Book Review: Whatever You Say by Leigh Fleming

Whatever You SayWhatever You Say by Leigh Fleming

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Okay, I am officially addicted to Whatever You Say. The passion that Leigh Fleming wrote with is impressive. She made me feel so many emotions towards the main characters Brody Fisk and Kate McNamara. I wanted to understand them, push them together, and find out why they made certain decisions. Brody and Kate weren’t expected to be together, yet I was pulling for them the entire time. Their chemistry was undeniable and fighting it was plain wrong. I got excited reading about all their encounters and loved their witty banter. This is my first time reading Leigh Fleming and I want more. Whatever You Say was sexy, heartbreaking, and had some driven & ambitious characters. Kate wanted a career and Brody was truly happy at brewing some ales and helping old ladies. Would her career always come first? Could Brody open up to a woman who was actually close to him in age? 😉

Brody was a successful country/pop songwriter who knew what it was like to be in the public eye. He suffered a great loss and returned home to Highland Springs. He was always driven by money and it’s not like that is a bad thing, but he now had other priorities. Money wasn’t his driving force anymore. He got joy from helping others in the community, especially older women. Was he hiding behind these ladies to push a part of his past away?

Kate McNamara wanted one thing: to be the best like her dad always wanted. She was a successful attorney hoping to get the promotion of her dreams. She was getting closer to her dream and an accident changed her life. She had to go To Highland Springs to take care of her Gram. Only a few weeks she said. Would she keep up with her work? She was determined as hell to and wouldn’t let anything come in the way of her dreams. But the more time she spent in this town the more she started to consider it home. Could her dreams change in a matter of weeks?

This story was beautiful to read. I loved the enemies to lovers trope. As soon as she was in Highland Springs, she had a connection with Brody Fisk. It wasn’t always easy going, but with a few drinks and some acting their connection grew deeper. Brody wasn’t one to talk about his past, but found himself wanting to open up to this woman. Both had moments in their life that made them hesitant to letting others in. If Kate followed her heart for once, would she disappoint others? Brody thought love wasn’t in the cards for him, but could he let himself open up for a fling?

I have to give Whatever You Say 5 stars. It is captivating, seductive, and passionate. I was hooked within the first chapter and could not put it down. Although, I did not read the first book in the series, it can be read as a standalone. I highly recommend this book to romance book lovers. I love when I can feel the heart and emotion from an author, and I felt that from Leigh Fleming. I am eager to read more and will wait patiently for more.


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