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Game of Silence “Blood Brothers” Recap

How far will the Bellflower boys go to get JUSTICE? We know Gil and Shawn are on board to do whatever it takes. It’s Jackson’s turn to choose!

Everyone is gathering at Annie’s (Nikki Tomlinson) house after Boots’ funeral. Jackson is outside questioning Gil and Shawn. He wants to know where they were the night of Darryl’s death. They both say they were at home and want to focus on getting payback. Jackson tells them there’s no time for that.


Detective Oscar (Al Vicente) and Detective Winters (Deidrie Henry) are at Darryl’s place. Oscar found $100,000. Winters wants to know who the last person he talked to was. He tells her his last call was from his girlfriend Mariah Parks (Terri Abney).

Terry is talking about next drop with Eddie (Jimmy Gonzales) and Marco (Joshua Mikel). Eddie thought that by having Boots killed this would end it.


Jackson is asking Jessie how she is holding up. She wants to know what the guys were talking about outside. He tells her that they are just having a hard dealing with Boots’ death. She tells him that they haven’t talked in over 20 years. DAMN GIRL! Love her strong personality! She asks him how long he plans to stay. He tells her that he isn’t going anywhere. Yeah she’s heard that before.

It’s getting late and Jessie tells Gil and Shawn that she wants to stay with Annie. They need a ride home. They go home with Jackson. Gil has to tell Jackson something. He tells him that he and Jessie are together. Jackson handles it well. I think Gil expected a bigger reaction, but I guess there can only be one man with a temper in this town.  Jackson reminds them he is engaged. Jackson asks Gil if he thinks he and Jessie will get married. He doesn’t know, but reveals that Jessie has been divorced two times. Yeah she has had it rough too. They all know Shawn won’t be getting married any time soon. He is living the good life. Gil asks him if he is with them or not?

Jackson heads home after a long day. The next morning he tells Marina that he in New Braunfels meeting with a client. Lies! She asks for a list of his friends that he wants to invite to their engagement party because her parents want the list. He doesn’t mention Jessie or any of the Bellflower boys. Jackson is headed out and sees Detective Winters. She wants to talk about his time at Quitman. His files were sealed because of his profession, but he doesn’t want to talk about it.


Jessie is with Annie. She wants to know more about Jackson. Jessie tells her how they met. She had just moved to town with her mother and she saw them from her backyard. The guys were trying to catch an armadillo and Jessie caught it. BADASS since day 1. They spent the rest of the summer together.

Jackson meets with Gil and Shawn. He wants their help to build a strong case against the Warden. Gil doesn’t like the idea because he thinks it will take too long. Gil has a better plan.


Although the plan might work, Jackson wants to get them back the right way. They have to link them to a crime that doesn’t have a time limit…MURDER! Shawn brings up Petey (Brandon Spink). Flashback.  Young Shawn (McCarrie McCausland) is with Petey putting some pink looking substance on stumps outside. Petey get a little on his hand and it burns. Red  (Linds Edwards) tells Petey to get more and he spills it on himself.


The substance is burning his body. Shawn tries to get Red, Bobby, and any guards attention for help but no one is taking it serisouly. Shawn admits that he and Gil went looking for him, but never did find him. Shawn tells the guys that he still keeps in contact with the nurse that was at Quitman. Her name is Amy Reese (Karen Marie Norris).

Terry and Warden Carroll are talking. He asks him if he remembered Gary Nolan at Quitman. He doesn’t remember him until Carroll mentions the nickname Boots. He remembers him as the “little white kid”. He reminds him of Jackson and the rest of the guys. He doesn’t think they would care anymore about what happened. Warden Carroll tells Terry to leave him out of it. He doesn’t want anything to ruin his campaign.

Detective Winters and Detective Oscar are talking to Darryl’s girlfriend. They want to know if she saw anything unusual when she found Darryl. She didn’t see anything, but she remembers seeing a gray truck that had writing on it. There were two males. One was white and the other was black.


