Release Promotion & Review: Blowback by Stephanie Summers

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Blowback EbookSynopsis:

“People say to appreciate the life you have because things can always be worse, but how can you do that when your life is the kind everyone else compares theirs to in order to make themselves feel better? I hoped and prayed so many times for as long as I can remember for things to be different, for my life to be different, but when it finally happened, and my life changed, I didn’t know if it was a blessing or a curse.”


Jet Flanagan grew up under the shadow of his father, a kingpin determined to bend Jet to his will by any means necessary. He’s been forced to distance himself from anyone he might care about to keep them safe and that includes high school sweetheart, Evie Adams. He did what he thought was right to protect her, but when she comes back into his life by chance almost a decade later and sets off a life-changing series of events, he’ll be forced to deal with the collision of the life he knows and the life he should’ve had.

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This was the first book from Stephanie Summers that I read and I can officialy say I am a fan for life. Blowback is the perfect summer read that will have you believing in love and fate again. It is sexy, passionate, and always keeps you on your toes. The love story between Jet and Evie is heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. They meet in high school, yet they are so much more than high school sweethearts. They were everything to each other. Their love was like oxygen they needed to survive. Jet Flanagan is a mystery. He grew up in a house with a father who didn’t really love him and instead used him to his advantage. Jet had to grow up pretty fast with all the responsibilities that his father placed on him. He is the only real father figure to his sister Georgia and a fighter for his father Niall. On the other hand, Evie Adams is an innocent girl who was loved by her family. Some would call it a picture perfect family. They were so different, but so right for eac other. With the help of a magazine and a guitar they were able to truly know what love was. Being in love is a risk; the risk of giving your heart to someone else. Heartbreak is just part o;f love and Jet and Evie experienced this. He left right after they admitted their feelings. Jet and Evie always had a special place in their heart for each other. So, years later when they meet again it’s hard for them to stay away. They both try to convince themselves of why they wouldn’t make a good couple, but their love always brings them back. Their love is not easy, but they have to decide if it’s worth it. This story takes you on a an emotional roller coaster. Throughout the entire book, I felt myself rooting for Evie at one point, and in a split second I was back on team Jet. Their journey will have you rooting for Team Jevie! They experience good times as well as bad and it’s how they choose to overcome them that will help them decide if they are meant to be together. I could read this novel over and over again and fall more in love with it every single time. It has everything: love, obstacles, mystery, passion, and so much heart. You can really feel the happiness and sadness when you are reading as if you are experiencing it yourself. When I am able to feel emotional for the characters and feel like I could actually know them, that is when I know a book is great. I got so caught up in this book and could not put it down. You will miss out if you don’t read this. So, when you do read Blowback you will want more from author Stephanie Summers. Stephanie, I hope you’re ready for more fans 😉



-Perfectly Perez



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Blowback Release Party

Authors Stephanie Summers will be celebrating her release on June 16th on her Author Like page, come join the fun, games and giveaways!

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Stephanie Summers has written several books including The Willow Creek Vampires Series, The Bludworth Chronicles, and The Take Me Duet, with several more books in the works. She’s a wife, and a mom to two kids, two dogs, and two cats. When she isn’t busy running Casa de Summers, you can usually find her in her pajamas working on her next book.
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