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5 Reasons Why We Need a “Chesapeake Shores” Season 2

Sunday nights are dedicated to Chesapeake Shores. Will there be a season 2? We think it’s a must!

5 Reasons why we NEED a “Chesapeake Shores” season 2:

1.The cast is perfect

From episode one, the chemistry between every cast member felt tangible. It’s as if you are watching your own family on TV. Meghan Ory, Treat Williams, Barbara Niven, Diane Ladd, Jesse Metcalfe, Laci J Mailey, Emilie Ullerup, Abbie Magnuson, Kayden Magnuson, Brendan Penny, and Andrew Francis make this show successful. The cast is the reason why so many of us love Nell, are rooting for Trace and Abby, relate to the O’Briens, and fee; like we can’t miss an episode.Thank you to everyone involved in casting because every actor plays their characters beautifully.

2. It’s all about family

We love the authencity of the O’Briens and the show. The writers don’t focus on making sure there is always one big happy family because that’s not real life. Every family has it’s ups and downs, but are there when it counts. For example, when Kevin was injured, the entire family would move heaven and earth to make sure he was okay. You could feel the emotion and can’t help but feel invested in the show. The relationship between Megan and the rest of the family is so necessary and appreciated. It’s not always pretty, but it is a joy to watch her gain the family she once had. Time can heal just about everything and love seeing that happen on Chesapeake Shores.

3. The Music

As Chessies, we can admit that we sing along to the theme song every week and always has us wanting to hear Trace sing.  Trace’s passion for music really shines through and leads to us finding out about his past. Jesse Metcalfe is so talented and the perfect Trace fans could ask for. His voice is amazing and Jesse is so talented. With one performance on the show we were in love. Jesse can you please come out with music..soon?? 🙂

4. It’s one of the most relateable shows on television

The O’Briens are hard not to love. Like we previously said,  this show focuses on family and how they go through their trials and tribulations. We love the O’Brien sisters. They are each different, but all add so much spice to the family. The O’Brien brothers, Connor and Kevin, are equally loveable. Connor and Kevin are a great balance to have. They are both serious when they need to be, but know how to have fun and how to handle some difficult situations. Mick and Megan are great parents. They weren’t always there for their kids even if it was never their intention, but they are trying to fix it. Nell is definitely the peacemaker of the family. It’s hard to be a fan of hers and always has the best advice/words of wisdom. We can find a similarity between each character in the show with someone in our family. We think everyone can. That’s what makes this show so beautiful. We may not be going through the same things as the O’Briens, but family always comes first.

5. Chessies!

The fan base for the show is the best. It’s filled with some of the most loyal and passionate fans we’ve been apart of. We love live tweeting and interacting with fans. It’s amazing to see how excited everyone is for the show. Chessies have made it the #1 program on The Hallmark Channel on Sunday nights!

When (not if) we get the news of a season 2, we will be like this


-Perfectly Perez



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