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TV Recap: ANTM Cycle 23 Episode 5 ‘Avant Garde’

Things get FIERCE in a grocery store on this weeks episode of ‘America’s Next Top Model’

Following last weeks elimination of Tash, Cody wants to focus on being herself and get away from the “twin thing”. CoryAnne continues to feel like she is the underdog. 

It wouldn’t be ANTM without some girl fights. Not even 10 minutes in to the episode and the drama begins. Paige asks Courtney to get the First Aid Kit, but Courtney doesn’t think she left it there. Kyle lets us know how she really feels 😡

The fabulous Law Roach comes to meet the girls and talk about the importance of personal style. He asks the ladies to describe their style. As the girls are telling him their styles, it’s Krislian’s turn. She describes her style as “ecclectic”. Law is not feeling that at all.
Can always count of Law to keep it real with the ladies. Time for a challenge!! They have 15 minutes to show him their style using their own clothes. This should be interesting!!

Tatiana and Binta killed this challenge. Krislian and Giah had some trouble. Law continues to tell Krislian to try to stop dressing so sexy.  She admitted that she is inspired by JLo, and we can definitely see style similarities. She is one of our faves and hope she can learn to be sexy chic!! 

Our Texas girl Giah really struggled with this challenge. She looked like a fashion mess, but girl did she admit it. Love that she is so open to learning and only getting better! 

It’s time for Law to pick a winner. And the winner is Tatiana..and she didn’t leave empty handed. She got some fabulous shoes that were created by Law and Zendaya. We are in love with DAYA shoes and totally jealous of Tatianna! For more info on the shoes head to


It’s time for a new photoshoot! The ladies arrive at their location…a grocery store in Harlem. They get to work with the amazing Drew Elliot and Nicola Formichetti!! The shoot was inspired by Chanel’s runway show. 

The ladies are getting ready to find out what outfits they get to wear. Nicola meets with each girl to get a sense of who they are and their style. Loved this! Nicola is seriously a fashion genius!!  One of our fave moments is when he met with Courtney. He covered her eyebrows and she said “TAKE THEM OFF”. Nicola said this was pretty common and Courtney was like.. Wait please don’t take off my eyebrow 😱🙏🏼 Never a dull moment with Courtney!

The photoshoot has begun. Cody feels like this is her time to shine and finally separate herself from just being known as the twin. Totally respect that and was amazing to watch her in photo action! She did great! Krislian struggled with the shoot. Her outfit kept getting caught in her headdress and shoes. But no excuses. She wasn’t horrible, but not great either. We think she has so much potential and hopefully she starts showing it! Paige, Binta, India, and Courtney killed it! Giah was struggling. We felt so bad for her. You can see how hard she is trying and it just wasn’t working.  CoryAnne was our fave for this shoot. Her eyes were commanding and the angles she was making with her body were PERFECTION! Kyle was doing her signature face, and Drew wanted more from her. Marissa just took it to another level. Girl started pouring milk on herself and we couldn’t help, but love it. 

Time to see how the ladies did and face the panel. 

India. She is a star in the making.

Krislian. They felt that the clothes were wearing her. Couldn’t agree more.

Binta. She is finding her way to being an editorial model!

Paige showed us what married in the meat aisle is supposed to look like!

Cody. Her photo gave us and Rita goosebumps.

Giah. They saw a beautiful girl, but not a model. We agree, but if she keeps practicing and learning she will be unstoppable!

Marissa. They felt like her personality really shined through. That is hard to do in a photo. Major props girl! 

Courtney. They all agree she looks FAB, but needs to fix the attitude! 

CoryAnne. True definition of a BOSS,

Tatianna. She has it all. She’s got the looks and the smarts to make it in the industry.

Kyle. They believe she is consistent, but needs to mix it up and step out of her comfort zone. Law expresses that he feels like she really isn’t trying which is disrespectful to not only them but to herself.

And best photo goes to.. CORYANNE! 

It’s down to final 3 (Giah, Krislian, and Kyle). Rita stops and tells the rest of the panel that she thinks they are making a mistake.

They deliberate and she is back. Krislian stays, but Rita tells her she NEEDS to come with it next week. 

Giah is eliminated. We areheartbroken. Please don’t stop girl. The potential is there!

This episode was definitely intense. WE ARE OBSESSED WITH THIS PANEL. Drew and Law always make sure the ladies are in check and speak the truth. Rita and Ashley give their honest opinions and remind them about the importance of being a BOSS. Our fave thing about this panel is that you can tell how they genuinely care about the contestants and only want to help them succeed.

Until next week

-Perfectly Perez


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