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The Family “Sweet Jane” Recap

“We all wear a mask to protect us from the world; Protect the world from us. And if you take your mask off even for a second you risk being seen”- Hank Asher

10 years ago. Renovations are being done at Hank’s house. Hank’s mom asks him a personal question. She asks if he is gay. Hank says he isn’t. Mrs. Asher asks about a woman named Hilary that he had been seeing and he said they just didn’t have chemistry. A young boy comes to see Mrs. Asher. She teaches piano lessons and Hank watches.

Present day. Ben is about to go to sleep and sees Claire passing by his room. He tells her that she didn’t tell him goodnight. She does and then he says he loves her. She doesn’t say it back.

Willa is at church. She gets an unexpected visit from Governor Charlie Lang’s wife Patty (Roslyn Ruff). She hands Willa a tablet filled of pictures of Claire the night she got drunk. She tries to convince Willa that it isn’t the best time for Claire to be running and maybe she would win if she waited 4 years. Charlie’s wife tells her the only way she would get votes is by being on a reality show. Patty,  Willa is NOT the one to mess with.

Jane is meeting Nina at her office. Nina asks her if she saw anyone from work at the mall that was wearing a blue jacket. She remembered that Doug was wearing one, but doesn’t mention it. She goes home and is looking through her closet.

It’s about 2 in the morning and Ben is disarming the home security system. He walks out and Hank sees him from his window.


10 years ago. A young boy named Jack (Noah Ouari) is knocking on Hank’s door. He is looking for Mrs. Asher for his piano lesson. She isn’t home, and Hank will not open the door. It’s pouring rain and Adam notices Jack. Claire gets out of her car and asks why he is there. She sees Hank when she looks through the front window and he continues to hide. Claire takes the boys home and asks John when Mrs. Asher’s son moved in. He tells her it was recent because Hank lost his previous job. She heads over to the kitchen table and gets on her laptop. She Googles Hank Asher.


Present day. John and Ben are playing baseball. Claire is watching them from the kitchen window. Willa walks in and wants to talk to Claire about the pictures Mrs. Lang showed her. Claire tells her to fix it and knows she can because she has covered up worse things.

Hank is meeting with a realtor named Randi (Lucy Owen) to try and sell his house. She takes a look around the house and thinks she can do it. She asks if he has a good relationship with his neighbors and says it’s not great. She tells him to try and fix it. She asks if there are any sex offenders in the neighborhood and he tells her there is one and they are very close to his house.

Nina and Clements are talking at her desk. An officer (Jeremy Burnett)  wants to show her what he found on “her kid”. He gives her a picture of Adam walking around late at night near a bus stop.


That night she decides to follow him. She is on the bus when Ben gets on. He doesn’t notice her. He stops and starts walking to a location. She stops soon after so he didn’t notice her. He uses the key from the bunker to unlock a house door. He walks in and closes the door before she sees. Ben walks into a room with a dresser full of pictures of young kids. He finds his picture and smiles. A dog barks at him, then he starts petting the dog. He falls asleep with the dog on him.

10 years ago. Hank’s mom goes to see Claire. She thanks her for bringing Jack to her house while she wasn’t home. Claire tells her she doesn’t think it is a good idea for the kids to take lessons at her house because of Hank’s situation. Mrs. Asher is confused. Claire tells her to ask Hank about who he is.

Present day. Hank goes to the Warren’s house. Claire opens the door and reminds him of his restraining order. He tells her he is just trying to be neighborly and tells her that he noticed Adam walking out of the house early in the morning. She doesn’t like that he is watching him. He tells her that his kidnapping wasn’t randowm. He questions her parenting abilities.


Danny is at the bar and notices Bridey. He goes over to her and she is playing at a claw machine. He thinks he can win a stuffed animal for her. He is playing and notices that her phone keeps buzzing. He asks if she has another boyfriend and wants to know what he is like. She says they actually have a lot in common. He wins her a pink penguin. The texts were probably from Willa because they meet soon after. Willa hands her a folder for “her story”. Bridey asks her why she is givning them to her because she will run this story. She tells her she knows what she has to do. Bridey knows being maniputlated but doesn’t know why.

