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Game of Silence ‘Hurricane Gil’ Recap

Hurricane Warning: Hurricane Gil is coming and no one is prepared.

Jessie wakes up and Gil isn’t in bed. She looks out the window and he is in the garage watching Bobby’s video. That rewind button is definitely getting used.

Jackson calls Shawn to check in on him. Shawn is keeping it right and tight!


Jackson is going to find out more on Petey and Jackson wants Shawn to keep an eye on Gil.

Terry and his brother are having dinner. Dennis (Chuma Gault) thinks that maybe the Bellflower boys could be starting war. Terry says he got it handled.


Flashback. Terry and Dennis were robbing a local store. Dennis heard the cops and told Terry they needed to get out. They were too late and got caught.

Jackson, Marina, and Aaron are prepping for a certification hearing. They meet their client Troy (Matt O’Leary) and he gives Jackson some attitude. Marina reminds him that they are trying to help.

Bobby is headed to his boat. Gil surprises him.


Jackson wants to help Troy and tells Marina that he is still a scared little kid. Jackson leaves to go dig up more on Petey.

Dennis is at work when he is on the internet searching for Boots. A woman named Pam comes into the office and gives him a notice for his soup kitchen.

Detective Oscar Salcido goes to see Jessie. He asks if she knows about Darryl and she doesn’t know who that is. Jessie tells him that he is working and gives him the address. Meanwhile, Shawn is calling Gil from the job site because he didn’t show up.

Gil is with Bobby. He wants to know what really happened at the parties he was forced to go to. Gil is holding a gun to him. If I was Bobby, I’d start talking.

Jackson is looking through files. He finds Petey’s file. There is no death certificate or foster transfer.


Terry shows up at Jackson’s house. He rings the doorbell and no one answers. He goes to the back and breaks a sprinkler.

Jackson gets to work and his legal assistant Laurie tells him that a Ms. West is waiting for him in his office. Jessie is there and tells him about Oscar coming to ask about Gil. She tells him that she can’t get a hold of Gil. He tells her everything is fine. He doesn’t want to tell her anything else because he wants to keep her safe. Marina walks in. They change the subject quickly. Jackson makes up a lie why Jessie is there. Marina is just happy to meet one of Jackson’s childhood friends.


Jackson goes to the foster home where Petey grew up. Lorraine Cooper (Sharon Blackwood), the woman who took care of Petey, says she hasn’t seen him. Her husband went to Quitman to pick Petey up on his last day and the Warden told him he already left. The Warden paid the final payment. She just hopes that he is leading a nice life.

Annie is talking to a supposed grief counselor from the hospital. It’s Dennis. He wants to know more about Boots. He asks her describe Boots. She says that he was a funny, caring, smart, and loving man. She can’t believe that he would hurt someone. Dennis tells her sometimes good people are capable of bad things. He tells her she needs to forgive him.


Dennis finds out that Boots wasn’t trying to start a war with them because he didn’t even plan to go to Houston. Annie was the one who encouraged him to go so they could have more money before the baby arrived.

Jackson is in court. Marina is questioning Troy. She wants to know why he was so violent and kept getting into fights. He tells her that when he arrived he was immediately a target. He went to the rec to get stronger so he could defend himself. Seclusion was the only place he felt safe. Marina asks about his tattoo. Troy says that they told him if he didn’t let them give it to him they would beat him up everyday.

Detective Oscar goes to see Shawn at the job site. He asks about Darryl because of Mariah’s description of both him and Gil. Shawn admits that they were there for about 10 minutes, but left. He tells Oscar that they went to have a few drinks and then Gil took him home. Oscar asks if Gil could have gone back to Darryl’s. He knows Gil didn’t do it.


Shawn flashback. He was new to town and his parents were worried that they weren’t going to fit in. Shawn goes door to door trying to make friends. Everyone is closing the door on him, and then he meets Gil. Gil was the only one who treated him like a human being. Gil+Shawn+Nintendo = Lifelong Friendship

Gil is asking Bobby what happened at the parties. Bobby tells him it was just Warden’s friends and some of his favorites from Quitman. Gil remembered having to take some kind of pills. Gil is struggling with his memories and is vulnerable for a second and Bobby sees this. He gets a bottle and hits Gil. He has the gun and is pointing it at Gil.


Jessie and Shawn are on the phone. She is worried about Gil. Shawn tells her he will go drive around to find him. She gets off the phone and goes to her drawer to make sure Annie’s gun is still in there. It is.

Bobby tells Gil that he remembers everything about he parties and he didn’t leave after he dropped Gil at the door. He mentions that Gil always smiled in the pictures. He is confused. Bobby tells him that Red took special pictures for the Warden.


Jackson is in court. This case is really hitting close to home. He tells the judge that everything Troy did was for survival. He will continue to be violent if they send him to Huntsville. Troy already paid for his mistake and the system took his childhood.


Bobby tells Gil that he and the rest of the boys deserved everything they got. Shawn is calling for Gil. Bobby gets distracted and Gil tackles him. He gets the gun and shoots him. Payback is a bitch!

Dennis is with Terry in his office. He tells him that Boots didn’t mean to start a war it was just a coincidence. Terry doesn’t want to let it go. Dennis reminds him of his daughter Alecia (Carlacia Grant). Flashback. Dennis and Terry were at the table with their family. Dennis’s dad Don (Miles Doleac) was shot and killed. They will never forget. Terry gives him money for soup kitchen.

Warden goes to Bobby’s. No one is there. We all know a secret the Warden doesn’t know 😉

Terry goes back to Jackson’s. He rings the door and Marina answers. He tells her he is there to fix their sprinklers. He needs to go to their basement to fix the problem.

Gil and Shawn are at Gil’s garage. Jackson is there because Gil called. He puts money on the desk and says that his retainer. He tells Jackson that he killed Bobby. Jackson is upset and says that the video means nothing now. It will look like they coerced Bobby into saying the things on the video and could ties them to murder. Jackson wants the tape. Gil goes to get it and it isn’t in the safe. Jessie has it.


They tell her everything. They were scared that she would look at them differently. She only would have loved them more. She asks about Darryl and Gil tells her they had nothing to do with that. She asks what next and Jackson is out.

Jessie and Gil are alone in their bedroom. Gil is vulnerable.


He wants to know if she is going to leave him now that she knows what he did. She tells him she is staying and he can tell her anything! He tells her about Bobby and what he did to him.

Shawn is at his place and listening to messages from women. He calls Annie. He asks how she is doing. She tells Shawn that she misses Boots too.

Jackson is home. He is calling for Marina. She comes and congratulates him on his victory in Troy’s case. He is excited and tells her he is going cook. He sees a envelope on their counter and she says it’s from he nursery guy that fixed the sprinklers. He is confused. He opens the envelope and it’s pictures of him and Marina at home.

-Perfectly Perez


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