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Game Of Silence Season Premiere Recap

Can we really ever escape our past? According to last night’s season premiere of ‘Game of Silence’, it seems like you can’t.  No matter how hard Jackson, Gil, Shawn, Boots, or Jessie try they will never forget what happened 25 years ago.

Jackson Brooks (David Lyons) is on a morning run. It seems like every little thing he does reminds him about his childhood and his four best friends: Gil (Michael Raymond-James), Shawn (Larenz Tate), Boots (Derek Phillips), and Jessie (Bre Blair). Jackson has a flashback to 1988 in Houston, Texas, He and his best friends are popping fireworks on a mountain. He wants to jump off the mountain into the lake. They all don’t think he will do it, and being the daredevil he is he jumps. That jump deserves a 10!!


Jessie fighting with her mom. Jessie’s mom wants to drive drunk to her baptism. The boys are walking and see them arguing. Jackson goes to get the car keys from Jessie’s mom. They get in the car and Jackson drives them. He is doing pretty good, until he hits a car. A woman is injured. Jackson tells Jessie to leave so she won’t face any consequences for their actions.

Present day. This was why Jackson wanted to start a new life and escape his past. Jackson just made a big decision. He proposed to his girlfriend/boss Marina (Claire van der Boom).

We meet the older versions Gil and Shawn. Gil is fighting with one of their customers and Shawn is pulling him away. They drive off. We also meet the older version of Boots. He is married with a child on the way. He has to go to Houston on a moving job for Mendel & Sons. He arrives in Houston and sees a man he recognizes. He is shocked. The man is named Darryl (Tony Demil) and tells Boots to back off. Boots grabs a golf club and attacks him.

Jackson is in court. He is definitely confident in his abilities to win the case. He meets with Marina and another boss Aaron Epps (Gregory Alan Williams). Jackson tells them that if he wins the case,  he wants to be made partner of the firm. His legal assistant Laurie (Anna Arden Oplev) interrupts their conversation and tells him that two men are in his office. She doesn’t know who they were. Jackson arrives to his office and sees Gil and Shawn. They haven’t seen each other in 25 years. They tell him they need help with Boots because he was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. Jackson says that he can’t leave because he is working on a big case. Gil tells him that Boots attacked Darryl. Once he hears that name, he is on his way to see Boots.

Terry (Demetrius Grosse), a friend of Darryl’s, goes to see him in the hospital. He tells him that he is going to find out why someone did this to him.

Jackson goes to see Boots in prison. He tells him that he will get him out and fix this mistake. Boots tells him this was no mistake. He saw Darryl and attacked him. He isn’t sorry about it.

Jackson tells us that the woman they hit didn’t die, but they did have consequences. They had to spend 9 months at the Quitman Youth Detention Facility. It was one of the worst places for juveniles to go. According to Jackson, “we were like lambs to the slaughter”. One of the guards took Gil’s money. Jackson spoke up and he was slapped and choked up against the wall. Jackson looks to the Warden (Conot O’Farrell) for help, but the guard reminds him that the Warden knows how they run things.

Present day. The guys are having a drink. Gil and Shawn want to know what he talked about with Boots. He can’t tell them. He is only there for one drink. Jessie shows up. Gil invited her and didn’t tell her or Jackson. They hug and you can see the love they had for each other.


Just like old times. They are reminiscing and Jessie decides it’s time to leave. Gil is ready to talk now about a plan to get their revenge on the guys that tortured them at Quitman. Gil says that he only promised to help Boots and nothing more. He tells Gil that he forgot what happened and so should he. Jackson leaves and tells them to leave him alone. Gil is not happy. He notices a guy staring at him in the bar. He attacks him. DO NOT MESS WITH GIL!

The next day, Jessie is patching up Gil. She was mad at him for not telling her that Jackson was going to be at the bar. He thought since they hadn’t seen each other in 25 years it would be a surprise. She has a funny looks on her face and he asks if they had seen each other recently or kept in touch. She says no they haven’t kept  in contact.  Jessie asks Gil if he is going to tell Jackson about their relationship. He tells her he will.

Jackson is at his office. He opens his drawer and pulls out a picture of him and all the guys.


He remembers a time they were at Quitman. Boots got up from his bed because he had to use the bathroom. A young Terry (Myles Grier) told him he had to pay because it was his bathroom. The guards come in to see whats going on and Terry tells them he caught Jackson stealing something of his. Jackson says he is lying, but the guards punish Jackson. They are whipping him with a belt.

Present day. Terry and Warden Carroll are meeting. They are talking about Darryl. They think someone is targeting them because of their business which includes dealing drugs. Terry tells him he can’t really worry about it because he is about to make an announcement that he is running for Congress. Terry has to keep him in check.


Jackson and Marina are supposed to attend a dinner event. Jackson asks if he can skip it because he has to work on a case. He has a flashback. We see that the Warden and guards forced them to fight. It was Gil vs another boy at Quitman. Gil won and they took notice. That night the guards take Gil. They tell Jackson not to leave the room or he and the rest will pay for it.

One of Terry’s workers tells him the name of the guy who attacked Darryl. Gary Nolan (Boots). He wants more information on him and who he works for. The guy tells him he just works for a moving company. Terry tells the man to let Dooley take care of this one. Shortly after this conversation, Boots is stabbed in prison. Jackson rushes to the hospital. Detective Liz Winters (Deidrie Henry) wants to talk to Jackson to see if this was gang related. He tells her this is not the time. Jackson goes to see Gil, Shawn, and Boot’s wife Annie (Nikki Tomlinson). Gil is definitely emotional and he ends up going to Darryl’s hospital room. A nurse asks if she can help him and he leaves. Who knows what he would have done had it not been for the nurse.

Jessie arrives at the hospital and knows the guys have been keeping the truth from her. She wants to know what is really going on, but Jackson says he has to go be with Boots. Jackson goes to Boot’s hospital room. He has to tell him something.


He tells him all he wanted to do was protect them. Another flashback. There seems to have been a riot at Quitman. Jackson and Boots are looking for Gil and Shawn. They find them and they are tied and about to be dragged by Darryl and some other guys. Jackson tries to stop them, but they get him too. Jackson sees the Warden and is calling out for help. The Warden just leaves them there.

We go back to Boot’s hospital room. There are complications. The doctors and nurses are trying to save his life. They couldn’t do much and Boots dies. Gil can’t handle this. He storms out of the room and heads to his car. Jackson catches up with him and tries to calm him down. Gil grabs a gun and wants to go kill Darryl. Jackson tells him that they just can’t kill them and expect nothing to happen. They need to come up with a plan. Jackson tells him there is more to the story. He tells Gil that Darryl and Terry work together. They also work with Warden Carroll. They are part of gang related crimes. Gil has some words for Jackson.


Jackson is back in court. He did his job because the jury made a not guilty verdict. Marina and Aaron are congratulating him on winning the case and announcing that he is now a partner of the firm. He gets a call and excuses himself. Someone on the phone tells him to stop digging for information and that he knows what he did.

Jackson goes to see Jessie. He asks her if she told anyone what they did. She tells him no. We see a flashback. It looks like Jackson beat up one of the guards at Quitman while Jessie kept telling him to stop. Jessie tells him that he needs to stay out of her life.

It’s the day of Boots funeral. It’s a very emotional day for everyone. Jackson notices Detective Winters is there and she looks like she wants to talk. After Boots is laid to rest, they go to talk with her. She informs them that Darryl died. Jackson says sorry, but they are definitely not going to be crying over it. She tells them that he didn’t die in the hospital, but at his home. He was found on his kitchen floor with 3 bullet holes.



-Perfectly Perez



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