Release Promotion & Review: Sabotage by Dale Wiley




Every hour, explosions rock the United States—without warning of where they will occur.

Big cities. Small towns. Rural back roads.

Sinister messages appear on computer screens across America, and the message is clear.

No one is safe…

– Not disgraced FBI agent Grant, awaiting his call back to the big time;

– Not rapper Pal Joey, an international sensation;

– Not savvy beauty Caitlin, the ultimate “Sin City” party girl;

– Not even Naseem, the would-be martyr who helped plan the attacks.

As an unhinged mastermind paralyzes the country, all roads lead to Las Vegas, where unlikely heroes must put aside their differences and forge an alliance to stop the attacks before the passing hours bring down a Nation.

Can four people, united only by their hatred of a common enemy, stop …



Dale Wiley sure knows how to get your attention from page 1 and keep it until the end. Sabotage is an action packed thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat the whole way through. Be prepared to take many deep breaths when you imagine the situation that Wiley potrays in this fantastic book. Sabatoge is tragic, thrilling, fast-paced, and riveting. The United States of America was under attack..again. No one was safe. Las Vegas was wear it would start and where it would most likely end. Las Vegas is known as Sin City so it was only fitting for the mastermind, Yankee, to set up camp there. Yankee seemed unstoppable. No one, including the President, knew what was going on. It took four indivuals who were from different parts of the world to work together in a way that they didn’t even know was possible. When they started to piece together the motive behind the attacks, they all knew they had a part in stopping him whether they wanted to or not. Naseem, Grant, Caitlin, and Pal Joey didn’t have much in common except one thing: stop the enemy. They put some differences aside to say a country they didn’t always appreciate until this tragic event occured. We loved this mysterious thriller and gave us a Mr. Robot/Speed sort of vibe. Just like the show and movie, you are hooked from beginning to end and are rooting for these individuals. Keep in mind, these attacks are happening in a small time frame. There is tragedy and triumph yet they all face one question: Is it worth fighting for? They have to really take their own views, religious beliefs, and morals into account and decide what is right. In a time where we continue to see and face horrible tragedies, it is refreshing to see unlikely individuals come together for a worthy cause. We are recommendinig this book to just about everyone. It has violence and tradegy, but it really hits home to what can really happen in our country. If you take anythig away from this book, remember to live your life as if it was your last because no one knows when it could be your last. Live life with no regrets and no hate. Thank you Dale, for writing a powerful story about a topic that so many are afraid to talk about. Amazing job!!


-Perfectly Perez


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Sabotage takes you from many different vantage points through a series of domestic terror attacks. It moves fast, and was very fun to write. It has been very satisfying to turn it over to a small number of readers and gauge their response.

I have always loved the Beastie Boys, and, of course, who doesn’t love their song “Sabotage”? I had a trailer for a movie using that soundtrack in my head, but the story had never come together. One day, while boating on Lake of the Ozarks, I started seeing a story. It didn’t necessarily match up with the Sabotage trailer yet, but I eventually thought about using the new story along with what I had already written.

Sabotage is very different than my first novel, The Intern. There are some funny characters, but it’s not written for laughs in the way that book was. I also hope the reader enjoys the multiple points of view, male and female, and this obviously gives it a very different feel from my other book.



Dale Wiley

Dale Wiley is a Missouri attorney who has had a character named after him on CSI, owned a record label, been interviewed by Bob Edwards on NPR’s Morning Edition and made motorcycles for Merle Haggard and John Paul DeJoria. He has three awesome kids and spends his days working as a lawyer fighting big banks.






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