Shawn, Gil, and Jackson go to see Amy. She agrees to talk to them. They ask her about what happedned to Petey. She tells them that she checked him and knew they needed to take him to a hospital. She saw Bobby (Justin Welborn) and the Warden in the van leave with Petey and that’s the last time she saw him. Bobby  was the last person besides the Warden to see him. Gil asks about Red and if he could have seen Petey. She tells them that she doesn’t want to talk anymore because he disappeared in 1998 and doesn’t want to be next. Amy tells them where Bobby might be.

The boys head to a restaurant to talk about what do no next. Jackson wants to go see Bobby and get a video of him confessing what really happened at Quitman. Jackson reminds Gil that he needs to control himself. Gil sees Carroll on the TV and unplugs the TV.

Marina is at lunch with her parents. She calls Jackson when he didn’t show up, but he didn’t answer. She asks the waiter to deliver champagne to their table and to say it was from Jackson. She goes to sit with her parents and the waiter delivers the champagne and says it was from Jackson. Her parents thought it was a nice gesture. He is in the clear…for now.

Eddie, Marco meeting Air Marshal George Steer (Jim E Chandler) for the drop. He tells them that he needs $50,000 more and he leaves.

Detective Winters goes to see Annie. She is having her look through the inmates that were with Boots. She doesn’t recognize anyone and doesn’t know who would do this to her husband. Winters leaves.

The guys are at Bobby’s. Shawn and Jackson remind Gil that he needs to control his temper. He says he is cool and will act calm. He sees Bobby and attacks him. So, this is basically Gil’s of control.


Yeah, I bet Bobby remembers him now. After the guys pull Gill off Bobby, Jackson explains why they are there. They want to know what happened to Petey. He starts talking. He starts by saying the poison was illegal and the Warden didn’t want anyone to know. He says he got out of the van and the Warden took Petey in the van somewhere. He never saw him after that and didn’t ask questions. He admits that he hasn’t talked to the Warden in over 10 years. Jackson asks him to help them take the Warden down. He starts talking on video.

Annie calls Jessie in her room. She shows Jessie a box she found. There was  a gun in the box. She doesn’t understand why Boots would have a gun. Maybe she didn’t know him as well as she thought. Jessie decides to take Annie to her own “safe haven”. She takes her to the place she goes to when she needs some clarity. It also happens to be the place where her and Jackson had their first kiss. She screams and tells Annie to do the same. They were both like


I bet they feel better after a good scream. Annie asks about Jackson again. Jessie tells her that they were the best of friends and then after Quitman he was just different. He left and didn’t even say goodbye. They both decide to have a drink for Boots.

The guys are still with Bobby. He is just about finished with the video and he is emotional. Gil doesn’t believe it for one second. Bobby is blaming everyone but himself.

Jessie decides to leave Annie’s. Annie asks her if she can take Boots’ gun because she doesn’t want it in her house.Annie brings up Jackson. She can see that she loved him and is encouraging her to give him a chance. If Annie could get the chance to see Boots again, she would. She asks if she has seen him since he left. She says no, but we see another flashback and it looks like they are both burying a body…is it Red?


Terry, Eddie, and Marco are with Air Marshal Steer. They are suffocating him and teaching him a lesson. He can’t breathe. Terry shoots him. Now, he really can’t breathe.

Detective Winters is at home with her wife and son. She is cooking when she gets a call from Oscar. He tells her that he knows someone who has a truck like Mariah described. GIL.


Bobby is at his place and he makes a phone call. He called the Warden. He tells him that he had visitors and they just wanted to talk about times at Quitman. He says  he kicked them out after 5 minutes. He thought he would want to know. I can’t wait till Gil finds out.

Jackson goes home. He knows he missed lunch with Marina and her parents and is apologizing. He tells her that he was with a client. LIES! She tells him she covered for him. Everything is back on track between them. In the last scene, Terry is parked across the street staring at Jackson’s house.


I swear this show is so good. Catch up before a new episode next Thursday on the NBC app.

-Perfectly Perez


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