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Devious Maids ‘Another One Wipes the Dust’ Recap

Peri’s death has made the headlines. Did Spence kill her? Detective Rosie is on the case!

Rosie wakes up Genevieve. At 6am. But she still wakes up looking fabulous.


Rosie has some exciting news. Spence remembered everything and called 15 times telling her that he wanted to get back together. The news comes on and they find out that Peri is dead and Spence is the main suspect.

Carmen is working at the Powell’s. She is walking through the house and hears Dani on the phone with her mother. They are arguing because Dani wants to move to LA. Carmen doesn’t think that’s best so she advises her to go back to San Juan.

Marisol gets flowers from Peter. He didn’t know what flowers she like so he just sent them all. She calls him to thank him for the flowers and he tells her that Peri and dead and so is her film.

Rosie asks Genevieve if she can watch Miguel so she can go visit Spence. She agrees. They are watching the news and she sees Peter talking on the news about Peri. It turns out that that was Genevieve’s ex-husband. She wants him back. Looks like Marisol has some competition.

Carmen and Zoila are talking. Kyle stops by and invites her to a polo match. Carmen overhears their conversation and Zoila can’t lie anymore. She tells Carmen the truth and how Kyle thinks that she is the owner of the house. Carmen tells her to keep lying. You can always count on Carmen to give the best advice.

Evelyn is meeting with Gail. She tells her how she wants a divorce from Adrian, but doens’t want to be seen as the bad guy. Gail tells her that the community will crucify her unless Adrian did something to  her like cheat on her. Adrian calls Evelyn and asks where the “good bourbon” is. She tells him it’s on on the top shelf. He makes sure no one is looking and gets up to grab it. Dani catches him.


Let the blackmail begin.

Rosie goes to see Spence. Jesse tells her that he is talking with the police. Spence told the police that he was drinking alot and blacked out and can’t remember anything. He tells Rosie that he doesn’t remeber what happened, but she knows he could never hurt anyone. Spence is arrested.

Genevieve goes to see Peter at his office. She tells him she saw him on the news and realized he wasn’t wearing a wedding ring. Yes, she notices everything. She is amazed at his job and admits she didn’t appreciate him when they were married and he was an errand boy…I mean Junior Executive. She wants to catch up and he agrees. Genevieve tells Miguel that Peter is still attracted to her but doesn’t want dinner. Miguel suggests dessert. Miguel fetch the car (he’s still 10).


The ladies are talking. They are trying to think of who could have killed Peri. It’s kind of hard considering so many people hated her. The ladies tell Rosie that she needs to prove he didn’t do it and see if Spence had an alibi. Carmen reminds the ladies about a memorable time with Spence 😉


Ben (Carlos Ponce) goes to the police station and wants to talk with Spence. Detective Shaw (April Parker-Jones) tells him he can’t and he makes a call asking for a favor.

Dani tells Carmen the truth about Adrian and says she blackmailed him into giving her a job as a maid. Carmen tells her she needs to ask for something more. Dani admits she wants the job so she can stay in LA and pursue a music career. Carmen goes to see Mr. Powell. She tells him to fire Dani or she will tell Evelyn that he can walk. He tells her he will tell Dani she is her mother if she tells. Blackmail impass.

Kyle and Zoila go to his place after their polo match date. His mom Frances (Stephanie Faracy) is there. How sweet of him to invite his mom over. Did she just say roommate?

Peter and Marisol are heading to his place after a date. They are making small talk and asking each other about kids. He asks if she has a kid. He should know this if he read her book..oh wait he didn’t. They go into his place and Genevieve is naked.  Totally not AWKWARD!

Evelyn sees Dani. Adrian always had a soft spot for young Latina maids. Dani assures her that nothing is going on with Mr. Powell, but would she consider it? Oh Evelyn!


Rosie and Jesse are talking about Spence. He tells her that he took his keys because he had too much to drink. The door was unlocked so maybe the real killer had the keys. Detective Rosie is on it. Spence is innocent and she’s gonna prove it.

Zoila tells Carmen that Kyle lives with his mom and tells her to dump him. Simple as that.

Genevieve goes to see Marisol. She apologizes about showing up at Peter’s place. Marisol accepts and asks for her beauty secrets. Remeber everyone don’t any portion larger than a nickel.  Genevieve asks her to stop dating Peter because it’s girl code. If that were true Marisol wouldn’t be able to date any man in Beverley Hills.

Dani  tries to seduce Adrian and he says no. Big Brother ain’t got nothing on Evelyn.


Rosie heads to the strip club she thinks Spence was at. She starts talking to a stripper named Cinnamon (Maria Legarda).

Evelyn sees the video of Dani seducing Adrian and sees him decline. Carmen walks in and sees Dani. Evelyn tells her that it was her plan and Dani went along wiht it.Evelyn sees the video and Adrian can walk.

Detective Rosie is asking Cinnamon more questions about Spence. Cinnamon tells her she had to kick him out around 4am because he was too drunk. That means he was at the club from 1-3am, the time of Peri’s murder.

Marisol and Peter are having a drink. She tells him about her conversation with Genevieve. He doesn’t care that she wants them to stop seeing each other. He takes this time to prove that he read her book. They both want to see where this relationship leads.

Zoila is at Kyle’s and his mom is showing her an old photo album. He tells Kyle to go wash the dishes. She asks Zoila to talk privately. She tells her their relationship must seem weird, but describes how Kyle was her “miracle baby”. She suffered from miscarriage after miscarriage and finally had Kyle. Zoila can relate and they hug.

Carmen goes to talk to Dani and asks why she would seduce Mr. Powell. Dani admits that Evelyn would introduce her to a music producer in exchange for seducing him.

Stephen, Adrian’s accountant, and Adrian are having dinner at a restaurant. Evelyn shows up and makes a scene. She is yelling telling him to walk and get out his chair. She forces him to get up and falls to the ground. Adrian is a great actor. Evelyn is a moster.

Zoila is leaving Kyle’s. She tells him that she had a lovely time. After she leaves, his mom asks if he likes her. Kyle admits that he really does. Frances like Zoila, but she has other plans. Just when we started to like her, she goes and says this.

kyle mom

Marisol goes to see Genevieve. She tells her that she is NOT breaking up with Peter. Genevive completely understands. And by understand, she lets Marisol know THIS MEANS WAR.

Evelyn is packing some things and Adrian goes to see her. AHA he walks. She tells him she is leaving him because she is tired of him. Adrian loves how deliciously twisted their relationship is, but Evelyn has had enough.

Rosie goes to see the detective to tell her that Spence is not the killer. Rosie is too late because Spence just confessed. Ben is looking creppy in the background when Spence is making the confession tape. We think he had something to do with it. Did he drug Spence  and put something in his coffee??

-Perfectly Perez


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