Celebrate the Holidays with The Modern Christmas Tree

Christmas is the time for celebrating and decorating. The holiday season should not be stressful. With “The Modern Christmas Tree” setup will be so easy and simple even Santa would approve.

The chic and contemporary tree was handmade by engineer, architect, and designer Lawrence ‘Bud’ Stoecker in the mid 1960s. The modern design has stayed in the family and was revived by Sotecker’s grandson Matt Bliss in 2012. Take a look at The Large Modern Christmas Tree 


Can you imagine this in your home? We can! Standing at 7.5ft tall and containing (96) 2” Glass pentalogue chandelier crystals with chrome pin, hand cut and polished.
and (96) Classic red, green, blue, or silver glass ball ornaments will be impossible to miss and will have everyone adding it to thier Christmas list. Available in more options.


One of our favorite things about this brand is that they are all about family and charity. And isn’t that what the holidays are all about? Not only does Matt Bliss have a passion for making every house SHINE BRIGHT, but he also contributes a portion  of every sale to the Alzheimer’s Association. His grandfather suffered from Alzheimer’s and sadly passed away withing a couple days before the patent was issued. It is such a heartwarming to know that it started with a simple cardboard idea. 


We can’t forget about this beauty called The Jubilee.


It stands 33″ tall with (40) 1.5” Glass pentalogue chandelier crystals with chrome pin, hand cut and polished, 4 complete sets of shatterproof ball ornaments (silver, red, green, and blue), 3 interchangeable toppers (star, shamrock, and heart), and the best part a remote with 4 color setting and a timer.

The Modern Christmas Tree has been featured in over 100 businesses, including Google, Red Bull, Four Seasons San Francisco, Disney, and DCI Engineers have displayed the tree. A Dubai hotel has 12 trees.

It’s time to treat yourselves this holiday season. For more information on how to get these beautiful trees in your home or business head to

-Perfectly Perez


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