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Shooter Season Premiere Review

“Guns chane everything. And a bullet is forever”- Bob Lee Swagger

Shooter had us hooked from the start of the episode. No need to invest in chairs when you watch this show because you will be on the edge of your seat the entire time. Ryan Phillippe portrayed Bob Lee Swagger so perfectly. He made us love him for the way he treated animals and his family, had us captured in research/educated guesses, and had us captivated by at all that SWAGGER. Majore lesson of premiere night we should all know is that YOU DON’T UNDERESTIMATE BOB LEE SWAGGER (did you hear that Jack?).

In the opening sequence, we get a glimpse of the life of hunting: Swagger edition. In less than 5 minutes, he saved a deer, kicked some ass, and gave an “dentist”t a lesson in guns.

As the episode progresses, we get to see Bob Lee Swagger the family man. He is great with his daughter and wife. The location of their house in Virgina was calming, serene, and perfect for the Swagger’s. Hard not to love a man that does the dishes, chooses nature over Wi-Fi, and tells the best stories for Story Time (night vision not included) 😉 Can’t wait to see more of the Swagger’s throughout the season.

After Bob Lee won’t do kung fu on a plank (thanks for trying Mary), we meet Captain Isaac Johnson (Omar Epps). Isaac brings him a case to view. A CIA Agent was shot by a sniper from 1400 yards. The shooter left a note saying that the president would be executed in 21 days. Why did he come to Bob Lee you may ask? Well, they believe it is the same shooter who shot and killed his friend Donny (Rob Brown). Swagger is hesitant and then Isaac throws in the “country needs you” card. We don’t trust this Isaac.

We meet Agent Nadine Memphis (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) when she leads an FBI team to raid a russian mob establishment. Homeland is there at the same time and turns into a big mess. The meeting between her and Isaac felt like a staredown. We give the first round to Isaac, but feel like Memphis will win in the end. She knows her job and like Bob Lee trusts her instincts.

Shooter did a great job with the flashback and research sequences. The flashback sequence that showed what happened to Donny was important to let the fans in and understand him better. Just from that sequence we could tell that he is a loyal man who will do anything he can to protect the ones he cares for. The research scenes had every calculation you could think of and them some. The way the scenes zoned in on locations and measurement was very cool to watch. We get to meet Jack Payne (Eddie McClintock), a Solotov expert,  during one of the research scenes. He is not impressed with Bob Lee and we already don’t care too much for the man. And don’t even get us started on those shooting scenes. The scene where Swagger was testing Solotovs optics was genius. Pumpkins were harmed during the making of the episode and we aren’t even mad. We found ourselves holding our breath and exhaled when he made that 1580 yard shot!

The final sequence was really a joy to watch. Blinking was halted during this time. We knew something was off when Swagger found push pin on the floor. Racing to stop the inevitable was a thrill to watch. Shooter is our favorite new show. We have been fans of USA Network, but this show just makes us love them more. Love that this show is not afraid to push some boundaries yet is genuine to it’s story. It feels like we are watching a live video in the life of Bob Lee Swagger. Hands down the  best premiere of 2016!

The cast was so good. Ryan Phillippe portrayed Bob Lee Swagger so well! We saw the movie with Mark Wahlberg, and no disrespect to the great and talented Mr. Wahlberg, but in one hour we completely forgot about that portrayal. Also major props for making jumping out of a building look graceful 😉 Julie Swagger played by the amazingly talented Shantel VanSanten nailed it. She portrayed a supportive wife who isn’t afraid to call Bob on his bullshit. The daughter, Mary Swagger (Lexy Kolker), is the cutest. Definitely one of our favorites. She gets hangry (like most of us), snitches on her dad, and loves a fun story about war for bed time. Omar Epps was commanding in this episode. Exactly what we can imagine a memeber of secret service team being. With that being said, we still don’t trust Isaac. Agent Memphis played by one of our favorite actresses Cynthia Addai-Robinson had us wanting more from her. We can tell she is not one to be messed with and are looking forward to seeing more of how she handles the SWAGGER situation. Now, Eddie McClintock you have made us dislike and have absolutely no trust in your character in one episde. Job well done. A round of applause to everyone involved in this show. We are proud to say that we are already obsessed with this show. How can we wait an entire week for a new episode? Well, we know it will be worth the wait. Eager to see what Shooter has in store for us this season.

Don’t forget to watch Shooter every Tuesday at 10/9c on USA Network.











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