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TV Recap: ‘Younger’ Season 4 Episode 10 ‘A Novel Marriage’

Charles and Liza fans were left wanting more last episode and this episode  continues to mess with our emotions.

Marriage Vacation, Pauline’s novel, is already anticipated to be a must read of summer. Charles, Liza, Diana, and Kelsey are discussing promotion and chapters of the book. The first 5 chapters are already edited. This seems to make Charles realize that millions of people will read this book. 
After the meeting Diana has a quick chat with Liza. Tells her that this book could make or break her. She has seen Liza grow and thinks it’s nice to see her focus on her work instead of boys. It’s moments like these when I really love Diana. 

Another meeting. This time it’s with Charles, Liza, and Pauline. Totes not awkward.

Kelsey gets a call from Lauren. She wants her to meet at The Nest.  It’s an exclusive place where you want to be if you’re networking. Kelsey invited Liza and Pauline.

Josh and Clare are at his apartment playing a video game that she helped make.  Kelsey walks in and notices the place is cleaner than before. All thanks to Clare. She wants to impress Josh’s friends because she really wants their relationship to work out.

Ethan, Richard’s son, is still living with Diana. Diana keeps complaining him about it, but knows how to shut her up..if you know what I mean 😉

The ladies are at The Nest. Pinx have taken over. Don’t know what they are? Well, I’ll let you in on the secret. They are PERIOD PANTIES. 

Louise, the owner of Pinx, is so ready to read Pauline’s book. She wants to throw her a book party. Pauline invites Liza to come and she can’t say no. Pauline tells Liza that things might be headed in right direction with Charles and reveals that Charles wanted to take her off the book.

Liza is going to party with Pauline. She is noticing they are more alike than she originally thought. They are both stuck in lives they wanted to change and are actually changing them. It’s time for the big book party. I knew it was going to be awkward, but can all of Pauline’s friends stop saying they wish Charles and Pauline got back together.

Liza goes to get some fresh air and sees Charles. He’s smoking. Like what?? So much I still don’t know about Charles, but having fun finding out. Liza confronts him about the possibility of getting back with Pauline. He tells Liza, that isn’t happening and looking out for what’s best for her. He doesn’t want to publish the book, but will so it can help Liza’s career. 

Kelsey goes back to th Nest and sees Lauren…in the same outfit. That never happens. Lauren admits she was fired. It’s their loss girl. Lauren is sad, but failure isn’t an option.  

Back at the party, Liza sees Jay. He admits he wanted to see her again. Liza said he was terrific..yep Friend zoned. As if Hingis couldn’t get any more awkward, Liza runs into Caitlyn’s best friends parents. Jay comes in to save the day. They pretend to be together and make he great escape. But Charles sees them walking away together. His face seriously broke my heart.

Clare is at the bar. She tells Josh that the company she is doing internship for won’t be offering her a job. That means she has 1 week until she goes back to Ireland.

To end the night, Jay walks Liza home. He goes in for the kiss and misses. Her hair got a peck tho 😝. Liza goes in this time and they kiss. NOOOOOOOOO!


The Younger writers continue to mess with my emotions. Like can Charles and Liza finally have a shot?? I would have to give this episode an ALRIGHT because it just didn’t give me enough. It was a little all over the place and rushed. I have no doubt that the episodes will be better as the season goes on.

Can’t wait to catch a new episode next Wednesday at 10/9C on TVLand.

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TV Recap: ‘Younger’ Season 4 Episode 9 ‘The Incident at Pound Ridge’

The big company picnic was supposed to be fun and games. Guess Josh didn’t get the memo. 

Read our recap below to find out how it all went down! 

Josh was at the bar with Claire. He was being super sweet and charming waiting there until she got off work. He tells her he wants to take her on proper date.

Everyone at Empiral is having a serious meeting…about adult coloring books. Seriously who doesn’t love those things?! 
After the meeting, Diana reminds Charles about the company picnic that he is supposed to be hosting. He forgot and puts Diana in charge. Diana is going big this year and taking a step on the wild side because she decides to have..wait for it…Asian Slaw.

The picnic should be fun. Oh wait, Pauline is invited. YIKES!