Nina is on a stakeout. She wants to know where Adam is heading to so early in the morning. Clements shows up and joins her. He followed her. He tells her that she needs to stop getting distracted and focus on actual leads.

Ben is trying to disarm the security system and Claire is watching him. She asks where he is going and he says he just needs fresh air. She tells him that she wants him to leave and she will find him a nice place to live. He starts panicking and makes her an offer she can’t refuse. Information about Adam for a place to stay.


10 years ago.  Claire is talking to John about Hank. She thinks they need to warn kids about Hank. John says that it was just indecent exposure at a park and he didn’t hurt anyone. Claire just wants to protect her children from a world that isn’t always so nice. John doesn’t think the kids should have to know what the world is really like at their age.

Present day. Claire is asking Ben about Adam. He is telling her how funny he was. He would do voices, especially Dory from Finding Nemo. He tells her that his favorite movie was  The Travelers Guide To Argentina. He came up with good escape plans and tried every single one. She wants to know how he died. Ben told her that one day he just got sick. Ben tells her that Adam had one rule: they could never be sad at the same time. Adam always said,  “Be a little bit brave for a little bit of time”.

The next morning Claire goes to see Hank. He is hammering his for sale sign and Claire thanks him.


Clements is at a restaurant for breakfast. He sure knows how to order. He is looks through pictures of dogs in the community. He finds a dog named Ajax and Jane is the owner. He knows this means something. He goes to see Jane. He is asking questions about her relationship with Doug. They aren’t married, but have been together since high school. He asks if Doug was at the mall with her. She says yes. He tells her that she needs to go with him to the station. She says she just needs to get her purse. He is taking hair follicles from Ajax. He turns around and she hits him with a pan. It doesn’t look good.

10 years ago. Hank gets home and his mom is sitting on the couch. She asks why Claire would tell her that she shouldn’t have kids in her home. She needs him to be honest with her.


Present day. Nina and John are meeting. She asks how Adam is doing. He tells her that he is doing ok given the situation. John mentions Adam’s pitching arm and Nina rushes to the evidence room. She notices that Adam is right handed, but when she was on the bus he was always using his left hand. She makes note of that on the evidence. She heads out of the room and everyone is staring at her. John and Nina’s text messages leaked…thanks to Willa. Claire sees John at home watching the news and can see that he is embarrassed. She goes downstairs to talk to Willa. She wants to  know why she did it. Willa tells Claire that if the Lang campaign released the photos of her drinking people would be more understanding about why she was drinking. Claire wants to know where she went wrong with Willa. Willa tries to remind Claire that everything she has is because of her.


Doug gets home and finds Jane washing a pan. She asks what happened to the extra box of Cheerios she always bought. They never ate 2 boxes a week. He tells her she needs to stay calm for the baby.Doug notices that she is washing a pan with blood all over it.


10 years ago. Hank’s mom is making him freshly squeezed orange juice. She tells him they will make it work and he will continue to live with her. He wants to know why she is doing it. Simply because he is her son.

Present day. Hank is trying to fix his drawers. He notices a card on the back of one of the drawers. Maybe, he will finally get them fixed.

Danny sees Willa at home and wants her to go drinking with him. She says she met someone from church and already has plans. He tells her to go. He is heading to his room when he notices the pink penguin he gave to Bridey on Willa’s bed.


Claire goes to Ben’s room. She shows him Adam’s stuffed monkey and puts it on his shelf. She asks if he is comfortable and if he needs anything. He is fine and tells her he loves her. She says she loves him, but it is very forced.

Doug is dragging a body to his storage room. Oh no Clements!


Claire goes to sit in the kitchen and opens her laptop. She put a camera in the stuffed monkey. She is watching Ben.

Hank gets a knock on his door. It’s Doug!


-Perfectly Perez




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