Book Review: Crazy Is My Superpower by AJ Mendez Brooks

Crazy Is My Superpower:  How I Triumphed by Breaking Bones, Breaking Hearts, and Breaking the RulesCrazy Is My Superpower: How I Triumphed by Breaking Bones, Breaking Hearts, and Breaking the Rules by A.J. Mendez Brooks

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A.J. Mendez Brooks will blow you away with her writing debut. She was able to write about her life, her struggles with mental illness, her dream to be a superhero in a honest, quirky, and brave manner. She tackled just about everything in this book. I applaud A.J. for being so honest with readers, fans, and ultimately herself. I bet it wasn’t easy to sit down and go through your toughest and most emotional moments, but she was able to go with so much class and sass! Crazy Is My Superpower was inspiring in more ways than one. It focused on the importance of equality between men and women, showed girls to embrace who they are, highlighted mental illness in two perspective; in the eyes of a person struggling with it and in the eyes of seeing someone close to you deal with it as well, all while battling any thing or person who tried to stop her from accomplishing her dreams.

I have been of fan of April’s, more famously known as WWE superstar AJ Lee, and felt like I connected with her even more through this book. She always knew that she wasn’t like most girls let alone most individuals. She was a proud Buffy loving, video gaming, smartass human being. Although she was comfortable in her own skin, A.J. talked about the struggles that came along with her image both socially and professionally. I loved how she stood up for herself even when others wanted to change her.

Is A.J. Mendez Brooks a “good girl”? This was a struggle she talked about deeply in the book. She was brought up in a way that made her question the way she acted towards individuals. Because of this she was forced to grow up very quickly. She was able to depict examples from her childhood and educated us on why she thought the way she did. It was very emotional to read. I can’t imagine how much stress that would add to a teenage girl, but I understand both sides to the story. This is what is so appealing about this book. It is relatable.

She also talked a great deal about mental illness. It is such an important topic that many don’t view as a real illness. A.J. beautifully schools us on mental illness by writing about her mother who struggled from bipolar disorder. Her ability to write with such honesty and raw emotion will no doubt be a healing mechanism for so many. I commend April for writing about this in her book.

And can I can’t forget to mention how freaking hilarious this woman is. She continues to bring up the age difference between her and her husband with grace and humor. Although I am sure this is just her personality, she uses humor as a healing mechanism. She uses it when she was in her toughest times and even in awkward situations.

I loved this book from page 1 to page 271. I loved that she embraced her nerdy, confident, and smartass self. Her never give up attitude is inspirational. She made a list of goals and she wouldn’t rest until she accomplished it all. She reminds us all that dreaming big isn’t impossible. She wanted to be a superhero and guess what…SHE IS! Although her love for wrestling, family, and dogs is awesome to read about, my favorite part was reading about her attitude towards people in general. She isn’t one to judge you based on what you are wearing or what kind of car you are driving. This book highlighted her self discover and learned that being crazy is a bad thing. Vince McMahon even commented on her level of crazy once.

“You’re really good at playing crazy,” Vince McMahon, the owner of the company, told me after I returned backstage from an in-ring temper tantrum. But to me, I wasn’t playing crazy. I was discovering my superpower.”

She always knew that she was different and was okay with that. All she had to do was make people see that it was okay too. And she did!

If you can take away anything from this book, please know this

“What I learned was that the key to success was going to be showing my genuine emotion, being open and hoses. When you can accept and be proud of your flaws, they will become your greatest strengths.”


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