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UnREAL “Casualty” Recap

Warning: If you mess with Rachel, be prepared to have your balls ripped off!

Rachel in is the trailer and still in her dress when Chet comes to check on her. She tells him that she wants to go the police and tell them about Jeremy. Chet reminds her that Jeremy knows where the bodies are. This matter needs to stay in the family. Chet leaves and Rachel takes pictures of her bruises. She covers them up and heads to work.

Graham is shooting a scene with Darius talking about the hometown date. You can’t always count on him to give Chris Harrison some dramatic competition.

Quinn and Booth are at the cemetary for her fathers funeral. She admits that she went to the event to seduce him and admits how she feels about him. Let the makeout session begin. Maybe she should be honest with Booth more often.

Rachel goes to see Coleman. He shows her pictures from the event the other night. Can you say POWER COUPLE.


Rachel tells him she wants to talk to Darius because she wants him to pick Beth Ann for the hometown date and go to Alabama.

We hear the ladies and their hometwon pitches. They are desperate priceless . Darius watches them with Graham and says he still needs time to reflect before he makes his choice. Graham needs an acting break. You asked for it Graham!


Rachel talks to Darius about picking Beth Ann. He does not want to go and ain’t trying to be lynched.He wants to pick Chantal and go to ATL. Rachel tells him he will be the lowest rated suitor in Everlasting history if he picks Chantal. After sending Ruby home the other night, Rachel wants to make him the hero again. He says NO. Rachel starts having a little breakdown and makes a scene. Darius agrees.

Quinn and Booth are in the car leaving the cemetary. Chet calls and tells her that the “little weirdo” is having a hard time and tells her to go to set.

Coleman sees Rachel smoking a cigarette and tells her that he’s going to Alabama. Rachel tries to convince him not to go, but does anyone ever listen…NOPE.

Darius, Rachel, and Coleman are in the car headed to Beth Ann’s house. Darius feels like he’s back on the plantation. Darius meets Beth Ann’s family and it is going well, which pisses off Rachel.

Meanwhile, back on set, Madison and Jay are talking about their girls and how Rachel and Quinn keep getting the credit. You know what that means..time to blow something up!


Booth and Quinn are on set. Quinn tells him to walk around while she talks to Chet.

Darius and Beth Ann’s family are bonding over some target practice. Rachel is upset because there is no drama yet. She gets a call from Quinn. Quinn tells her that Chet filled her in on what Jeremy did to her.


Quinn tells her that Rachel shouldn’t be producing the show after just facing something traumatic. Rachel thinks Quinn is just pretending to care about her so she hangs up. Beth Ann needs to tell Rachel a secret…BETH ANN IS PREGNANT..with her ex boyfriend Brock’s baby. Now, this is the drama Rachel was looking for. Rachel suggests that Beth Ann should quit the show and Beth Ann doesn’t want that. Rachel tells her that she will help her make this work as long as she listen’s to Rachel’s advice.

Quinn goes to see Jeremy. He is trying to put the blame on Rachel because of his broken nose. What a douche. Quinn grabs his balls and reminds him never to see or touch Rachel again. Quinn sees Booth and tells him he needs to leave because there is an entertainment emergency.

Dr. Wagerstein is having a session with the rest of the girls. They are to look in “The Mirror of Truth” and say why they believe Darius didn’t pick them for the hometown date. The ladies are obnoxious so sweet and respectful with their answers, especially the Queen “Hot Rachel”, but there are some new discoveries. Chet tells Madison to tell Chantal something, which she does. Chantal asks Tiffany in front of everyone if she really hooked up with Romeo. She admits everything and the ladies are loving it.

Rachel has the best news ever for Coleman. She tells him that Beth Ann has a future Trump supporter in her uterus. She is so excited and Coleman gets a call. Quinn asks him if Rachel is okay. She fills him in on what happened and Quinn tells him that he needs to get Rachel out of there before she has an even bigger meltdown. Coleman goes to talk to Rachel. She feels like she is being attacked and tells Coleman to drop it.


Chet has a propostiton for Tiffany. He will do everything in his power to make sure that she is the winner at the end if she talks  to her dad because he has an interest in a pro football team.

It is night time and Beth Ann has a few words to say. She thanks Darius for going to Alabama and tells him and her family that she is pregnant. Rachel brought Brock and gave him a ring. Perfect timing. He shows up and her dad is pissed. He proposes and she says no because she isn’t sure who the father is. Everyone thinks that it might be Darius’ child. And she admits that she is in love with Darius.


Beth Ann’s dad has had enough and points his gun at Brock. Rachel is so happy and runs and jumps into Coleman’s arms.

Back at Everlasting, Tiffany tells Darius the truth and wants to move past it. Honesty wins every time right Chet?

Coleman wants to talk to Quinn, Chet, and Rachel. He asks how come they don’t follow procedure and go to the police. Quinn and Chet say it’s better to keep it in the family. He asks Rachel what she wants and says that she doens’t want to press charges.

Darius is talking about honesty and Beth Ann takes this opportunity to come clean. She tells the camera that Darius never touched her and has been a gentleman. He still sends Beth Ann home, but will put aside some money for her kids college fund. Darius is always keeping it classy.

Dr. Wagerstein goes to see Quinn. She asks why she told Booth to leave and why she cares so much about Rachel. She tells Quinn that she is LONELY and doesn’t have to die alone like her dad. Is Booth her last chance at love?

Rachel is deleting pictures of her bruises when Coleman comes in. He asks her why she didn’t tells him what was going on. Rachel admits that Quinn thought he was her Chet. Coleman says they are nothing alike and Rachel kisses him. They have some H-O-T sex.

Quinn calls Booth and asks him to dinner that night.

Everything finally seems to be right and then Adam is back!


That episode was too UNREAL. Major props to Shiri Appleby who directed and acted in last night’s episode. There’s nothing this woman can’t do!

-Perfectly Perez


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