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TV Recap: ‘Younger’ Season 4 Episode 2 ‘Gettin’ Hygge With It’

Liza and Kelsey’s friendship continues to be on the rocks and things get worse when Liza finds out about Kels becoming Josh’s roommate. 

Liza and Maggie are taking a stroll. They start talking about Kelsey and Josh. Someone saw Kels going to Josh’s apartment and they want to know what’s going on.

Josh and Kels are having breakfast but what to eat?? 

Lauren goes to Josh’s apartment. She wants to see if the rumors are true. She catches Kels and asks if she ishooking up with Josh. Of course, Kelsey says she is just a roommate, but Lauren isn’t buying it.

Maggie goes to get coffee and gets a little more. She meets a cute barista, Montana, who also happens to be a fan. And let the flirting games begin! 

Liza is at work and goes to see Charles in his office. WTF is he doing on the floor? Oh, it’s just his back. Liza being th nice person that she is begins massaging his back. Just a warning: Fan will be needed due to the level of HOTNESS going on! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Liza get a delivery. It’s flowers for Kelsey. Liza gives them to Kels and they are an apology from Colin. He needs to do more than that to make it right… just saying! Liza tries to break the ice and asks if Kels found a place to stay.  Kelsey admits she has a new place, but leaves out the part of living with Josh. 

A meeting is going down at the office. Diana is discussing a  new book Gettin’ Hygge With It. The focus should be on the book, but the conversation switches to memes. Nobody seems to know what it is, except Kelsey πŸ˜‚. May we never forget Salt Bae. Kelsey seriously can’t believe how blind she was when it came to Liza and her age.

Maggie goes back  for seconds at the coffee place. Maggie makes a move and Invites Montana to her place…to check out her art…DUH πŸ˜‰

Liza and Diana shopping. Even she wants to know what happened with her relationship with Josh. Moral of the story, body pillows are for single women. 

Kels meets Colin along with Lauren and Max. The place is a BDSM club πŸ”₯. Kelsey takes Colin to a private room to get “punished/a mean spanking” for what he did. All we got to say is Kelsey sure has an arm on her πŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ’ͺ🏼

Liza is carrying her body pillow that she doesn’t really need when she runs into Josh. He walks away. Doesn’t want to talk about it. No bae, don’t run!

Liza is setting up for the party at Diana’s house. Charles is at the party in a turtleneck.. yes he still looks HOT πŸ”₯❀️.  Kelsey arrives and brings Colin. She is introducing him to Charles when he decides to mention that his 2nd book option was dropped.  

Maggie is at her place with Montana. She is about to make a move when Montana says she is straight. BUMMER.

It’s about to go down. Kels and Liza find themselves in a bathroom letting it all out. Liza tries to tell Kels that she really cares about her and doesn’t think Colin is right for her. Kels is annoyed and tells her she doesn’t know anything. Meanwhile, Diana is eavesdropping like. 

Liza asks the big question: Why is Kelsey living with Josh.  Kelsey tells her that she is the only person who understands what she’s going through. Kels and Colin leave. And Colin has the balls to just leave our girl at the curb. Hell to the NO! Someone better hold us back before he gets whooped..again πŸ˜‚

Kels goes back to the apartment. Two stepping party going on and Kels just heads to her room. Josh checks on her and asks how she’s doing. She feels like she has lost her ability to judge people characters. Josh is tired of hearing about LIESa. He drags her out of the room and forces her to have some fun. 

So, still don’t know how to feel about Josh and Kels living under the same roof. Definitely feel like they have chemistry and excited to see where it goes. All I know is that Charles and Liza are both single…so it’s time to get it on and poppin’ ❀️❀️


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