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TV Recap: ‘The Arrangement’ Season 1 Episode 5 ‘Temptation’


This week’s episode opens with Kyle speaking at the Central LA Youth Center. He admits that he was an orphan. Terence and Megan are watching and starts asking Megan questions. He asks if Megan has though more about taking a workshop at IHM. He tells her it’s a good way to be closer to Kyle.

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Kyle is back to work and on set. Terence tells Kyle about getting Megan to attend an intro workshop, but Kyle wants to talk to her. Deann goes to Terence. She has noticed that something is bothering Kyle. He has already had the writers change the script 3 times.  What’s wrong Kyle? You can tell us and lean on our shoulder any day 😉

Megan is at rehearsals at the Innovation West Theatre. Megan is running lines for a play. Megan isn’t feeling the script and lets the director know. They have a break and Kyle surprises her. Isn’t he the sweetest?

Kyle and Megan go to lunch. Hot dogs for the win! He tells Megan that he thinks it would be a good idea if she took the intro workshop. Kyle thinks she will like it. Meanwhile, Kyle’s phone is blowing up with texts from a mysterious woman named Drea. The texts read:

“Kyle, answer me! Stop ignoring me. Need to see u ASAP. Usual place.”

The KyGan lunch date is over and Megan goes to see Shaun and Hope. (Side note: Ugh, we are so annoyed that Hope is still pretending to be Megan’s best friend. Girl, own up to your fakeness!!) They are having drinks and Shaun admits that she has been to the workshop. Hope is not having it. Thinks it’s just brain wash. We might agree with Hope..just this one time!

It’s late at night and Kyle is secretly meeting a woman. It is Drea, the one who was texting him earlier. It turns out that she is his half sister. Shocked? Yeah, us too. She tells him their father is dying. And he tells her to stop contacting him. We are surprised considering that his dad supposedly died already. Anyways, someone is taking pictures of their meeting. Who is the sneaky person?

Terence is at IHM and looking at pictures on his computer. They are pictures of Kyle meeting with his half sister Drea. Deann walks in and wants to know what’s bothering Terence. He is upset that Kyle’s family has contact with him. He admits that he paid Kyle’s family to get them out of his life and build a better narrative. He is upset with the decisions Kyle is making and need Kyle to realize that he can’t just do whatever he wants. Umm..about that…

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James is teaching the intro workshop. Megan is in attendance. He asks class to picture a person who has held them back the most and write them a letter. Megan looking at others not knowing where to start. As she is about to leave for the day, she chats it up with a fellow classmate, Nina. This girl sure wants to know a lot about Kyle West. We are keeping our eyes on you!

Megan realizes she is late for rehearsals and rushes her way to the Innovation West Theatre. As soon as she arrives, the director admits that he wrote new lines. Well, we guess Nate can take constructive criticism.

Deann is meeting with Annika. She read her script and thinks it is good. Of course, Deann has a few notes to add, but she wants to keep husband out of this. Deann finds  Annika the script attractive. We don’t know what the hell is going on between these two.

Megan goes to Kyle’s place. No, he isn’t talking to himself. Okay, maybe a little. He is trying to re-write the script for his new project. They can’t all be like Megan and demand a better script 😉 Megan tells Kyle that she thought the workshop was amazing. She asks if he wants to go to a bonfire in Topanga with everyone involved with the play. Kyle is still not liking the script and tells her he can’t go. He expects her to stay with  him. Megan is still going. This totally could have turned into a fight, but KyGan handles the situation like adults. He admits that he is just bummed he has to stay home and work.

Megan is at the bonfire. Everyone is going around saying what they think about when they have to cry for a scene. Megan says it’s just like a switch. Yep, she is uber talented. A girl cries about a childwho died.  She carried him for 9 months and she was going to name him Patrick. So sad.

Kyle is writing. Amelia Briggs comes over.  Terence is calling and he declines. Kyle asks the Amelia if she believes in redemption. Girl is getting too close.

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Megan is still at bonfire talking to the director, Nate (Rowan Schlosberg). He thinks it’s going to be a “bloody disaster”. Owen (Darren Adams) can’t take direction and he is also a lead actor. The drinks and “medical mary jane” are flowing and add in a bonfire, yep it’s about to go down.  Nate kisses Megan. She is kissing him back. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! She leaves and realizes what she had done. Please don’t be another girl to break Kyle’s heart. She notices that someone is following her, but who??

Time to wake up. She has another class at IHM and is running late. Shaun calls. Tells her about kiss with director and how she thinks someone is following her. No, she is not paranoid. Stalking is real. Back to fun times at IHM. James asks the attendees who woke up without an alarm. Megan raises her hand.

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Everyone is to partner up and share something surprising about themselves as long as its true. Nina and Megan pair up. Megan admits she didn’t wake up on time. Nina tells her that is to obvious and asks her to tell her about Kyle West. Hmm..They take a bathroom/snack break and Nina drops her purse. A voice recorder fall out. Aha! We knew something was suspicious. She admits that she is a journalist doing undercover piece on IHM. She wants to expose IHM and tell the truth about what happens at the institute. Will Megan help her take IHM down?

Kyle is back on set. He shows his newly written script to Deann. She is honest with him and tells him they can’t shoot it. Kyle feels like script give his character Seth humanity. Deann tells him wrote Seth and making him avoid reality. No more time for delays. He needs to do whatever he needs to do to get his head straight.

So, Kyle goes to visit his father in the hospital. His father knows he made mistakes and wasn’t a role model, but did the best he could. Kyle isn’t having it and gives him a check. It’s the last one.

Back at IHM. Everyone is in a circle and talking. Secrets no longer control them. James shows them his inner wrist. Didn’t want to show the world, but he did it and is stronger. An employee comes in and asks for Nina. They get her purse and find the recorder. Did Megan snitch?

Kyle is shooting an intense scene.  He is shooting a scene where he is killing off someone.  The scene is over, but Kyle still looks so emotional. This is one thing we love about Josh Henderson. He is able to portray so many characters in this show and does it beautifully. Major props to Josh! Makes this show that much better. Okay, enough of our lovefest 😉

We find out that Megan was the one who told Terence. She didn’t think secrets should be shared. Wait! Why is Nina is in Terence’s office. She was working with him the entire time. Was it a test? Did Megan pass?

It’s time for Megan to share her darkest secret. Terence is watching from his desk. She tells the story that girl at bonfire told about baby. Why is she lying and what is she hiding??

Terence gets a call that Kyle’s father died. Kyle admitted the truth about paying for his father’s medical bills. Terence needs to say thank you to Deann. Nobu it is.

Megan is backat rehearsals. Nate tells her that it was a mistake, but he doesn’t mean it. Does she have feelings for him or was it a mistake? Kyle is at the theatre waiting for Megan. Good thing he didn’t overhear their convo because he is not doing so well. He looks like he needs a few hugs.

Such a good episode! This entire time we have been asking what Kyle is hiding, but Megan isn’t that forthcoming either. Are these two meant to be together? Is she playing Kyle? Will either ever tell the truth? We just have to keep watching. And things look like they are going to continue to be juicy and filled with drama.

Don’t forget to watch every Sunday at 10/9C on E!





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