Release Blitz & Review: Taylor Made by KJ Lewis

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TaylorMadeFINAL-highEmme James’ southern roots and ease at reading people make her known in elite circles as one of the best image and brand consultants in the business. Her gut-instinct and ability to balance six male roommates, a New York Madame, a rock star and her job do nothing to prepare her for the chaos that ensues when a chance meeting places her on a path that threatens the resolve of control Emme masters.

Having never mislead a woman of his intentions, Graham Taylor makes no apologies for his ‘fuck ‘em and leave ‘em attitude’. He gets no hassle sex and they get money and notoriety. The only stipulation, control. His. An unexpected mishap places him next to an unassuming southern girl whose honesty and kindness kindles a need to show her what it would be like to give control to him even for a short amount of time. His underestimation of her tenacity soon blurs the line of who is really in control.



Move over, Mr. Grey. Graham Taylor is the new sexy businessman. This is KJ Lewis’s debut novel and I already want more. She definitely started off with a bang. Emme James leads a crazy life. She has 6 roomates and is basically the modern version of Snow White to her Six Dwarfs ;). She has a well paying job that she loves and gets to have one of her best friends as a boss. She is an image and brand consultant. Emme knows her job and does it perfectly. She always seems to have it together, but her life is turned upside when she meets Graham Taylor. Graham Taylor is not a relationship type of man. Some would say that he is more of the “hit it and quit it” type. Their first meeting was definitely unique, yet memorable at the samed time. There was an instant connection between them.Graham is possesive and controlling in the hottest way possible.But don’t think for one second that she will be compliant because he has a pretty face. They definitely butt heads when it comes to control, but she loves the back and forth banter. He wants to know everything about her and is starting to figure out that if he wants to stay on her good side he won’t mess with her Diet Coke 😉 Emme is closed off with personal details and has to really be able to trust you to let you in. Graham makes it his mission to break down her walls that she puts up to protect herself from a broken heart. Don’t worry if he even tries to break her heart, she has back up. Jealousy and assumptions cause Emme to think twice about Graham. Graham is the CEO of control and getting what he wants. Taylor Made is bold, sensual, dominating, striking, and fiercely sexy. I guarentee you that you will be obsessed and when you get to the ending you will NEED more. Emme and Graham may be perfect for each other in some of their friends eyes, but can they both change thier lives to fit each others?




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KJ Lewis is offering all sorts of goodies for her release of Taylor Made.

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Kj is Memphis raised with a New York soul. Taylor Made is Kj’s first adult contemporary romance duet.





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