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Recap and TV Review: No Tomorrow

Join a gym or watch No Tomorrow? The answer is easy.

CW’s new show “No Tomorrow” is already one of our faves. It follows Evie Callahan (Tori Anderson). She likes to play everything safe and stick to the rules. There is an opening at her job to travel the world to research charities that the company donates to. Her co-workers and friends Hank (Jonathan Langdon) and Kareema (Sarayu Rao) encourage her to talk to her boss about it because they know it’s something she wants to do. Her boss tells her that she is “Not a leader and people don’t listen when she talks.”  She tends to let others influence her life, but things change when she meets the free-spirited Xavier Holliday (Joshua Sasse). Rutabagas are the real MVP. She tells Hank and Kareema the story…again. Evie NEEDSto know more about him. No Hank, she doesn’t need Korean hackers. A package belonging to Xavier was mis-delivered to her house. She strolls her way to his house and learns a couple of things.

1. The world is supposedly ending in approximately 8 months and 12 days.

2. She was WNBA star in a previous life.

Before Evie has a chance to leave Xavier explains his Apocalypse Theory and shows her his Apocalyst. He has written down every thing he has ever wanted to do and wants her to pick one so they can do it together. She needs to get out of there quick. She tells Hank about this weird encounter. He believes the theory, but it won’t be an asteroid that destroys the’s Russians. He even made sure he put in his vacation for that time. And he has an awesome candy stash..just in case. It’s her nephews birthday. Evie’s boyfriend/ex-boyfriend Timothy (Jesse Rath) made quiet quite the entrance. He is the whisper king. He shocks her and proposes on some very padded knees. She tells him she needs time to think about it and heads home. Xavier is there. It’s time for her to pick one thing off the Apocalyst and she picks #88: Take a joyride with Big Carl. It is definitely a scary and thrilling experience for her, and leads to a steamy night together. We are totally shipping Evie and Xavier.. sorry Timothy. Xavier asks what’s one thing she has always wanted to do, but hasn’t yet. She wants to sing in public. She heads into work…late…and wants to make work fun. She lets the workers play basketball after they finish their work. It is a success. Evie goes to the bar with Xavier. She wins a raffle that she didn’t enter and the prize is: the right to rock on stage. She has to sing “Here I Go Again” by her fave Whitesnake. She is struggling and Xavier keeps stripping until she sings. We had no complaints 😉 Damn Evie… Girl can sing! Hank shows up to show her email she sent to Deidre. She didn’t resign. Well, Xavier did for her. Hank threw a deserved drink in Xavier’s face. She calls Timothy and he is there in no time. She tells him everything including Xavier. Timothy tells her how to get her job back. The next day Evie tells Deidre she was hacked. Deidre agrees to give her job back on one condition: help her get a date with Hank. Chemistry between Hank and Deidre?? Evie goes home after work and finds a pogo stick waiting for her. It’s from Xavier. She throws it in the dumpster, but backfires…literally. She has a pogo accident and Xavier calls 911. Who knew a pogo stick accident could save her life. Her doctor tells her that she needs to rush into surgery because found a problem with her heart and it’s beating too fast. She is out of surgery and happy. She knows what to put on her Apocalyst: 1. Tell Timothy the truth 2. Tell Xavier the truth. She tells Timothy that she doesn’t want to marry him and Tells Xavier that there is only one person who will decide how she lives her life and it’s HER. YAS. They both agree that they want to spend more time together. She puts foil in the microwave  like she has always wabted to and almost leads to another steamy night when Jesse (Xavier’s cousin) shows up. He escaped prison.

Review: We love this show and the cast. Evie is just like most of us in the world. Living life only partially and scared to take any risks. Xavier is a refreshing change in her life. We need more Xavier’s in the world. No, not people who belive that the apocalypse is near, but people who aren’t afraid to live and see where life takes them. In the beginning, Evie struggles with wanting to keep everyone happy. She never seems to make a decision for herself. I think we all need a push in our lives to get us to stop being so afraid of what will happen next. In a time like today, where crime and violence seem to be the norm, this show really emphasizes living life to the fullest. Why shouldn’t we enjoy life and live it fully? Comfort zones should be broken daily. The humor makes this show even greater. We love Hank. He says what’s on his mind, whether it’s about the Russians, his candy stash, or Vin Diesel. We also love Kareema and Evie’s friendship. Looking forward to seeing more scenes between them. Tuesday nights are now all about No Tomorrow. We are so captivated by Evie and Xavier. At first, Evie appears to be shy, but then she is a boss when she needs to be. When she is confident in herself she can’t be stopped, especially when it comes to basketball ;). Xavier is so mysterious. He lives life the way he wants to, but he also has a soft side to him. In the flashback scene, we see him really admiring Evie with her family. Can’t wait to find out more about their backgrounds. In this first episode, it was Xavier testing Evie’s limits. Now that she is confident we are excited to see how she challenges Xavier because she might be the only one who can. Thank you to Tori Anderson, Joshua Sasse, Amy Pietz, Sarayu Rao, Jesse Wrath, and Jonathan Langdon for allowing us to fall in love with your characters. 


-Perfectly Perez


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