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The Family ‘Betta Male’Recap

After watching The Family, you won’t be able to look at Betta fish the same way.

Nina is looking at tapes of psychiatrist Dr. Santoro (Jessica Arinella)and Adam. She asked what he did in the bunker. He started his sentence with “we”. This got Nina’s attention. Dr. Santoro asks him if he created a companion in his mind. He says he did and called him Ben. She wants to know more about Ben. He says that he had nothing and moved around a lot like a foster child. He admits that he doesn’t miss “Ben”.

Ben is lying down on his bed and can’t sleep. Claire is watching him on her laptop in her shower. Ben can’t go to sleep and he gets up. He sees monkey and faces it down. Claire I think you have been caught.

Bridey wakes up with Willa in her bed. Willa is already working . Willa will only sleep when she is in the Governor’s Mansion. Bridey tells her that she is so put together, and Willa says she isn’t always. Willa gets a call from Ryan. She missed some meeting/appearance and she lies to him. She tells him that she is at home taking care of Claire because she hasn’t been doing too good since the news of John’s affair.


Willa gets home and Danny asks where she has been. It seems like he knows something is going on between her and Bridey, but doesn’t want to say anything. Willa knows how to make family breakfast awkward. She mentions the affair and reminds them that they need to stay together for this campaign and debate. REPRESENT!

Doug is at Hank’s house. He is going over what he needs to fix. He tells Hank what he needs to do. Doug goes by the window and notices the Warren’s leaving the house. He takes note.

10 years ago. Hank sees Adam at Claire’s campaign. He goes to see Adam. He tells him that they can’t be friends anymore because friends should wants the best for each other.


Nina is at work. She is still hearing about her affair with John at work. But don’t mess with her.


Bridey is talking to Gus. She is upset because she knows she got played by Willa. She wrote her biggest story, but Willa did it for the benefit of the campaign. She needs a new story. Adam isn’t Adam and the sister is in on it. Great idea from Gus.

Nina had been going over evidence and goes to the house of Ben’s foster parent. She asks about Ben. He doesn’t give to much information. Nina threatens him with calling social services so he starts talking. He says that Ben ran away and he never looked into it and didn’t tell social services because he didn’t want his license taken away. Nina got her information and already called social services before their meeting.


Nina goes to question Adam. She is asking him questions about the day he was taken. She asks what he was wearing and he tells her. She shows him pictures.


She shows him a picture of Alex (his best friend at the time). Ben doesn’t recognize her and Willa answers for him. Nina reminds her these questions are for Adam. Nina shows him a picture of young Ben. He is silent and seems like he is in shock. Willa and Claire get defensive and tell Nina that’s enough questions. After Nina leaves, Claire asks Willa what they are doing. They are lying to everyone, especially John. Is it even worth the lies?

Bridey goes to meet Danny at the bar. He is dressed up for the debate, but he doesn’t look like he is going. He asks about her new boyfriend. She tells him that people disappoint.

Willa goes to see Ben in his room. Ben is dressed up and looks ready for the debate. Willa tells him he should stay home. Why? She tells him that Claire needs some time to get used to him.


Doug is at Hank’s house doing repairs. He asks about Hank’s mom. Hank explains how he didn’t get to see his mom before she died. Hank asks how much the repairs will cost and Doug offers to do it for free.


10 years ago. Hank is walking around at an event with local vendors. He notices some birdhouses. A woman named Jessa (Brenna Palughi)  is selling next to Quality Woodworks. She tells Hank that the maker is selling birdhouses for $10. He buys one.

Danny did not go to the debate. Danny and Bridey were a little pre-occupied.


Doug is still at Hank’s. Hank is watching the debate. Doug is done and wants to know who Hank is voting for. The other guy.

The debate is getting intense. Governor Lang thinks Claire uses situations like Adam’s kidnapping to her benefit. He tells her that he has sympathy for her, but that doesn’t mean she is qualified to be Governor. Claire interrupts him. She tells him that she did not get her son back. Is she going to reveal the truth to everyone? Nope, not this time. But she definitely puts Lang in his place and won the debate.


Doug is leaving Hank’s house. He notices a light is on in the Warren’s house. When the pizza guy delivered Ben pizza, Ben didn’t lock the door. Doug goes to the Warren’s and opens the door with ease. He walks upstairs and sees Ben.

Claire,  John and Willa get home from the debate. She won that debate and everyone is excited.

Nina is looking at another session of Ben and Dr. Santoro. Jonah Clements (Alfredo Narciso) interrupts. He asks where Gabe is. Nina realizes he is in trouble and finding Clements is her #1 priority. She gathers a team together and it’s time to find Clements.

Ben tells Claire that he understands what she said in her debate. She asks him what his name is. Ben Murphy. She wants to know more about him. He was born in Minnesota and he doesn’t like her tacos.


She tells him he doesn’t have to call her Claire and he tells her that she doesn’t need to spy on him .

Hank is looking at his now fixed drawer. It’s the first time he can open and close it in a while. He notices a symbol. He remembers it’s the same symbol as on his birdhouse. He goes to his garage to find the birdhouse. Yep, it the same Quality Woodworks symbol.

Danny gets home. He apologizes to Willa. It doesn’t seem his is sorry about just missing the debate. I think it has something to do with Bridey.

Hank walks into the police station. He is carrying a brown bag. I don’t know what’s in it, but maybe it’s the birdhouse. All I know is that Hank walked in with so much SWAG.


He tells the officer at the desk that he is looking for Nina. She tells him that she isn’t available. He decides to wait because it’s worth it.

Nina is at Clements house. Jonah gives her Gabe’s laptop. Hopefully, that will help. She promises Jonah that she will bring Gabe home.

Jane is at home and she is making food. She takes the food to Clements and keeps apologizing. CLEMENTS  IS ALIVE

Claire is in the kitchen and Willa walks in. She is trying to make something special for Ben because next week is Ben’s birthday. She tells Willa that he has been through a lot and he was with Adam when he got sick. Willa practically runs outside to find Ben. He told her that Adam died from hitting his head when he tried to escape. Which one is the truth? He tells her that Adam hit his head and then got sick. SUSPICIOUS.

The episode ends with Ben having a session with Dr. Santoro. He is looking at her fish bowl and wonders why the male fish can’t swim together. She says that one of them would kill the other.


-Perfectly Perez



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