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TV Recap: ‘The Arrangement’ Season 1, Episode 2 ‘The Ex’


In case you missed what happened in episode one, we’ll remind you. Megan Morrison was living a normal day until she found out her douche of a boyfriend was cheating on her. But she landed a huge movie role alongside the extremely talented and HOT Kyle West. And we can’t forget the marriage contract. Now, Megan is ready for the wild ride..yes we mean Kyle 😉

In this week’s episode, Megan and Kyle are getting prepared for a film festival in Venice (IL Festival Del Film Di Venezia). Packing and getting ready for a trip is hard. So, Megan needed one thing that will relax her. If you guessed some hot and steamy sex with Kyle, you are correct! She’s ready for round 2 when she is introduced to Ben..while she’s naked. Awkward? YEP!!

Megan is a little nervous about getting everything, like a jaw dropping dress, for this trip. But not to worry. Ben is handling everything. Definitely thinking a raise is in Ben’s future!

Deann meets Terence at IHM (The Institute of the Higher Mind). Side note: Does anyone else feel creeped out by Terence?? Anyways, Deann is trying to convince her creepy beau to stay home and not go on the trip to Venice. What will he decide?

Megan is living the glamorous life and trying on dresses. She has found the one. Megan is comfortable in her own skin and loves an edgy style. So, she wants to add a slit in the middle. Kyle’s stylist tells her that all looks are pre-approved. We’re like

Image result for really gif

But then Miss everything is needs to be pre-approved Kyle’s stylist pulls out an $80,000 necklace. Yes, we said $80,000! Okay we are on good terms with her again. Everyone is having a fantastical time and the douche decides to dramatically storm into her house. He is upset that she is with Kyle and tells Megan his whole opinion on the situation. Does he really think they still had a chance? The stupid fool even tried to blame the breakup and his cheating on Megan. We wanted to just slap him in the face, let him wake up, and slap him in the face again. GIRL CODE! Meanwhile,  Hope and Ingrid have the greatest seat in the house watching all the madness go down. The only thing missing was the popcorn.

Megan ain’t got time to worry about Nick because girl is going to Venice. It is the day they leave for Venice and Kyle and Megan will be Michael and Elizabeth Connor for their trip. We’re like really…you had to give her the name Elizabeth. Sounds a little similar to Lisbeth. SHADY but we love the drama 🙂

Terence shocked us all because he decided not to go. He tells Megan that he knows this trip and everything that comes with dating a Hollywood movie star is a lot to take in, but she needs to make a commitment and be mindful of that. Terence is past the level on INTENSE. Intense don’t even want to deal with him. Anyone else feel like Terence is too protective or loves Kyle a little too much??

Kyle is premiering his movie AWOL at the festival. Megan is in a stunning blue gown and Kyle is looking scrumptious in a tux. Megan is tearing up watching his film. Megan tells Kyle that he is inspiring and how much she loved his worked. They have a little makeout sesh in front of the cameras.

So, if we told Josh Henderson he was inspiring, think we’d get a kiss? We can dream!!

Deann can’t let the happy couple celebrate his movie and steps in to remind him of the party he is supposed to go to and the people he needs to speak with. Kyle pulled a Karen Smith with his fake “cough cough. I’m sick.” And we were all for it! You got to do what you gotta do for that alone time!

Disguise time. Yeah, like that could really keep the paparazzi away. A for effort. They get to enjoy a chill and romantical day together exploring Venice. One big question we are all asking ourselves is “Who is Megan Morrison?”. Well, we don’t know all the specifics, but her first concert was a Backstreet Boys concert and is a fan of Hendrix. Sorry to all you N’Sync fans, but is that really a deal breaker? Please say no because Megan seems like a cool girlfriend we would like to have and you should too.

Just when you think Kyle West can’t get any hotter, he takes Megan to a candle lit dinner on a boat! SWOON. He really knows how to spoil a woman and he’s so mysterious. We are intrigued!! Of course, the night would not be complete without a  Kyle West ride!! They need to go back to the hotel or else Deann will freak out (at least it wouldn’t be a Terence freak out). The paparazzi catch them off guard, but Kyle plays it cool and gives them a second take in exchange for some privacy.

The next morning, KyGan is enjoying breakfast and in walks Deann. She goes over their schedules and asks what Megan wants to do. Megan wants to watch films! Duh, it is a film festival. Apparently all the cool kids don’t do that.

