brenna Palughi)  is selling next to Quality Woodworks. She tells Hank that the maker is selling birdhouses for $10. He buys one.

Danny did not go to the debate. Danny and Bridey were a little pre-occupied.


Doug is still at Hank’s. Hank is watching the debate. Doug is done and wants to know who Hank is voting for. The other guy.

The debate is getting intense. Governor Lang thinks Claire uses situations like Adam’s kidnapping to her benefit. He tells her that he has sympathy for her, but that doesn’t mean she is qualified to be Governor. Claire interrupts him. She tells him that she did not get her son back. Is she going to reveal the truth to everyone? Nope, not this time. But she definitely puts Lang in his place and won the debate.


Doug is leaving Hank’s house. He notices a light is on in the Warren’s house. When the pizza guy delivered Ben pizza, Ben didn’t lock the door. Doug goes to the Warren’s and opens the door with ease. He walks upstairs and sees Ben.

Claire,  John and Willa get home from the debate. She won that debate and everyone is excited.

Nina is looking at another session of Ben and Dr. Santoro. Jonah Clements (Alfredo Narciso) interrupts. He asks where Gabe is. Nina realizes he is in trouble and finding Clements is her #1 priority. She gathers a team together and it’s time to find Clements.

Ben tells Claire that he understands what she said in her debate. She asks him what his name is. Ben Murphy. She wants to know more about him. He was born in Minnesota and he doesn’t like her tacos.


She tells him he doesn’t have to call her Claire and he tells her that she doesn’t need to spy on him .

Hank is looking at his now fixed drawer. It’s the first time he can open and close it in a while. He notices a symbol. He remembers it’s the same symbol as on his birdhouse. He goes to his garage to find the birdhouse. Yep, it the same Quality Woodworks symbol.

Danny gets home. He apologizes to Willa. It doesn’t seem his is sorry about just missing the debate. I think it has something to do with Bridey.

Hank walks into the police station. He is carrying a brown bag. I don’t know what’s in it, but maybe it’s the birdhouse. All I know is that Hank walked in with so much SWAG.


He tells the officer at the desk that he is looking for Nina. She tells him that she isn’t available. He decides to wait because it’s worth it.

Nina is at Clements house. Jonah gives her Gabe’s laptop. Hopefully, that will help. She promises Jonah that she will bring Gabe home.

Jane is at home and she is making food. She takes the food to Clements and keeps apologizing. CLEMENTS  IS ALIVE

Claire is in the kitchen and Willa walks in. She is trying to make something special for Ben because next week is Ben’s birthday. She tells Willa that he has been through a lot and he was with Adam when he got sick. Willa practically runs outside to find Ben. He told her that Adam died from hitting his head when he tried to escape. Which one is the truth? He tells her that Adam hit his head and then got sick. SUSPICIOUS.

The episode ends with Ben having a session with Dr. Santoro. He is looking at her fish bowl and wonders why the male fish can’t swim together. She says that one of them would kill the other.


-Perfectly Perez


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5 Shows You Need To Binge Watch On Netflix

1. Lost and Found Music Studios


Description:  Teen singers-songwriters in an elite music program form bonds of friendship, creativity and romance while turning their passion into their profession.

2. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


Description: When a woman is rescued from a doomsday lands in New York City, she must navigate a world she didn’t think even existed anymore.

3. Switched at Birth


Description: In this dramatic family series, two teenagers discover they were accidentally switched at birth, setting off a chain reaction of life-altering events.

4. Daredevil


Description: Blinded as a young boy, Matt Murdock fights injustice by day as a lawyer and by night as the Super Hero Daredevil in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City.


5. Beauty & the Beast


Description: A homicide detective and a veteran who has been turned into a beast by a military experiment gone awry become allies after they meet by chance.

-Perfectly Perez

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Game of Silence ‘Hurricane Gil’ Recap

Hurricane Warning: Hurricane Gil is coming and no one is prepared.

Jessie wakes up and Gil isn’t in bed. She looks out the window and he is in the garage watching Bobby’s video. That rewind button is definitely getting used.

