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How to Throw the Ultimate Queen of the South Viewing Party


Hosting a party is no easy task, but more like a skill. It takes time, organization, and creativity. I love throwing TV watch parties. Planning my first watch party was not easy and I had some epic fails! With time I learned from my mistakes and began to improve. I wasn’t born great at hosting parties, but over time, and as I gained confidence, I became the Queen of Entertaining.

With summer upon us, it is the perfect time to throw a TV watch party. What better TV show than Queen of the South on USA Network. So send out those invitations to your squad and get your TV ready because I’m going to give you the best ideas on throwing a TV watch party to remember. Who’s ready to SLAY and be a Queen of Entertaining?

Here are 5 ways to Make Your Watch Party Memorable:

1. Invitations: Send out a creative invitation to your squad with all details to amp up the overall excitement for your watch party.

qos22. Seating: Pick a spacious area in your home, so every guest can sit comfortably. Provide cute pillows and blankets so everyone is comfy while watching. Make sure to turn off bright lights and keep it dim in the room to prevent any glare on the TV.



3. Food: Food makes everyone happy right? Keep the food simple and easy. Think of simple foods that pertain to the show of your choice. For example, check out our Camila Chalupas.


4. Drinks: Create a drink bar with refreshing drinks served with fresh fruits. Serve a variety of drinks to suit all guests including non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. Check out our strawberry and orange sangria, Trouble in Paradise, inspired by Teresa Mendoza.


5.Games: Create printable games like BINGO to play throughout the episode. Also if your guests are 21 and over you can play a drinking game. For example, drink every time Teresa is stuck in a bad situation. These games will help keep the party fun, and interactive, even during commercials.

Now that you are ready to be a Queen of Entertaining, have you heard of USA Network’s Queen of the South? If you haven’t here is a quick recap:

The show follows a woman named Teresa Mendoza, who is played by the incredibly talented Alice Braga. Teresa lives a hard life in Mexico, and her life becomes even more complicated and troublesome when she falls in love with a member of the drug cartel. Just when things in her life are looking up, she is thrown for a loop and her boyfriend is murdered. She constantly has to watch her back, use her wit and intelligence, and join alliances with a person from her past that is both powerful and scary. All just to survive one day at a time and stay hidden from the man that could bring her down with one snap of his finger. She finds herself going deeper and deeper in the world of the drug cartel, but will she ever be free?

After binge watching a few episodes I was hooked. This is the first time I have seen a story like this with strong women playing characters that are normally played by men. These characters are strong, fierce, and Queenpins. If you don’t know, you will remember the name, Teresa Mendoza! Like Teresa, we can use our skills to be the Queen of what we choose. So, what are you the Queen of?

 If you haven’t seen Queen of the South, you can binge watch season 1 on Netflix. When you are all done, you can watch every Thursday night on USA Network at 10/9C.



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