Charles talking to a fried about Pauline. His friend asks if Charles is going to take her back. He admits there’s someone else. 

Pauline is having lunch with Liza. Pauline tells her thinks Charles is dating someone. If she only knew..

Kelsey walks by Josh’s tattoo shop. She gets an idea. He would be perfect for the adult coloring book designs and he has an exclusive copyright on his tattoos. And there’s a $10,000 advance. 😱👍🏼

Josh finally takes Claire on a “proper date”. The conversation is going smoothly and it’s about to get spicy. Claire tries jalapeño peppers and I’m impressed. She handled that Loco jalapeño like a boss. 
Things got spicy at dinner and it’s time for them to take it to the bedroom. They are making out when Josh says his dick is burning. Jalapeño dick is real. 😂😂 Josh was trying everything he could think of to get the burning to stop and the cure is yogurt. Kelsey, I’d stay away from yogurt for a while.

The next morning,  Kelsey goes to the apartment and walks in on Claire and Josh. She has good news. She tells josh he got the book deal and they can celebrate at the picnic. He doesn’t want to go and see Charles after what happened in the Hamptons. He tells Claire what happened.

It’s time for the picnic. Diana did a fabulous job. Josh and Claire show up. Diana notices Josh has a date and when Liza admits she set them up she is shocked to say the least. Will Josh be on his best behavior?

Pauline shows up. She sees her daughters and they go to Liza. I can sense the jealousy. She still hasn’t put it together that the other woman is Liza, but I’m sure time will tell. Pauline is walking around the house and it brings backs so many memories. Pauline keeps asking Liza if there is someone else. Girl chill out. 

Let the Potato sack games begin. Josh and Charles were tied. Who’s gonna win? Well, they fell before they crossed the finish line. Charles tries to help Josh up and Josh punches him.

Josh admits it was worth losing $10,000! 

Liza goes to check on Charles. That leads to another sexy AF make out sesh. He tells her, “Don’t go home tonight”. Instead of Liza just saying yes, she tells him everything’s changed.

Josh and Claire go back his apartment. She took the night off. Goodbye jalapeño dick. 

Back at the picnic Kelsey asks why Josh hit Charles. Liza admits what happened in the Hamptons. Kelsey gives Liza some real advice. “Sleeping with the boss doesn’t end well” 

That episode was so jam packed. It was awkward like no other. So many secret just waiting to be revealed. We give tonight’s episode a YAS rating. 

Don’t forget to watch a new episode next Wednesday at 10/9C on TVLand!

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Review: Fandom Collection by Adagio Teas

T’eas the season of the fandoms. If you are part of a fandom, you ROCK! Fandoms would not be possible without the best fans. We all love our shows/movies and support them like no other so why not find a tea that matches some of your fave characters. No matter what you are into, you will most likely find your match on Adagio Teas. The cool thing is that these unique tea blends are created by superfans and are inspired by all forms of “geekery”, from Star Wars to Harry Potter and Batman.  

I was lucky enough to collaborate with this amazing brand and was excited to choose some blends. I picked some from my favorite shows and movies including Arrow, Teen Wolf, Once Upon A Time, How To Get Away With Murder, and Lucifer. 

Upon arrival, the tea blends smelled AMAZING!! I couldn’t wait to try them. I had to try the BFF Teen Wolf blend first because Scott and Stiles are ultimate BFF goals. 

Isn’t this tin th best?? 

When I think of their relationship, sarcasm and loyalty comes to mind. I loved that the tea gave me all the SCILES feels. The taste was spot on with just the right amount of passion fruit and lemon. With this being the final season of Teen Wolf this is definitely a must have.

I tried 5 other tea blends that were also so good! Check them out below

Warrior Princess

Captain Hook

Annalise Keating


Chloe Decker 

They are all super easy to make, come in tins that you will love, and will make the perfect cup of tea to enjoy while you watch your fave shows. And you can get most for just $5. They vary in sizes which is awesome if especially if you want to binge watch. You know what they say…a cup of Adagio Tea a day makes every episode better 👍🏼😉

I would give Adagio Teas 5 out of 5 ⭐️. Don’t forget to check them out at

Here is a video of our step by step process on making yourself the perfect cup of tea 👇🏼