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Can Season 2 of The Family Happen?

The Family has been an addicting thriller series since day one and fans are demanding a season 2.

I created a petition on because this show is pushing boundaries. It isn’t afraid to bring up topics that some are afraid to talk about. This show has been a family favorite, and a show that has me talking with friends, family, and even strangers. It has trended on Twitter almost every week and always has fans talking. How it got canceled I really don’t know. Maybe with enough signatures we can another network to pick it up like Hulu or Netflix. We have reached over 24,000 signatures so if you want a second season let your voice be heard and sign! Click the image below to sign.



-Perfectly Perez


One thought on “Can Season 2 of The Family Happen?

  1. In lieu of a proper climax, Attack Of The Clones ends with a tantalizing cliffhanger for the next episode, but Lucas’ lumbering series is presenting fewer and fewer reasons to tune in.


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