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The Family ‘All the Livelong Day’ Recap

The Warren’s each have their unique personalities, but there is always one thing that they all have in common…lying. 

Willa and Claire are arguing. Claire wants to know why she brought Ben into their house. Willa saw how the family was falling apart and thought this would make it better. Claire doesn’t understand and then it hits her. She thinks Willa did this to help her win the election. They continue their argument outside. Willa tells her mom that she loves her and did it for her. Claire doesn’t believe any thing that is coming out of her mouth.


10 years ago. A young Ben (Aidan Fiske) is talking to young Adam (Maxwell James). He shares his food with him. Adam is a little hesitant to talk to him, but accepts the food. Adam asks what they do in the bunker.


They are in the bunker singing “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad”. They are working on the brick wall trying to look for an escape. They pretend to eat food that they enjoyed before they were taken. If they had a banana they would pretend it was a burger and fries. As they got older they realize that behind the bricks is a steel wall. Adam is losing hope. Adam snaps at Ben and tells him to stop calling Doug our friend.

1 week before Adam’s return. Ben is talking to an ill Adam. He tells him that “our friend” will be back soon and take him to the hospital.

3 days before Adam’s return. Doug goes to the bunker. Ben asks where Adam is. Doug will only tell him if he puts his “bracelet” (shackle) on. He makes Ben throw the key toward him so he can’t do anything. He tells him that Adam was in  a bad way and that he did everything he could.


Hank’s mom visits him in prison. He tells her if something happens to him while he is in jail it’s not her fault. It’s not her fault that he is the way he is. She tells him that he always was and will always be a good boy. They do a crossword puzzle together.

Present day. Claire is surprised to see that Danny is home. He tells her he got a job…but the employer changed his mind and gave the job to his nephew.


He tells her about his app idea. She asks him how much he needs. Is she trying to make Willa mad? Well, it’s working. Danny tells her that he needs $1,000 to start up his app. He did crunch the numbers! 😉 Willa asks what the app does and he doesn’t respond. Claire asks Danny if he is going to be at dinner and he tells her he will be there. For $1,000 Danny better make sure he is there.

The day of Ben’s escape. Doug goes down in the bunker to give Ben food. He makes him show that he is wearing his bracelet. Ben is so thin that he was able to slide the shackle off. Doug notices the wall where the bricks are missing. He asks what happened to the bricks and Ben hits him with them. He heads up the thin, flimsy ladder and Doug grabs hold of him. He shakes him off and he escapes.

Willa went for a run. When she returns home, Ben is waiting at the Warren’s gate. She asks how she can help him. He tells her about Adam and how he died last week. She doesn’t believe him and then he shows her Adam’s ship.

2 days before Adam returned. Willa takes Ben to eat. She asks him why he came to them. He tells her that he didn’t have anywhere else to go. Willa is still having a hard time believing him so she asks him to tell her something about Adam. He tells her all the typical things that he could have read in a paper or found online. Then, he tells her his favorite color, a story about Adam wetting the bed, and tells her that he was sorry for  walking away from Willa.


John is home from a business trip. It’s the night of Claire’s speech. He tells her that he wants a divorce. She ignores him and he tells her again. She is mad that he waited for this particular night to tell her. She says they can fix it, but John doesn’t think so. She asks him if he can wait until after the speech and they can talk about it the next day.

Willa got a room at a motel. Ben got to take probably the first shower he had in 10 years. She brought him some toiletries. Ben asks what they are going to do. She tells him to go to the police the next day.

It’s almost time for Claire’s speech. She goes to the bathroom and breaks down. Willa goes to check on her and finds her crying in the stall. Willa tells her everything is going to be fine. Claire goes out and gives her speech. Her speech is focused on family.During the speech, Willa is imagining a life with Adam. What if Adam had been around.


She goes to Ben’s motel room. This is how she came up with the plan to have Ben pretend to be Adam. Will this fix everything?

1 day before Adam returned. Willa is having an intense study session with Ben. She is quizzing him on everything about Adam. He is answering most questions correctly, but still needs to be reminded of things. She catches him brushing his teeth with his left hand. She reminds him that Adam was right handed. Ben starts to panic and thinks that they won’t believe him. She takes a strand of his hair and tells him everything will be fine. They wake up the next morning. Ben is looking out the window and enjoying seeing the morning. He asks why Willa is doing this. She tells him that Adam was wrong. It was her fault.


Willa heads home. She notices that John is leaving again. She asks him to stay home and he tells her that he and Claire are getting divorced. She tells him it was only Adam that broke them apart. He tells her that they were already broken and they would probably still get divorced even if Adam was with them. He tells her that Adam would have hated the way they were living and wallowing. It’s time to move on.

Willa goes to church.

Hanks took a trash while he was doing his duty of picking up the trash in prison. He hid the bag in the crossword puzzle book. He tried to end his life and suffocate. He couldn’t do it.

Ben is with Willa in her car. He tells her that he  knows everything and they will believe him. She tells that she changed her mind and gives him $10,000 and a bag of clothes. She tells him he can go anywhere and be anyone except her brother. She leaves him at the bus station and drives off.

Day of Adam’s return. We see scenes from the pilot when everyone is finding out about Adam’s return to Red Pines. Claire is walking with Willa and she knows it can’t be true. Willa asks what if it is. They are walking out with Adam. He holds Willa’s hand and she lets go quickly. We see the scene from the pilot where he returns home. Willa takes him to his room. She asks what he is doing there. He reminds her that this is what she wanted and everything will be okay.


Present day. Claire goes in her car and leaves. She goes to a local food mart. She buys junk food and vodka. She drinks and goes to sit on the bench that was dedicated to Adam. She wakes up the next day and is looking at parents with their kids. Willa is at the hospital with Ben. She tells him that she is glad he didn’t listen to her because it’s been nice having Adam back. They go home and Willa sees Claire. She wants to see Ben. He gives him a hug and welcomes him home.

Ben goes back to the motel. He unscrews the light switch plate and gets the money that Willa gave him.


That episode was crazy good! Remember there are only 5 episodes left. So, if you need to catch up you can watch the episodes on the ABC app or on Hulu.

-Perfectly Perez


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