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The Family ‘Fun Ways to Tell Boyfriend You’re Pregnant’ Recap

Red Pines needs a hero. Is Hank Asher the right man for the job?

10 years ago. Somerset Elementary School is having a tree dedication in Adam’s honor. The Warren’s are saying something positive Adam would want students to remember. It’s Danny’s turn and he thinks it’s a joke. He lists trees that Adam supposedly liked and walks off.

Present Day. It’s Ben’s 19th birthday. Willa tells Ben that Adam’s birthday would have been in May. Willa and Ben are talking a little about their childhood after Adam was taken. Willa wants to know if he and Adam ever fought in the bunker. Ben says they didn’t. Claire wants to know what special meal Ben wants for dinner. He wants Chinese. Danny wants to know what they are celebrating. Claire tells him they are celebrating “Adam’s” 2 month anniversary of being home. Danny came back when Adam did so he wants a special meal too. Mexican and Chinese sounds like the perfect combo. Willa seems different towards Ben. Claire wants to make it work. Claire asks about DNA test and what Willa had to promise for it.


Hank is still waiting at the police station for Nina. The Chief asks if he can help. Hank tells him it has to be Nina because IRONY.

Nina and the FBI are looking in the woods for Clements. They found his car and Agent Davis tells Nina that he was probably drinking and hit a tree. Nina tells her that she isn’t buying that story.

Jane is feeding Clements. He asks about her father. He tells her that he would not be proud of what she is doing. Clements is injured, but he still knows how to give Jane the guilt trip. Jane keeps saying sorry and it is definitely getting on Clements’ nerves.

Nina walks into the police station and sees Hank. He asks if he can have a minute of her time. She says she is busy. 5,000,260 minutes. That’s how many minutes she owes him since he was in prison. They go to talk. Hank puts the bag on the table and tells her about his life in prison. He feels like he is still trapped in prison in Red Pines and that’s because she put him in jail. He wants to live in a world were good things happen to good people. He is going to solve her case and he wants her to tell everyone he solved it. She wants to know what’s in the bag. It’s the birdhouse. Never fear…Hank is here.


Nina is at the Chief’s desk looking at a video when she was interrogating Doug. She can’t believe she missed it. Chief comes in and tells her that she missed it, but she will find him and do it by the book.

Bridey calls Willa. Willa says she is at work, but Bridey is watching her from her car. She knows Willa is lying. Willa is meeting with the CEO of Biotech Genetics. Bridey shows the picture to Gus. Gus tells her there will be no sleep until she gives him a story.

John walks out of his house and notices the police are at Hank’s house. He goes over and asks Hank what is going on. Hank says he isn’t moving after all. John asks why the police are there and Hank tells him to ask his girlfriend. John goes to tell Claire and Willa what is going on. He tells them he called Nina and she said they are close to catching Adam’s kidnapper. John leaves and Willa and Claire are worried about what might happen if anyone finds out Adam is really dead. Ben assures them that the kidnapper won’t say anything because then he would have to admit there were two boys in the bunker.

Jane is cleaning Clements’ wound on his head. He asks where she learned how to do this. Girl Scouts troop 807. Clements asks if she knew who Doug was before they got together. He figures Jane was just trying to protect Doug. Jane tells him about a boy named Eric. It was 12 years ago and Doug denied he did anything.

Nina and the team are at Doug’s place. They go in. They check the house and it’s clear. Nina goes in and notices the shed in the backyard. They head down there and no one is there. They were too late. Clements was probably like


Meanwhile, Jane is with Clements. She gives him water and says she is going to leave him. He is begging her to stay. They moved him to the woods.

10 years ago. Danny is calling Claire from upstairs. He is hungry. Claire comes down and tells him to eat a casserole. They already ate those. He tells her they need to start leaving money for takeout and tells her to move on because everyone else has.

Present day. Agent Davis tells Nina that there is zero evidence to prove that Clements was there at Doug’s place. She knows Doug would cover his tracks because he is too smart for that. She tells Agent Davis that she knows Doug and Clements. Agent  Davis tells her that Clements was a drunk. He did this before. He disappeared for a few days and then he came back. Nina still isn’t buying it.

