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Tom Felton Joins ‘The Flash’ Season 3

Tom Felton is trading in his Hogwarts uniform for his new CCPD one.

The Flash has cast Tom Felton as as season regular in season 3.He will play Ju lian Dorn, a CSI at the CCPD (Central City Police Department). He suspects something is different about sweet, quirky, and honest Barry Allen.

What do you think about the casting? Ready for Season 3?

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Release Promotion & Review: Stone by S. Nelson

Stone Thunderclap


Stone-eBook cover.png

I knew she was destined to be mine the first time I laid eyes on her. Cliché I know, but it was the truth. Numerous obstacles kept us apart, but I vowed to find a way around them, finally claiming her once and for all.

Consequences be damned.

Stone Crosswell, VP of the Knights Corruption MC, was known for his notoriously hot temper. While it served him well when dealing with their sworn enemy, the Savage Reapers, it damaged him in the eyes of the one woman who would redefine his very existence.

His attraction toward her was fierce, his innate need to possess her consuming his every thought.

But would his way of life eventually destroy her?

Adelaide Reins was doing well for herself. Acquiring a coveted nursing position at the prestigious St. Joseph’s Hospital, she thought her life was going exactly as planned. Until the fateful day she was summoned to her uncle’s club, instantly drawn to the one man who would complicate her carefully orchestrated world.

When a cruel twist of fate rears its ugly head, will Stone and Adelaide’s worlds be ripped apart? Or will they overcome insurmountable odds, defying fate and finding their happily ever after?


S. Nelson nails it with Book 2 of Kniights Corruption MC Series. Stone is captivating, sexy, and thrilling. You’ve heard the saying “You can’t help who you love”. Well, Stone proves this to be true when it comes to Addy and Stone. Addy and Stone give Facebook’s relationship stauts: COMPLICATED a run for its money 😉 Adelaide Reins is a hard-working and independent woman. She landed her dream job as a nurse at St. Joseph’s Hospital. She is even closer to her family after the death of her mom. Her dad and Uncle Trigger don’t speak, but have one thing in common. They both want to keep her away from the Knights Corruption.  Stone Croswell, the VP of the Knights Corruption, is a strong, sexy, and intimidating man. He likes things his way and hardly has to fight to get it. A slice of tall, dark, handsome and ink. Can’t go wrong there. He shows how you can never judge a book by it’s cover. He is strong and intimidating on the outside, but on the inside he is a romantic. When he is with a woman, he commits to them and does not stray.No one at the club would dare touch or even look at Addy. Her uncle Trigger would shoot anyone who even tried. The attraction between Addy and Stone has always been there. After a spontaneous first kiss, they agree to have one condition; no one, especially Uncle Trigger, can know. They continue their relationship for over a year and they are starting to fall hard for each other. They have a big decision to make. Should they end things now or tell the truth about their relationship? Both are afraid to make the decision.  After they reveal their feelings, life has it’s own mission; to throw as many obstacles as it can in their way.Just when they are in a good place health, the cartel, and family make their lives even harder. Why doesn’t anyone seem to think that they are right for each other? Addy and Stone have to deal with coming forward about their relationship and the many side effects. Let’s just say you could feel the PAIN when it comes to their relationship. If you aren’t into tattoos, trust us you will be after reading Stone. We appreciated the authenticty of a real relationship. S. Nelson showed how love isn’t always a fairytale. Sometimes you just have to make it work and deal with the hand your dealt. You can’t focus on things that are out of your control. We know this may sound cliché, but thank you S. Nelson for reminding us to love; love ourself, love life, and be willing to feel love.


-Perfectly Perez



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Stone Teaser 04

Stone Teaser 05



S. Nelson grew up with a love of reading and a very active imagination, never putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard until 2013.. Her passion to create was overwhelming and within a few months she’d written her first novel, Stolen Fate. When she isn’t engrossed in creating one of the many stories rattling around inside her head, she loves to read and travel as much as she can. She lives in the Northeast with her husband and two dogs, enjoying the ever changing seasons.


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It’s Official Harry Styles is Going Solo

One Direction is looking more like 3D at the moment.

Billboard has confirmed that Harry has signed a recording contract with Columbia Records. There is no confirmation on when he plans to release new music, but when it comes we are positive it’s going to be so good!

In the meantime, we will be wating like


-Perfectly Perez

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Taylor Lautner Joins ‘Scream Queens’ Season 2

Chanel’s listen up! There’s a new doctor in town..and he’s bloody HOT

Taylor Lautner has joined Scream Queens season 2. He announced the news on his Instagram


Taylor will play Dr. Cassidy Cascade. This season will center more around a hospital setting. His character will be a suspect when a series of events plague the institution.

We can’t wait for season 2! Looks like Chad Radwell is gonna get some competition in the HOT department.

-Perfectly Perez

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Limited Edition Signed Twenty88 CD’s Up For Grabs

Don’t worry it’s not the 2 Minute Warning, but you still have time to bid on limited edition signed Twenty88 CD’s.

You have the chance to own signed copies (#1 & #2088) of Twenty88 ‘s self titled album “Twenty88”. Yes, it will be signed by Big Sean and Jhene Aiko.You can start bidding on eBay NOW. Hurry only 7 days left. And the best part is, ALL proceeds go to the Human Society!

Here are the links





-Perfectly Perez

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Ben Higgins & Lauren Bushnell are Coming to Freeform in Bachelor Spinoff “Happily Ever After”

And they lived “Happily Ever After”. And just like all of our fairytales, we get to see the magic come to life on TV. 

Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After is coming to Freeform in October.

the bachelor bachelor ben higgins lauren bushnell bachelor finale

We fell in love with this couple on The Bachelor and how can you not root for these two.The show will follow the two lovebirds as they get ready to plan their fairytale weddings and say their “I do’s”. We will even get to see a political side to Ben and see Lauren discover who she really is post-Bachelor.

Are you ready for October? I know we are!!

-Perfectly Perez