Ed Sheeran is Back! Listen to his new singles now

It’s about time. Our favorite ginger is back with music and as always is giving us so many FEELS.

Ed Sheeran’s last album was released in 2014 and fans have been begging for new music. It was totally worth the wait. Ed released 2 of his singles less than 30 minutes ago and we already have both on repeat. Start your Friday off right. 2017 is ready for more Mr. Sheeran!!

Listen to Shape of You and Castle on the Hill below:

The songs are awesome right?! So, here are some lessons that we got from these songs.

  1. If Ed is in love with your body and wants you to be his baby…you better be his BABY!
  2. When he loves, he is that type of guy that tells you how he feels and gives it right back
  3. Incorporates his past experiences.
  4. Again, if he wants you to be his baby YOU BE HIS FREAKING BABYYY!!!!

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