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‘The Arrangement’ Season 2 Episode 3 ‘The Sessions’


On tonight’s episode, Megan and Terence spend lots of time together. Secrets, fears, and truths are being revealed!

The episode begins with a jovial Megan. She is seen skipping at IHM. It was an exercise Terence gave her that actually made her feel less self-conscious.  Being apart of the industry puts pressure on her and it felt good not to worry what others were thinking of her. Terence feels like she is still holding back and knows something else is a the core of her stress. She needs to dig deep if she wants to go there and admit her true fear.

It is the first table read for Kyle’s film, Technicolor Highway. Kyle notices that Megan isn’t showing any emotions and is just going through the motions. He asks Terence how she is doing with their sessions. He can’t reveal too much but wants him to trust that he can help her. Kyle isn’t the only one making observations. Shaun notices Terence on phone and can see his anger. He is on the phone talking about finding the guy who held him at gunpoint. When Shaun goes to talk to Megan, she tells Megan everything she saw. Will they be able to catch him in a moment of weakness?

Terence and Megan are having more sessions. They are watching Megan’s audition tape. He tells her that her answer to the question “What is your biggest fear?” was total BS. He knows that she is lying and wants her to be honest with him. He continues to press her and Megan admits that he is her biggest fear. He controls so much and she can’t even be in the same room with him without panicking. He see’s that she is finally being honest and tells her it’s time to go confront her fear.

Terence takes Megan to Smile Restaurant. He is open to a Q&A. Megan takes this as her opportunity to ask some hard-hitting questions. What is his biggest fear? Snakes. It can’t be that simple. When she asks him again, he has a flashback of the guy holding him at gunpoint. We also learn one of his favorite foods…fries with butter.

no bueno

He is letting down his guard and admits he had trouble with authority. Really? Never would have thought that!! We see a glimpse into his childhood. When he would eat fries with butter, his mom didn’t like that. As a punishment, she would put a stick of butter in front of him and make him eat it.

mommy dearest

It’s almost time to start filming so Kyle is rehearsing with Xavier. Xavier is having some trouble with his lines so Kyle asks him how he gets ready when performing his music. The answer is RAGE. He was bullied as a child and he uses that rage to fire him up. admits rage fires him up. Kyle tells him to “feel the anger, don’t play it.”

Back at the restaurant, Megan tries eating fries with butter. Yup, not good. She continues to ask questions about his childhood. Does it bother him that he isn’t Kyle West? He says that he isn’t and embraces guiding people and helping them reach full potential. He see’s Kyle as a son. This begs the questions…has he ever wanted kids? Terence and Deann both agreed that parenthood wasn’t a good fit for them.  When Megan asks about his dad, he is vulnerable. He tells Megan the truth about how he was almost killed and how that feeling is what he is truly scared of. Props to Megan to giving Terence a taste of his own medicine 👏🏼👏🏼

Megan sees Shaun at IHM and tells her about what Terence revealed.


Megan (Christine Evanegelista) and Shaun (Carra Patterson) in Season 2 Episode 3 of The Arrangement.


Shaun better not be catching feelings for the infamous Terence. Megan reminds her that he is not a good man.

Kygan and Xavier along with his girlfriend are having lunch together. He is praising Kyle for working with him and being able to turn him into an actor. Things are definitely weird between Kyle and Megan. He reminds that there is a big scene on Monday and maybe she can draw on experience with her mother. He just went there.

Deann is having dinner with Mason. Mason reveals that she has to go back to Napa because major buyers have pulled out. Deann isn’t having this. She accuses Mason of trying to run away as soon as they get close. Deann chose Terence and Mason has to look out for herself. Mason wishes she could stay but she can’t.

Megan and Kyle get home from an awkward lunch. She is upset with Kyle for bringing up past with her mom. Kyle just wants to make sure she is ready and Megan realizes that he is afraid she is going to such. Or maybe he is just afraid he won’t be a good director.


Kyle wakes up and wants to know if they are okay. She knows they said things they didn’t mean in the heat of the moment. Does she really feel that way?

Shaun goes to see Terence because she has some good and bad news. The good news is that they closed the deal with Scholastic Associates. But there is an environmental group trying to block the sale. Shaun comforts him and tells him he knows he can get this done. I seriously can’t tell if this is part of her plan to get him to open up and reveal his secrets or if she is really developing feelings/true friendship with him.


Deann sees Terence touching Shaun’s arm. She decides to call Mason and tell her that she is tired of only seeing each other once a year. She wants to make more trips to Napa.

Kygan is spending quality time with people who aren’t each other. Kyle’s with Xavier at a bar trying to let loose while Megan and Terence are trying to do the same. Kyle and Xavier learn that have something in common…rage. Megan and Terence are taking shots and dancing. One of them is bound to let some truth out by the end of the night.  Things start to get intense throughout the night. Xavier gets into a fight with some guys who are heckling Kyle. Kyle breaks it up and is the hero once again. While Megan and Terence are dancing, he realizes that she is projecting her fear onto him. She was abandoned just like him so he understands. Terence admits that he hates his father for dying and leaving him with his mother and thinks she is struggling with similar feelings. Megan begins crying, but he won’t let her off that easy. He tells her she needs to stop running from her fear.


Shooting for Kyle’s movie is starting to begin. But before that, the bar fight video is making headlines. Kyle expects a lecture from Deann, but doesn’t get one. Shocking.  She is still hung up on Mason.

Shaun comes to see Megan on her first day and comes bearing flowers. Terence shows up and tells Shaun that the problem has been taken care of.

It’s Take 1. Megan can’t get through her lines. She does it the second time and nails it. Of course, she does! See Kyle, you had nothing to worry about. And boy does he look sexy in glasses.



Terence praises Megan for her performance and gives her a file. It contains information on her father. Their sessions are over and it’s time for Megan to start working on herself.


After seeing Megan, Terence goes to talk to Deann. He thinks they would make amazing parents. That was a complete 360.

Deann is shocked, to say the least. She takes a minute to call Mason. She gets a hold of her son Wes and it doesn’t sound good.


What an episode! Terence and Megan are bonding and it’s a little scary. He is very powerful and might have caught on to her plan. This episode was about admitting your fears and I think Kyle needs to finally open up about his. Can we talk about Shaun and Terence for a quick minute? I mean, when did she start “believing” so much in him?? I can see her eyes when she looks at him and I don’t necessarily think it’s part of her master plan with Megan to take him down. And then there’s Mason. What happened to her? Based on Deann’s reaction, she either died or got injured in some way. Did Terence cause this?

Let me know what you thought in the comments!



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