Jackson calls Shawn to check in on him. Shawn is keeping it right and tight!


Jackson is going to find out more on Petey and Jackson wants Shawn to keep an eye on Gil.

Terry and his brother are having dinner. Dennis (Chuma Gault) thinks that maybe the Bellflower boys could be starting war. Terry says he got it handled.


Flashback. Terry and Dennis were robbing a local store. Dennis heard the cops and told Terry they needed to get out. They were too late and got caught.

Jackson, Marina, and Aaron are prepping for a certification hearing. They meet their client Troy (Matt O’Leary) and he gives Jackson some attitude. Marina reminds him that they are trying to help.

Bobby is headed to his boat. Gil surprises him.


Jackson wants to help Troy and tells Marina that he is still a scared little kid. Jackson leaves to go dig up more on Petey.

Dennis is at work when he is on the internet searching for Boots. A woman named Pam comes into the office and gives him a notice for his soup kitchen.

Detective Oscar Salcido goes to see Jessie. He asks if she knows about Darryl and she doesn’t know who that is. Jessie tells him that he is working and gives him the address. Meanwhile, Shawn is calling Gil from the job site because he didn’t show up.

Gil is with Bobby. He wants to know what really happened at the parties he was forced to go to. Gil is holding a gun to him. If I was Bobby, I’d start talking.

Jackson is looking through files. He finds Petey’s file. There is no death certificate or foster transfer.


Terry shows up at Jackson’s house. He rings the doorbell and no one answers. He goes to the back and breaks a sprinkler.

Jackson gets to work and his legal assistant Laurie tells him that a Ms. West is waiting for him in his office. Jessie is there and tells him about Oscar coming to ask about Gil. She tells him that she can’t get a hold of Gil. He tells her everything is fine. He doesn’t want to tell her anything else because he wants to keep her safe. Marina walks in. They change the subject quickly. Jackson makes up a lie why Jessie is there. Marina is just happy to meet one of Jackson’s childhood friends.


Jackson goes to the foster home where Petey grew up. Lorraine Cooper (Sharon Blackwood), the woman who took care of Petey, says she hasn’t seen him. Her husband went to Quitman to pick Petey up on his last day and the Warden told him he already left. The Warden paid the final payment. She just hopes that he is leading a nice life.

Annie is talking to a supposed grief counselor from the hospital. It’s Dennis. He wants to know more about Boots. He asks her describe Boots. She says that he was a funny, caring, smart, and loving man. She can’t believe that he would hurt someone. Dennis tells her sometimes good people are capable of bad things. He tells her she needs to forgive him.


Dennis finds out that Boots wasn’t trying to start a war with them because he didn’t even plan to go to Houston. Annie was the one who encouraged him to go so they could have more money before the baby arrived.

Jackson is in court. Marina is questioning Troy. She wants to know why he was so violent and kept getting into fights. He tells her that when he arrived he was immediately a target. He went to the rec to get stronger so he could defend himself. Seclusion was the only place he felt safe. Marina asks about his tattoo. Troy says that they told him if he didn’t let them give it to him they would beat him up everyday.

Detective Oscar goes to see Shawn at the job site. He asks about Darryl because of Mariah’s description of both him and Gil. Shawn admits that they were there for about 10 minutes, but left. He tells Oscar that they went to have a few drinks and then Gil took him home. Oscar asks if Gil could have gone back to Darryl’s. He knows Gil didn’t do it.


Shawn flashback. He was new to town and his parents were worried that they weren’t going to fit in. Shawn goes door to door trying to make friends. Everyone is closing the door on him, and then he meets Gil. Gil was the only one who treated him like a human being. Gil+Shawn+Nintendo = Lifelong Friendship

Gil is asking Bobby what happened at the parties. Bobby tells him it was just Warden’s friends and some of his favorites from Quitman. Gil remembered having to take some kind of pills. Gil is struggling with his memories and is vulnerable for a second and Bobby sees this. He gets a bottle and hits Gil. He has the gun and is pointing it at Gil.