Image result for so weird gif

First, they tell our BFF that she can’t watch movies. Then, they tell her she will be at the same table as Kyle’s ex, Lisbeth. UGH. We feel for you girl!

It’s the night of the dinner and Deann receives a call from Annika, the girl who was cheating with douche Nick. She wants to negotiate a new deal and threatens to reveal their secret. Wait, did they plan to break up Nick and Megan? We must know more!! We can keep a secret..haha yeah that is the biggest lie ever. Megan is in a panel for a film and meets the creator of the film, Daisy Parsons. They are quick friends especially since they are from the same town. Maybe she will reveal more about Megan!! Daisy invites her and Kyle out for drinks. Probably has to be pre-approved too.

Megan walks into the hotel room and overhears a conversation between Terence and Kyle. He is “helping” Kyle get ready for seeing Lisbeth again. He tells Kyle to take his feelings and anger towards Lisbeth and put them in his hands. Then he needs to form them into a ball and place them on the bench. Not gonna lie, this was creepy. But we are talking about Terence so no surprise here.

Lights! Camera! Action! Kyle has to take photos for his movie. The camera does love him. Then, Lisbeth walks in and the photographer asks them for a picture together. That is one brave photographer and is lucky Terence wasn’t there. As if things couldn’t get worse, a pic of Megan looking jealous of Kyle and Lisbeth is going viral. Good thing she doesn’t know about it.

Of course, Terence has something to say about the photo. He over analyzes it and wants to come to Venice. He doesn’t think she is right for Kyle. So, who is?? Terence?! After he gets off the phone, he has a surprising visitor…Annika. This girl just doesn’t give up. But what does she want??

It’s the night of the dinner and KyGan is shinning bright like a diamond on that dance floor. Deann interrupts them (again) and let’s Kyle and Lisbeth talk things out. They are supposed to make it look like they are friends. Megan is jealous so is looking for any way to get a distraction. She checks her phone and gets a text from Hope asking for some pics. And the Megan bathroom selfie was born. Girl nailed it!!


Lisbeth walks in and messes with the selfie lighting 😉 Megan being Megan tells Lisbeth how much she likes her work. She is shut down. Lisbeth tells her that they won’t ever be friends or even acquaintances and will end up on her own. We don’t think she was doing it in a mean way, but more of a warning. We would love to ask Lisbeth so many questions about Kyle, Terence, and IHM.

After a long night, KyGan head to their room and Megan wants some more sexy time. This girl has got stamina. She slips out of her dress and Kyle is asleep.


That is a no no, but he is forgiven..for now!

Since, Megan doesn’t get the workout she wanted she had to head to the gym. She ran into Daisy and her friends. She decides to go with them and have a few drinks to celebrate Daisy selling her movie. Her male friend is just saying the wrong things. He congratulates Daisy for earning everything she has accomplished, and is putting oufr girl down. Daisy said she would only sell out for Channing Tatum and not Kyle West. OMG! Has she seen Josh Henderson?? Maybe she missed her last eye appointment.

Megan is leaving, thanks to Daisy’s friend. She is followed by some handsy dude. Megan speaks something in Italian. Not only did we learn that Megan can speak Italian, but she knows how to throw a punch.

Just as Mr. Handsy is getting a little too close for comfort, Kyle comes to the rescue. He starts yelling at Megan and asking why she left the room. Sorry bro but if you fall asleep while your woman is horny all bets are off.

Things accelerated quickly when a pap got involved. Kyle punched him and made a call for help. Was it Deann or Terence? We feel like it was Deann, but Terence is like Bigf Brother..always watching. Deann had the pap paid off and pictures in safe hands.

It’s not surprise when Terence shows up in Venice the next morning. He confronts Megan and asks what made her leave the hotel. She stands her ground and tells him to back off. He shows her the bathroom selfie she took and reminds her that if she doesn’t follow the rules her new life is OVER.

Okay so that was one INTENSE episode! We loved all the KyGan scenes, but we want to know more about the relationship between Kyle and Terence. And also find out more about Kyle’s need for the contract/arrangement. Does he want to protect his heart or is he hiding something?

Let us know your thoughts of episode 2 in the comments.

Don’t forget to watch Episode 3 this Sunday at 10/9c on E!





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