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The Family “Nowhere Man” Recap

Being alone changes you. Other voices disappear until you can only hear your own. And when you start to listen to it you become capable of anything – Ben

10 years ago. Doug is giving his dog Milo Trichloromethane (Chloroform). He seems to be testing the affects. He writes his results down.


Present day. Nina is talking to the Warren’s about using Adam as bait. Claire wants to know what they have to do to catch the kidnapper.


Adam says that his kidnapper liked it when he wore a red plaid shirt. They are heading out and the press is there. They ask Adam what he missed most while he was in the bunker. He just missed the normal things.

Jane and Doug are at home. Adam’s interview with the press is playing on the local news. Doug turns it off.

Fran (Jessie Mueller), the employee who gave Hank his cake, goes to Hank’s house. She wants to know if he has a girlfriend/wife. She admired him for being able to sit and eat alone. She admits that she doesn’t know how to do that. Hank tells her to just bring a book. Oh Hank! Fran asks him out and gives him her number.

Willa goes to see Bridey. Bridey shows her the results of the paternity test. Willa doesn’t have a response. She gets up to leave and Bridey asks her if she has a comment. She says that Adam is her brother, but not John’s son. She tells Bridey that Claire had an affair. Willa tells her not to text her again. Willa is heading to her office and won’t talk to anyone. She goes and hides under her desk and finally breaks down.


10 years ago. Doug is in his garage. He is listening to Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon and Jane walks in. Doug is working on another piece for his custom cabinetry business.

Present day. Adam is  looking in the mirror. Claire walks in and notices that he is nervous. He is worried that Doug won’t notice him because he looks different. Claire tells him they can forget about this plan and just go away.


Nina and Clements are prepping Adam for the setup. They are wiring him and putting a tracking device on him just in case something goes wrong. Claire doesn’t want him to go alone. They need someone low profile to go along with Adam. Danny agrees to go. They are at Bill’s Burgers. Danny can see that Adam is nervous so tries to lighten things up. He tries to assure Adam that Nina and the FBI will find his kidnapper.

Clements tells Claire and John that they will have the place secured in 2 minutes. More like 10 minutes according to Jerry (Greg Lynch).

Adam tells Danny he should go. Danny agrees, but will be sitting a couple of tables away. Claire is panicking. Adam is looking around everywhere and he sees Doug.


He doesn’t seem right. Danny, Nina, and Clements rush to him. They call for medical assistance. Nina is asking Adam what his kidnapper was wearing, and he tells her he was wearing a blue jacket. They are looking and Doug takes his jacket off and throws it in the trash. He goes to see Jane who is shopping for baby clothes. She notices the police and asks what is going on. Doug tells her he overheard someone saying bomb threat. They leave.

10 years ago. Doug met Adam. He was playing with Milo. Doug asked him if he wanted to give Milo a treat. Adam went with Doug to his truck.

Ryan is asking Willa if she is in her office. She is still hiding under her desk.

Hank is getting something from his kitchen. He looks at his fridge and looks at Fran’s number.

The Warren’s are at the hospital. The doctor is telling Claire that Adam needs surgery because he is suffering from intestinal blockage.

10 years ago. Doug and Claire met. She went to ask him to check out her website for more information on her campaign. He leaves and she continues to get supporters.

Nina goes to see Claire and John at the hospital. She tells them that they didn’t catch the kidnapper. She needs one of them to look at the footage to see if they notice anyone. Nina tells her she will return him. Claire says she always does.

Hank goes on a date with Fran. They are walking home and Fran asks him why he doesn’t like talking about himself. They go to watch TV at his house. Fran kisses him and things escalate quickly. Hank tells her to stop. She doesn’t and he pushes her away. She wants to know what she did wrong. He told her it isn’t anything she did.


Danny goes to Willa’s office. He finds her under her desk. Willa tells him to go away, but he doesn’t listen. He tells her that a lot has happened and she missed it all. She wants to know, but he will only tell her if she gets out from under her desk. Willa tells him that she is tired of holding everyone together.

John is still looking at the security footage. Clements shows Nina the jacket they found.

A nurse brings Adam flowers while Claire and Adam are asleep. The card says, “DEAR BEN FEEL BETTER”.


10 years ago. Jane and Doug are at a restaurant having dinner on the night of Adam’s disappearance.Willa is telling Claire and John that she can’t find Adam after looking for almost an hour. They are panicking and asking everyone for their help. Nina is interviewing people who were at the event. Doug is interviewed. He tells her that he saw Adam. She wants Jane’s number to make sure his story checks out.

Present day. John tells Nina that he doesn’t recognize anyone in the footage. He apologizes for making things complicated. She tells him how he can make things better.


It’s time for Adam’s surgery. Claire asks one of the nurses to take the flowers because they are addressed to someone named Ben. Before going in, Adam reminds Claire that he will come back.

Willa is at confession. She is telling the priest (Enrique Novello) that she told a lie to fix a lie. He tells her to find the truth.

Danny and Willa are at the bar. They are doing shots. He tells her she needs to take her feelings/emotions and show them down with alcohol. Great advice Danny. And it’s science. What’s older “Booze or Jesus”?

The doctor tells Claire that everything went well with Adam’s surgery. He shows her an image of where they did surgery. The doctor mentions Adam’s appendix. Claire tells him that Adam has his appendix taken out when he was younger. The doctor tells her maybe she confused her kids. Deep down Claire was probably like


Claire realizes that maybe Adam isn’t really Adam. She goes to the bathroom and starts crying. She goes to see Adam. She calls his name and he doesn’t respond. She calls him Ben and he responds.

10 years ago. Claire was searching through Adam’s room and looking for his stuffed animal. She can’t find it.

Present day. Claire is looking through Adam’s room. She takes everything out to try and find something to make her believe it’s really Adam.

Hank is at the doctor. He tells his doctor that he is experiencing some hot flashes. The doctor says it’s just hormones. He hasn’t had any urges since he started the study when he was incarcerated. The doctor gives him a shot and reminds him that he has to come back every 3 months. What are they talking about?

Nina goes to talk with Clements. She tells him that they found dog hair on the jacket. Clements is still looking at the security footage and Nina recognizes Jane.


Willa is waiting for Bridey. She wants to know if she will write the story about Adam. Bridey hasn’t made her mind up yet. Willa tells her to make her feel better. Things definitely get hot and heavy between them.

The nurse comes in to bring Adam his flowers again. There is no patient in the ward named Ben.

Willa goes home. Claire is waiting up for her. She asks if his name is Ben. Willa tells her she is sorry. What did Willa do?

10 years ago. Doug brought Adam to the bunker. There is another boy there. The other boy asked who Adam was and Doug said he was Fred.


-Perfectly Perez


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