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Ring in the New Year with LUVO

Start 2017 with great tasting food that is nutritious too. Let’s get healthy with LUVO together!

Luvo is a brand that is all about quick meals that are nurtritious and delicious. Everyone has a busy schedule and this sometimes makes it hard to cook meals that are healthy. One of the things that we love about LUVO is that they incorporate fruits and veggies in every entree. The have meals that are perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And they are easy to make.

Breakfast meals include Farmer’s Market Frittata and Steel-Cut Oatmeal. The Farmer’s Market Frittata is pictured below


It is so yummy and a great way to start your day! It has sweet potato mango hash with spicy garden salsa and filled with over 10g of protein 🙂 The flavor is perfect with just the right of spicy and sweet.

There are 14 entrees to choose from. They are perfect for lunch or dinner. Stuck at work? No worries. Just heat one of the entrees up and in less than 10 minutes you will have a perfectly plated, delicious, and nutritious meal!

Here are some of our favorites:


The chicken enchiladas are amazing.They stay true to the Mexican dish and is the right portion. It is filling, but you won’t feel stuffed. I love that the rice is organic. Such a great brand that has everything to help us stay healthy, but have meals that actually taste good.


The Chicken Chile Verde is also a favorite. It is a little spicy and definitely recommend this to anyone who likes a little kick to their meal. It comes with a side of polenta and black beans. We grew  up in a house where our grandpa would cook this and after he passed we never could never find the right recipe. This reminds us of our grandpa’s version.. but it’s even better because it’s healthier 🙂


Our favorite has got to be the Orange Mango Chicken. The flavors are impeccable. You can really taste each flavor. It is sweet because of the mangos. OMG we can’t even begin to tell you how amazing they taste. You can taste the freshness. The chicken is so good. The sauce really adds to the flavor and makes it that much more enjoyable. The combination of organic rice, kale, and brocolli is a busrt of goodness. We are huge fans of kale and love to use it in our meals. We could seriously eat this for lunch/dinner and always leaves us satisfied. You must try this dish!

If you have tried LUVO, you know how good these meals are and if you are a newbie get ready to fall in love with these meals! For more information on where you can find these meals in your area head here–>

Happy Healthy Eating!

-Perfectly Perez


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