Jane is at the house looking at the keys. She grabs the key and puts it on the counter while she checks on boiling water. She drops a cup and Doug walks in. She is bleeding from her hand. He takes the glass out of her hand and puts her hand under running water. He tells her about 1 night about a year ago. He didn’t know how to end it so decided to end himself. That night right before he went to bed he opened a gift. It was a onesie that said “I love  Daddy”. He asksed how she got that idea. She Googled ‘Fun ways to tell boyfriend you’re pregnant’. He tells her that they should go to the police. But he will have to tell them that he killed Clements. Jane says he isn’t dead yet, but Doug says he needs to be.He tells her they just need to stick together a little while longer. He asks Jane what she thinks. Jane tells him to burn in hell.


Claire goes to see Ben in his room. She tells him about the gifts she and John gave Willa and Danny when they turned 18. Let’s just say they weren’t favorites. She shows Ben a watch that belonged to her father. She asks him if Adam would have liked it. Ben tells her that he liked newer things. She asks if he likes it and gives it to him.  She is 0-3 on gifts. She tells him that she is sick of the secrets.

Ben meets Doug at the park. Doug tells him how the police searched his house. Ben tells him that they know his name. Doug wants to know what else they know.


10 years ago. Danny has his football team over for pizza. They are listening to loud music and Claire comes down. She tells the boys they need to leave. She is going upstairs and Danny is mad at her. Willa is hearing the whole conversation. She tells him to give her a break they lost a child.


Present day. Danny goes to the bar and sees Bridey. He tells her that he isn’t going to share a chick with his sister. Willa is weird special and is probably thinking her relationship with Bridey is a big deal. He tells her to stop it if she is just using her. Bridey tells Danny that he is a good person. He will drink to that.

John is picking up Chinese takeout.He sees Hank and offers to pay for his meal. John sits down with him and wants to know how he helped the police and if he was friends with Adam’s kidnapper. Hank was not apart of a Sexual Predator’s Society. Hank wants to know why John is paying for his meal. It’s because he didn’t hurt Adam. Hank tells him that one catfish doesn’t pay a debt.

Jane’s water broke. She doesn’t know what to do. She asks Clements for help. He tells her to call Doug, but he got rid of their phones and doesn’t know where he went. Clements tells her to get the keys, but she isn’t going anywhere.

Claire goes to see Nina. She is being interrogated and in the hot seat this time. Claire wants to know who they think is Adam’s kidnapper. Nina won’t give her a name. Claire thinks it is her right to know, and Nina tells her that she knows it’s not Adam. Claire tells Nina she is like Whack A Mole. She just keeps bouncing back after so much failure. She tells Nina that she would make sure Nina’s life would be miserable if she goes after her and her family. Claire might win debates, but Nina wins interrogations!


10 years ago. Danny and the Bulldogs won the state championship. Everyone’s parents are congratulating their sons and Claire and John aren’t there. Danny is surprised when he sees Willa. She made him a sign and everything. They head home and Danny is drinking on the porch. He tells Willa it’s just Gatorade. She wants some and tells her no. Willa tells Danny that he needs to give his parents a break. She Googled it. Since they are younger, they will bounce back because kids are plastic.

Present day. Willa is setting the table and Ben walks in. She notices the watch he’s wearing and she is upset. She wants to know where he got it. He tells her that Claire gave it to him. She asks him if he ever hurt her  borther. He admits that he did because even though he loved him he also hated him. Adam always talked about his family and Ben thought he had everything. The Warrens are having dinner and Willa is staring at Ben and looks upset. She notices Danny looking at her and puts a smile on her face. Eveyone has finished eating and Willa tells Claire she needs to tell her something. Claire thinks its about Biotech Genetics. Willa tells her what she promised them. She doesn’t tell Claire what she wanted to.

Jane is giving birth. Clements is doing his best to help her through it. Jane has the baby. Clements tells her he is sorry because the baby is a boy. Clements says he din’t help her for free. He wants her to unchain him. She tells him that Doug took the key. Yeah he needs a drink…preferable whiskey.

Willa is looking through cabinets in the kitchen. Danny walks in and she wants to know where the vodka is. He tells her its in the freezer. She gets the vodka and he gets the glasses. Danny knows something is wrong, but Willa says she won’t tell him. Later that night, Willa is with Bridey. Willa is asleep and Bridey gets Willa’s laptop from her bag. She copies her files to a USB.

The lab results are back from Doug’s. There is B pollen. She tells Agent Davis that Clements was there. Nina heads out and sees Doug. He tells her that he is the guy they have been looking for.


-Perfectly Perez


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