Jessie and Shawn are on the phone. She is worried about Gil. Shawn tells her he will go drive around to find him. She gets off the phone and goes to her drawer to make sure Annie’s gun is still in there. It is.

Bobby tells Gil that he remembers everything about he parties and he didn’t leave after he dropped Gil at the door. He mentions that Gil always smiled in the pictures. He is confused. Bobby tells him that Red took special pictures for the Warden.


Jackson is in court. This case is really hitting close to home. He tells the judge that everything Troy did was for survival. He will continue to be violent if they send him to Huntsville. Troy already paid for his mistake and the system took his childhood.


Bobby tells Gil that he and the rest of the boys deserved everything they got. Shawn is calling for Gil. Bobby gets distracted and Gil tackles him. He gets the gun and shoots him. Payback is a bitch!

Dennis is with Terry in his office. He tells him that Boots didn’t mean to start a war it was just a coincidence. Terry doesn’t want to let it go. Dennis reminds him of his daughter Alecia (Carlacia Grant). Flashback. Dennis and Terry were at the table with their family. Dennis’s dad Don (Miles Doleac) was shot and killed. They will never forget. Terry gives him money for soup kitchen.

Warden goes to Bobby’s. No one is there. We all know a secret the Warden doesn’t know 😉

Terry goes back to Jackson’s. He rings the door and Marina answers. He tells her he is there to fix their sprinklers. He needs to go to their basement to fix the problem.

Gil and Shawn are at Gil’s garage. Jackson is there because Gil called. He puts money on the desk and says that his retainer. He tells Jackson that he killed Bobby. Jackson is upset and says that the video means nothing now. It will look like they coerced Bobby into saying the things on the video and could ties them to murder. Jackson wants the tape. Gil goes to get it and it isn’t in the safe. Jessie has it.


They tell her everything. They were scared that she would look at them differently. She only would have loved them more. She asks about Darryl and Gil tells her they had nothing to do with that. She asks what next and Jackson is out.

Jessie and Gil are alone in their bedroom. Gil is vulnerable.


He wants to know if she is going to leave him now that she knows what he did. She tells him she is staying and he can tell her anything! He tells her about Bobby and what he did to him.

Shawn is at his place and listening to messages from women. He calls Annie. He asks how she is doing. She tells Shawn that she misses Boots too.

Jackson is home. He is calling for Marina. She comes and congratulates him on his victory in Troy’s case. He is excited and tells her he is going cook. He sees a envelope on their counter and she says it’s from he nursery guy that fixed the sprinklers. He is confused. He opens the envelope and it’s pictures of him and Marina at home.

-Perfectly Perez


Cover Reveal: Phoenix by Cecilia London







Book Title: Phoenix Book #4 in the Bellator Saga

Author: Cecilia London

Genre: Contemporary/Erotic Romance

Release Date: May 2nd

Cover Artist: Sofie Hartley at Luminos Graphic House


PHOENIX EBOOKOne epic love. Two wounded souls. Three impossible words.

Ripped away from each other by circumstances beyond their control. Reunited in a place they never expected. Separated but never quite apart.

“You’re still the only woman I see. The only woman I need. I know you’re in there somewhere, sweet Caroline. We’re going to find you and we’re going to help you, until you come home to me where you belong. Then we’re going to finish what we started. Together.”

Her confidence shattered, Caroline finally starts to deal with what happened at The Fed. Jack is determined to convince her that she’s more than she thinks she is. That she wasn’t destroyed by her experiences. That their relationship is worth the fight. But will he give up before it’s too late?

Phoenix is the fourth installment in The Bellator Saga. It should be read after the first three novels in the series.


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Phoenix teaser USE ME FIRST April 2016.jpg

phoenix cervantes teaser feather.jpg


Cecilia London is the pen name of a native Illinoisan currently living in San Antonio, Texas. She’s filled several roles over the course of her adult life – licensed attorney, wrangler of small children, and obsessed baseball fan, among others. An extroverted introvert with a serious social media addiction, she is the author of The Bellator Saga, an epic, genre-crossing romance series. You can catch all of her quirky updates on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or at her website.



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