Release Blitz & Review: Taylored to Perfection by KJ Lewis




tayloredtoperfectionfinal-highIn true Graham fashion, he does what he knows best to get Emme back. Take control. Show her who is really in charge. As blurred lines slowly gain focus, Graham and Emme both learn what it means to give your whole heart to another. Just when they have it figured out, a crisis brings Emme to her knees and when she needs him in charge the most, Graham’s own past, leaves him paralyzed and breaking his vows to the love of his life – to always take care of her.

Taylored to Perfection is a story of love, loss, family and how giving up control may be the only way to reclaim it.



Taylored to Perfection is without a doubt my favorite book of 2016. Graham Taylor is the KING of control. In Taylored to Perfection (book 2), Graham is planning to get Emme James back. She ended the “affair” at the end of Taylor Made (book 1) and that just  won’t do. I haven’t looked forward to a book like I did for this release. It was nothing short of PERFECTION. Of course, I needed to know if Graham and Emme could make it work. I loved everything about their story. Control is such an important piece in both of their lives. Since the first day she Graham on the plane, he has taken charge. One of the big problems that lead to Emme ending their relationship was her questioning how long it would be until he left. Could he feel something that could last more than six weeks? Emme didn’t want to risk her heart. In true Graham Taylor fashion, he wants her back in his life and was sick of waiting for her to come around. Thanks to a private elevator at Taylor Organization a meeting in set to lay it all on the line and there was not so much talking ;). The connection is still there and Emme is feeling as vulnerable as ever. Emme is putting her heart on the line for Graham and her mentor program. Emme and Graham both understand that they want to be in each others lives and if they tackle it together with Graham in control of course lol they can make it work. Emme is breaking boundaries with her work and in her personal life. She is not to be messed with both in or outside of the boardroom . She knows the direction she wants her mentor program to go and isn’t afraid of any CEO. Can they learn to give up control? You have to read to find out and believe me you want to read it!!

I really loved getting to know more of the characters in Graham and Emme’s life They are all so important to this story and made it that much more enjoyable to read.. The relationship between Emme and Graham wouldn’t be the same without the dwarfs, the Taylor’s, Emme’s family, and even the staff. Emme is so warm and has anyone on her team from the instant they meet. Even Mr Graham shows his soft side and that’s all thanks to having the incredible Emme James in his life. KJ, I am so honored to be a reader of this book and did not want to put it down. I had to re-read Taylor Made right before I read Taylored to Perfection so I could get lost in the Emme and Graham world and truly appreciate the story. You writing had me cheering for Graham and Emme, crying when tragedy hit, and laughing at all the back and forth banter. I don’t want to give too much away, but i couldn’t go without talking about the  special bond that Emme and her sister shared. It was written so beautifully. Before i knew the true relationship that they had, I knew it from the beginning. You wrote their special bond as twin sister’s perfectly. Being a twin, i know that the bond is like no other. You get to grow up with a best friend and this instant feeling of always wanting to protect one another. When someone says something about my twin, i will do whatever i can to protect her. Even if I didn’t have a close bond with my twin sister, I would always feel the unexplainable pull towards her and need to put her before me. It is a battle i still face to this day with being too protective, but it has shaped the person I  am today. So, thank you KJ for nailing the bond of a twin perfectly. I am such a fan of a genuine story. I appreciate that this story wasn’t just about getting a happily ever after, but more about what it takes to get there. Taylored to Perfection was dominating, tear-jearking, shattering, and simply unbelievably. I give it 5 stars. If I could rate it on a scale from 1-100, it would get a 110! I have never been so captured by story. For those of you who are new to the fantastic KJ Lewis, you need to read this. Book 1 had me hooked and I know it’s always hard to come back even stronger with a series, but OMG KJ you hit it out of the Taylor Organization league park 😉 Readers be ready to experience all the feels and fall in love with Reggie, Terrance, Smith, Holt, Teague, Jules, Harry, Eloise, the dwarfs, and the rest of the Taylor family. I could go on and on about how much i love this book, but I guess i better stop lol.












KJ is an indie romance/erotica author of the Taylor Made Series. When not writing, you can find her reading at the beach, exploring New York City or enjoying Memphis.





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